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June 29, 2007

Do You Have Medical Insurance?

Not much happening this month, but I thought I should add some comment to my diaries. First, I had a quick 10 minute clinic visit to flush my port. Stange when I'm usually there for 3 hours. I continue to be frustrated by our unregulated drug companies. I really don't know what I, or anyone else would do without insurance or Medicare. I'm happy that Avastin works, but I can't find out who doubled the price in January. Of course Genentech, the manufacturer wouldn't answer the question, nor the doctor, nor the clinic. They only made $1 billion dollars on that drug last year. It's a bit scary when I add up what this treatment has cost so far. The hospital bill with surgery, port, and cat scans is roughly $115,000. The drug treatment is roughly $120,000. When you look at $235,000 and we're not even finished yet it is a little hard to comprehend. Without insurance I guess I'd be dead or bankrupt. Well, that's my gripe for the day. I hope next time I can say something a little more possible. Good health to all of you, and pay your premium.

Posted by Robert at 3:23 AM