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August 4, 2006

Treatment will continue

Well, it looks like our home page has been changed and this blog made the front page. Does that mean I say something significant or the only colon cancer blog? Anyway, the good news from the doctor is that the latest CT scan shows no new spots and no change on the ones there. The only real choice is that we will continue with the anti-body treatments. I guess the researchers can have fun trying to decide if it is the Avastin or the experimental drug or the combination that is doing the job. All I know for sure is as long as this works I don't have to go through another chemotherapy bout. Nothing was said about the ultra-sound. I think it was a waste. I'll get my copies of those reports next Tues. when I have the next treatment. I almost missed my cat scan. The clinic gave me an appointment slip that said Wed. Fortunately, at work on the Sunday before, Mike had seen my name on the schedule for Mon. I checked with them in Medical Imaging later that night/morning and sure enough I was on the list for Monday. I politely told the office girls at the clinic that they made a little error. My latest problem is sinus. I had hoped the doctor would give me some help since I've had a little problem with my right sinus since beginning treatments, meaning to me that the drugs have some part in it. The trouble with specialists is anything out of their field seems like greek to them. He just said if it didn't clear up he'd refer me to an ear, nose, throat doctor. In the meantime, I can't lay down and sleep as it's draining into my throat. Have tried three different over the counter stuff and all have the same results. I can breathe fine, but all drain when I lay down. So, I haven't had alot of sleep the past few days in a recliner and I have to work tonight. It may be a tough night to stay awake. I may quit the pills today and hope I can nap this afternoon. Solve the big problems and suffer with the little ones. What a life!! Anyone have any suggestions for me?? Guess that's it for now. Good health to all of you.

Posted by Robert at 4:46 AM

August 10, 2006

Continued Good News

I received my copies of the ultra-sound and radiology reports Wed. when I was at treatment. As the Dr. had said in his always brief remarks, there are no new spots on the liver and nothing has grown. I was a little surprised at the ultra-sound report as it stated there were multiple nonobstructing calculi (stones). I guess they are too small to be seen on a cat scan?? Let me give some examples from this report to show how difficult it is to interpret these reports. For example, there is no evidence of hydronephrosis. Also, there is normal renal cortical echogenicity bilaterally. I'm sure this is part of our everyday conversation??? I did finally go to my family Dr. about my sinus condition and got some medicine for it and I'm happy to say it is working great. Can finally sleep. So, we're on for 12 more weeks of treatment. The clinic is getting to be like a home away from home. One year since we started all of this. I guess I'm aive today because of that years worth of visits. Oh, I forgot, we're not going to do anything about the kidney stone at this time since it is in a position to not cause major problems. I take 2 or 3 pain pills every day and sometimes forget I have it, unless I forget to take a pill. Before I bore you, I guess that's about the latest on this continuous journey. Good health to all of you.

Posted by Robert at 12:05 PM

August 26, 2006


Well, this week was a milestone of sort, one year of treatments. In that time I had 12 chemo treatments, 14 anti-body treatments, 6 CT Scans and the one ultra-sound. This is the 34 th entry in this diary. I kidded the nurses at the clinic about not having a cake to celebrate. I should be happy that all the scans show nothing growing. There is still the lingering mind game about how long this will keep working. Right now I'm more concerned with my stupid sinus problem. I have settled on Clariton and its generic equivelant. It keeps me breathing and sleeping. My kidney stone still hurts and if I keep taking the pain pills as I should, and don't always, it is very tolerable. It will be interesting to see where I am one year from now. I'm assuming I'll still be here. So, really nothing new, breaking out 2 days after treatment and that's about it. I wish you all the best of health.

Posted by Robert at 6:05 PM