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July 3, 2006

Routine Treatment, but . . .

Our lives are dominated by routine and it's interesting how we treat changes in our routines. I remember at GE when computers were introduced into our work, a big change in routine. The older employees balked at using them, but eventually had to "get on board". Of course when they found out you could play games on them it helped. After 10 months of treatments I have, of course, developed several routines. With 5 CT Scans I know that routine as well as the nurses who do it. At the clinic, the routine of the same staff treating you has been disturbed twice now with a change in Nurse Practioner. This last one has the personality of a rock. Don't even know her name. The nurse treating me has changed again with a new young nurse. She has been "out of routine" on all 3 treatments she has administered. The first time she forgot to take my BP and Temp. every 15 minutes of the experimental drug until the last 15 minutes. The second time she made herself a little chart so she wouldn't forget. I was napping but she didn't wait the hour between drugs. This past week she waited 30 minutes between drugs. I haven't said anything, but maybe I should. I haven't noticed anything different in reactions. Getting off the routine topic and on to the continuing saga of hair loss. I have a new conclusion. I did not lose any hair until the chemo treatments ended. I thought I just lost part of the hair on my arms and legs, but now it is near 100%. It's funny because the new hair was coming in while the old hair was still falling out. My arm hair is growing fast and I think the hair on my head is finally starting to grow a little again. I've lost some hair under my arms so I don't know if all of it will be replaced. I can't see that very well. So, things are pretty routine, but it does seem there is always a new twist somewhere. Until next time, good health to everyone.

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July 13, 2006

A New Problem

Before the serious, a humorous event. The last writing I talked about routine. This weeks treatment had the tables turned on me. I always bring a carry bag, mainly for my cd player and the little blanket the clinic gave me. I had it packed and walked off and forgot it. I was asked three times where my bag was. Everyone noticed I had broken my routine. The new nurse practioner, named Cindi, was more friendly. Maybe someone said something to her. Anyway, when asked about pain, etc. that they always ask, I again mentioned by "back" pain which no one pays any attention to. But, I told her I've come to realize it's not my back but down in the kidney area. She looked at my two inch thick folder and said I had a kidney stone. Wonderful. It seems this has been on the CT Scan report since day one. It is called an 8mm nonobstructing calculus in the lower pole of the left kidney. She called the doctor and told him I was having 24 hour pain and ordered an urtrasound to be done Monday. Also, got a prescription for some pain pills that do help if I take them. I had copies of all the radiology reports made. The kidney calculus started as a 6mm but they keep saying it's stable. The ultrasound, as I understand it, is to see if there is any danger of it moving. Seems that would have happened in a years time. I'd say the doctor is reacting to something he should have paid some attention to long ago since he never once mentioned it. Beginning to wonder about him. I would like to chart all these "spots" for comparison, but the language is difficult. I've never read something with so many words I couldn't even begin to pronounce. You think you're "educated"? Not after you read these reports. Should be intersting at my next doctor consultation, an ultrasound and a Cat Scan in the next two weeks. Be sure to tune into the next installment of "what does this mean?" Until then, good health to all of you.

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