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March 16, 2007

Predictable Drugs - Unpredictable

Hard to believe that this is the 44th entry in this diary. Also, hard to believe that we've been "doing drugs" past 18 months now. You would think that everything would be predictable by now. The treatment procedure is. The drug side efforts continue to fool me now and then. My two problems have always been hair and skin condition. I thought the hair problem was solved after losing arm and leg hair it was growing back nicely. Now all of a sudden I've lost leg hair and most of the arm hair that grew back. Clinic says it's just a normal recycling of the hair. Sounds dumb to me. My skin condition used to flair up after treatment and pretty much clear up by the next treatment. Lately it hasn't done that and in fact has spread from mostly forehead to the rest of my face and neck, chest and back. It also is producing "bumps" that are sore and some that when bumped, brushed, or yes picked, they bleed. I tell myself that reactions could be worse so don't complain too much. I was happy that I achieved a good "normal" weight. That too has become a little unpredictable lately. Three weeks ago I gained 3 pounds and this week I lost 6 pounds. I don't worry about a little gain, but the loss bothers me. I know it's a short term thing and we'll have to see how it goes. So, that's the latest. Bring on the warm weather!!! Good health to all of you.

Posted by Robert at 12:25 AM

March 29, 2007

The Doctor is Predictable

It's been a week where something went wrong every day here on the farm. I didn't need that from my treatment program too but I did get a big surprise. My worst farm day was Monday. I was feeding the animals and was interupted midway through. When I returned to the barn all the donkeys were out. I had the gate shut but not secured and one of the males (they're always the guilty party) had pushed it open enough for everyone to get out. No way to get all of them back in. They stayed out all night and by morning decided on their own to go back in. I had hoped that would happen. A little hard to move nine donkeys. My llamas aren't that anxious to get out and are in another fenced area. Tuesday was to be another treatment day. The clinic called on Tuesday morning to say don't come, but come in to see the doctor on Wednesday. Seems as though the experimental drug study had been canceled. On thinking about it, my prediction was that the doctor would offer me a break in treatment again. and I was right. In short, the drug company evidently has all the information they needed or want and ended the program. I guess since the FDA approved the drug they don't want to give freebies out any more. The doctor did suggest I take 8 weeks off and I accepted. My upcoming cat scan was cancelled. My final blood work for the study will be April 10th when I need to flush my port and a new cat scan will be scheduled for the end of May. If and when I need to re-start we would probably go with the anti-bodies again and I would have to pay for the panitumumab if I used it. At least we are not talking about chemotherapy again yet. The break will be welcomed so hopefully my face will clear up. The bad is anticipating what the ct scan will show. Strange that Tony Snow, the press secretary has what sounds like exactly what I have. Quite an adventure this is, feeling good physically, not the best mentally. Guess that's it for now. Good health to everyone.

Posted by Robert at 1:33 PM