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January 05, 2006

Coffee May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A new study has found that caffeinated coffee may significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer in women with a particular type of gene mutation.

The study investigated the relationship between coffee consumption and breast cancer and was led by University of Toronto professor Steven A. Narod. It was published in the January edition of the International Journal of Cancer. (

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Shorter Radiation for Breast Cancer

Canadian doctors say radiation seed implants following breast lumpectomy might replace whole or partial irradiation.

A new study of patients with early-stage breast cancer centers on the use of permanent radiation implants -- similar to those used to treat prostate cancer -- which shortens radiation treatment time to one day. (

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Stem Cells May Drive Breast Cancer

Recurring breast cancer could be caused by newly discovered rare stem cells transformed into a "tumour factory" by genetic errors, scientists have said.

Researchers believe that as well as driving all breast development, the cells may have a key role in cancer. (BBC News)

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