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November 8, 2005

Treatment #6

Well, we're halfway through, hopefully. Treatment 6 was pretty routine. They did raise the dosage level on the experimental drug to 75% since I was tollerating 50%. It's the day after and I feel fine, so I guess the increase is not going to affect me. I did gain a couple of pounds, up to a whopping 150 now. The big event of the week is Friday. I have the halfway CT Scan Friday afternoon to check my progress. I will see the doctor next Wed. to go over the results. I think I may be a little nervous about that. I finally saw the doctor last Wed. for the first time in at least 6 weeks. He was pleased with my progress as far as not sick, looking better. I got a few questions answered. We will be leaving my port in when we're finished. It only needs to be flushed out once a month. I hope this doesn't mean he expects to do more chemo at a later date?? As far as building up weight and muscle mass, he said until the treatments are finished I should be happy to just be holding my own. After, good nutrition and exercise, and time. Any bowel problems, it's the chemo and just have to tolerate and adapt to it. Bowels will never be the same with part of your colon cut out. Although I knew the answer I did ask if the chemo would attack any other not-colon cancer cells I might have, as in prostate. And the expected answer, no. Guess that's about it for this time. Think about me Friday at 2:00. Quick farm news. The baby donkey seems to be doing fine, but both my young llamas died, very disheartening from the "mystery" illness.

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November 20, 2005

Good New From CT Scan

Isn't modern medicine great, with CT Scans, MRI, cancer fighting drugs. So, why when you have an office visit with the doctor the first question is, "do you have any diarrhea?" How hi-tech can you get??? Seriously, I had my CT Scan at the half-way point of treatment. I was not looking forward to it, just because of drinking that "junk" you have to have. I told the nurse that last time it went straight through me and she must have felt bad as I only had to drink one cup instead of two. The scan was no problem and the "junk" stayed in me until midnight. The hospital made copies of the scans and had them ready for me on the way to see the doctor for the results. The pack had eight sheets of 19 pictures each. The doctor found one sheet and showed me 4 pictures out of 152?? The tumor was clearly seen, maybe the size of a quarter(?). He said it was much smaller and the smaller spots were all gone. Progress is surely being made. He was very pleased and thought I looked fine. I asked him about weight gain and he told me to be happy with holding my own until the treatment ends. Then it's just good nutrition and lots of exercise. Treatment #7 was to be tomorrow, but the home health people screwed up and do not have the drug that goes in the 46 hour pump I carry around for two days. The clinic said it may be the first of December before we can start again. I'm wondering what a delay of up to a month will do? I'm going to talk to them tomorrow and find out. The delay is good for one thing. I need to change my treatments from Mondays to Tuesdays. I'm going to start working Sat. and Sun. nights at the hospital again. They're looking forward to having me back and I'm looking forward to doing something to get out and see people again. Needless to say, the money will help as I'm starting to get doctor bills the insurance is not paying. All in all, everything is going pretty good. All the bad things about chemotherapy can be handled with a good doctor I've found out. I am not looking forward to the cold weather, especially being cold sensitive now. Just bundle up is the only answer. Until next time.

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