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November 3, 2006

Back on Drugs

Well, the title says it all. To explain I need to review the events of Tuesday and Wednesday. The clinic called on Tues. knowing I had questions for the doctor about dropping out of the experimental drug study. They suggested I come in and see the doctor Wed. I said next week would be fine when I get my port flushed. But, the doctor will be out of town next Wed. We finally decided it will be four weeks and I could get the port flushed, and give my blood samples, this Wed. So, I was all set one week early. I spent Tues. night thinking of what I wanted to ask the doctor and how I should ask. I should be smart enough to ask a question without putting the doctor on the defensive, but I seem to have failed at that in the past. The clinic was very busy Wed. and again some new nurse faces and I got one to explain why I wanted to see the doctor and my concerns. And wouldn't you know, the doctor came in and shot down my little speech again. It went something like, "I understand you're concerned about dropping out of the study. If you'd be more comfortable being back on the drugs you are. Start again next week." Thirty dollars, thirtly seconds. As I'm leaving the regular nurses are, "Where are you going?" They were all set up to do the port and blood. Hey, see you next week for the whole show. I had so many people tell me how great it was to be off the drugs, even temporary, but they didn't understand the long range possible effects. I feel I made the right choice since I don't feel any different being off the anti-bodies than when I am on them. It just seems to me that if something is working, why stop? It's bad enough knowing that someday these things aren't going to work anymore, but let's hope that will be a long way down the road. Funny how quickly things can change isn't it? My 13 month routine is back. Now with two FDA approved drugs I should feel more comfortable and forget about making any funeral plans soon. The thing I'm dreading most is the cold weather ahead. My finger tips are still cold sensitive and I hope they're not as bad as last winter. I'm going to make an effort to be more positive about all this. Until next time, good health to all of you.

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November 23, 2006

Back To The Old Routine

As the old Gene Autry song goes, "I'm back in the saddle again. Back (or out) where a friend is a friend." My second treatment since the re-start kind of shows that. I added a family doctor appointment to my Tuesday routine so I showed up at the clinic 15 minutes early and asked if they could get me out of there by 4:00. I went instantly to triage for the usual blood pressure, temp. and weight. Gads, I gained 7 pounds the last two weeks! Then to Room 1, my room they say. Before I could sit down the nurse was getting everything ready and one of the helpers brought me my coke, cup of ice and bag of pretzels. You think they know me? I made the comment that this was better service than Holiday Inn. The nurse said they didn't have HBO, but had the Travel channel, which is what I watch all the time. See why it almost seems like a second home? Of course, the treatment was routine and they got me out at 3:45. The family doctor visit was to do something about this sinus problem. I ended up with three prescriptions, stronger than the last effort, so I hope this knocks the infection. I think 6-8 months of this is enough. I do have the expected skin problem with the experimental drug, but like I say, if that's the worst I have to put up with I can handle that. I got a laugh when the family doctor said he got a letter from Louisville Oncology saying the doctor had sat down with me and discussed my treatment and my decision to re-start the anti-bodies. Since I laughed his comment was "I guess that didn't happen." Right you are doctor unless you call 30 seconds in the doorway a sit down discussion. At least, I assume, he respects my decision since we're "back in the saddle". I was thinking, I have received some comments on these writings, but it would be interesting if people (other than friends and kin folk) would send a comment to see who in the heck is reading these ramblings. In the meantime I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving and good health to each of you.

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