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September 26, 2005

Treatment Number Three

Surprise, surprise!! I actually had a GOOD weekend(which is more than I can say for my U of L football team's disaster at South Florida). It's amazing what 4 days of IV fluids will do to perk up your body. I have also been taking an anti-biotic for bacteria, so I may have had a bug in my colon that it got rid of. I ate solid food, if you want to call homemade vegetable soup and bean soup solids, a little bit of bbq ribs. I had some taste buds and a good appetite. I felt really good for the first time in weeks. We had our third baby donkey born on Sunday. She is real small, but healthy it appears and is a real sweetie. I was betting it would come around full moon in October so I missed that, but the mother seems to not have developed her udder, which is my landmark. I was concerned, but in checking today it appears the milk is coming. That's 9 donkeys now. Okay, what about the treatment? I wanted to wait to see the doctor but he made the decision to keep going with some changes. We stopped the experimental drug for now and reduced my drugs to 50%. I'm also set up to get IV treatments on Thurs. and Fri. to try to prevent the last episode. So far, so good. I didn't get sick at the clinic and came home and ate spagetti, cottage cheese with pineapple and of course for 3 days my room temperature drinks. Taste buds are a little weaker, but I can still taste. If I can just keep the diarrhea away! Kind of hard to believe, but this is the first time, I think, that a post has been all positive. I should be encouraged, and I am a little, but have those lingering memories of the past weeks. Time will tell as it always does. Until next time.

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