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November 23, 2004

Still here!!!

I have been unable to post for ages as my computer seemed to have developed a personality of its own and would not let me into certain sites but I have overcome the problem and here I am!!!

As far as things go I have been soooo busy at work that I do not have time to scratch let alone do anything else. It probably isn't that bad but it sure feels like it!!!

I still have the three lumps in my neck and another in my groin now to add to it. I am not going back to the doctors about it though as I get the feeling that they think that it is all in my head. I know that it isn't because my hubby can feel them also and the ones in my neck are just visible.
I am not worried as MALT is a very very slow growing cancer and it is only two more months until my next scan so I can wait!!!

I don't think I have any other symptoms other that being absolutely exhausted all the time. I just have to have a sleep in the afternoon sometime or I cannot make it to the end of my shift. (7:30am to 7:30 pm) I get a break around two o'clock so I try to get fifteen minutes there. If I don't I just cannot function properly.

I have been fairly well other than that and this weekend just gone I got to do search and rescue training with the police search and rescue squad from Melbourne and the police airwing (helicopter), also from Melbourne. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!! I had the most amazing time and learned heaps. Hopefully they are going to make this into an annual event. I hope so.

Anyway I've got to go. Need more sleep !!!!!

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