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December 21, 2006

Drugs, drugs, drugs

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, so I thought I had better update things. And the things continue to be rather routine, which is good. There has been one minor change. After 14 months of these drugs you'd think there wouldn't be changes, although they were minor. My skin condition after treatment has been pretty much breaking out on my forehead, sometimes it gets sore, sometimes not. The last two treatments have had minor skin problems on the forehead, but now I'm getting stuff (for lack of a better term) on my face and neck that's not a big problem. The big news is cat scan time is 3 weeks away. Always a tense time. I thought I would end this posting with a little humor on myself. Working at the emergency room at the hospital is observing a lot of people. With 25 plus years in security I've done a lot of that and it is interesting. I see many of our elderly people come in with a plastic bag full of drugs. Got to be 8 to 10 bottles and I think to myself I hope I never have to do that. Well, I got to thinking of my bag I bring to work with my Coke and chips and candy and pills. I started counting the pills. I had prescription drugs for my sinus, the decongestant, pain pill for the kidney stone, and one for diarrhea. Plus, I had Tums, Vivarin if I got sleepy, an Advil sample for headache, Benadryl and a Cepacol (sp?) for sore throat. I come prepared. Looks like about 9 different things. Guess the laugh is on me. We certainly live in a drug culture. What would we do without them. Anyway, I hope you all have a great Holiday season and a healthy New Year.

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