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April 10, 2007

No Drugs - A Difference

A visit to the clinic today and the drug study is now officially finished with my last blood samples and port flushed. I've had no drugs now for 4 weeks and I have really noticed the difference. My face is about 90% clear and a great relief. My sinus problem that was blamed on infection, wrong, allergies, maybe, is 50% better. If it was an alergy, it was from the experimental drug that everyone wanted to deny. Amazing that the final study papers I signed listed upper respiratory problems as a main side effect. I don't know why they kept saying no. The other change I noticed was the general way my body felt, good. I hadn't thought that the drugs really made any difference, but they obviously did. Bottom line to all this is I am beginning to feel like a normal person again. The only, I hope, temporary roadblock is my having to work extra days at the hospital which I'm not used to. So, I have been tired the past few days. My next cat scan is scheduled for mid-May. Be nice if I could continue drug free a little longer. That's my update. Until next time, good health to all of you.

Posted by Robert at 3:15 PM