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June 15, 2006

Another Routine Treatment

Treatments have become so routine I almost forgot to go this week. I guess that says I'm doing okay, which I am as far as physical. This past week I have been "down", not totally depressed, but on the verge. I can't stop thinking about the future. The only thing certain is going from one cat scan to the next, which is July 26th. I wonder how long the good news can continue. I know I really don't want to go through another chemotherapy. I have come to realize why there are cancer support groups, especially when you have zero support at home. Working at the hospital is my support group. Staff are constantly asking me how I'm doing, if I feel okay. Strangely, they seem to be sincere in asking. For those reading this that don't know, I have written three childrens/youth books and am in the process of consolidating them into one book. All my thoughts and energy are going to see this project through. Thanks to my daughter for her help we are getting close to submitting it to the publisher. I guess I'll live long enough to see that happen. Nice to not have any bad drug reactions to talk about. Good health to all of you.

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