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October 6, 2005

Back to Work Maybe?

It's amazing how good you feel when you eat. My appetite is back although my taste buds are not 100% and I have trouble eating anything dry, too spicy or too sweet. Needless to say, I've had a pretty good week. Maybe I've even eaten too much at times. Yesterday I had some questions for the doctor and it was his day to be in Shelbyville, and I wanted to stop by the hospital and see if Securitas would at least let me be on call when they couldn't fill my job. I was lucky and caught the doctor in the reception area on the phone so was allowed quick questions. I had hoped we would keep my dosage at 50%, but he wants to raise it to 75% and said it would never be 100% again. It depends if I feel good Monday and my bloodwork is ok. I hope if it's raised I don't get sick again. Also asked about when I would have a CT scan again and he was non-commital, maybe after this treatment. Also curious about hair loss. It seems it should have started by now and by some chance maybe I'm one of those who won't lose hair. Wouldn't that be great, but I don't think we're out of the woods on that yet. At the hospital I was greeted by when are you coming back to work and we sure could have used you last week. I would like to just work a day a week, maybe working into two. I went back to the clinic and got a permission slip from the doctor to be faxed to the office. I haven't heard anything back yet. I am smart enough to know if I should do this or not and told them if I didn't feel up to it I would say so. The doctor and I both agree that this would be good therapy, besides the fact one could always use a little extra money. So, it's nice to write something positive. Even everything at the barn seems to be going okay, donkeys behaving themselves. It's interesting that with the females separated from the three jacks all the boys are getting along, no fights, no scars. I love the last little girl. She is so sweet that I think I'll name her Sweetie. Think positive about Monday's treatment, 1/3 of the way done, is what I'm trying to do.

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October 12, 2005

Treatment Number 4

All you "old timers" will remember these song lyrics:"You've got to accent the positive, eliminate the negative . . . and don't mess with Mr. In-Beteen". I tried to be positive about this treatment if we increase the dosage to 75%. I've had one of the best weeks in I don't know how long and I hate to lose a normal feeling. Much to my surprise and joy was the dosage will stay at 50% with the experimental drug being added at 50%. I had gained 4 lbs. but my weight will not take a stronger dose. To test the experimental drug, I had blood pressure and temperature monitored every 15 minutes for the hour the IV took and had to wait 30 minutes before starting the next drug. All was normal and steady and my blood count remains good. I was pleased to come home and be hungry. I also canceled the IV treatment for tomorrow as I'm feeling okay as long as I eat and then can drink enough. I still haven't heard anything about working some. Guess I'll have to track somebody down for an answer. Not much else to be said this time. Four down and eight to go. I'll be glad to see February. Oh, a first tonight. I had my first hamburger with fresh garden tomato since July. What a milestone!

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October 30, 2005

Treatment #5

Treatment #5 is over and done. The good news is I remained at a 50% dosage. The disappointing news is I only gained 1/2 pound, so really I didn't gain any weight. I've been eating good so I was really not happy with the scale. I had two really good weeks, back to work one night a week and a bonus from being on call at the hospital. For some reason this past week I've had the blahs, tired, stomach not in great shape. I didn't do any IV treatments again, maybe a mistake, but I want to make it on my own. I hope I don't have to call the clinic this week. Next week I should be half way through, unless the lower dosage means more weeks. I think a CT scan is due after the next treatment. Last time I got sick from drinking that junk you have to have. I can hardly wait!! So much to do and nice weather right now and me with no energy. The "mystery" illness hit both my young llamas this week. That is a death sentence for them and that is hard to take. We don't have a male now, so I guess we may be out of the llama business for awhile at least. I tried to bottle feed my last baby donkey with no luck. She even rubbed her mouth on the ground and ate some dirt. Is cow milk really that different?? I'm still concerned she is not getting enough to eat and need to try something else with her. I hope I can get back to "normal" in the next day or two. I'm still commited to work on Thursday. I guess that's about all I can say right now. Next week may be more interesting.

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