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April 4, 2006

Anti-Body #4

I've lost track of treatments. I thought this was #5. Oh, well. It's been a funny day anyway, not funny funny, but strange funny. I guess since I'm feeling so "normal" now, I almost forgot it was treatment day. Had a substitute Nurse Practioner today, a guy. We had a nice chat. He used the no-no word today, cancer. We talked around the subject of long-term treatment. He made an interesting comparison. If you have high blood pressure you treat it with medication. If you have diabetes, you treat it with medication. If you have colon cancer, you treat it with medication. Bottom line, as I have resolved to, the treatment with medication may go on forever. And speaking of high blood pressure, as I just did, I've a new concern that no one else has. Last treatment and today, my blood pressure was high for me, 144 over 82. All the checks during the experimental drug infusion were in the same range. Anything over 120 is high for me. Since I have a blood pressure outfit from my EMT days, they suggested I start checking it at home, like the visit to the clinic is causing me stress. I don't think so, but evidently there is something at home causing stress. For those who know, isn't that hard to believe???? Did do one thing different today, sprayed the port with some ice cold spray and it did take a little of the needle sting away. Otherwise, pretty routine. Spring is definitely here in Kentucky. I've had to start cutting grass. At least the llamas and donkeys enjoy the fresh green stuff. Had a bad storm on Sat. night. I got caught in it a couple miles from the hospital. An F1 tornado NE of town, lots of wind, but no damage at home. Hospital had moved a lot of people to the basement cafeteria when I got there. That time of the year. Well, good health to all of you.

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April 21, 2006

Anti-body #5

It's been a hectic week, including no computer for a week. Following is a hodge-podge of thoughts. Away from treatment, a minor crisis at the hospital. Our officer in charge, age 50, had a massive stroke a week ago Monday. He's still not out of the woods completely, but doing some better. This caused work coverage problems since there are only four of us. So, I put in a 40 hour week which I'm not used to, topped off by getting stuck on Sunday night for a double shift when the relief man didn't show. It's taken me all week to recover and I'll be working 3 nights from now on, Fri.- Sun. The bottom line of this is a reminder that life is very fragile and I won't get stuck for 16 hours again. Now, as for treatment. Same old, same old with a couple of twists. I usually break out and in 2 weeks when it's treatment time again I'm pretty well cleared up. This time I didn't break out until the weekend before treatment and it was very sore stuff. And, I don't know how I missed it, but I did lose some hair on my arms and legs. I noticed a stubble on my wrist area that looked like new hair growth and by golly that's what it is. All the time wearing long sleeves and my scaly skin, I just didn't pay attention. Critical time again. That means CT Scan next Thursday and see the doctor the next Wedneday. Besides the cat scan I need to discuss my higher blood pressure, which now that I think about it started after chemo stopped. And yes, last Sunday tired and mad, I had it checked at the hospital and it was 5 pojnts higher. So, if you have any doubts, I would say being mad will raise your blood pressure. I hope I have good news to give you in a couple of weeks. Until then, good health to all.

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