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August 1, 2007

Back on Drug Treatment

I feel a little better writing this than my previous "depressed" message. Yesterday I began my drug treatment with Avastin only. Once again I was greeted by the friendly staff that had my coke and pretzels on the table with a bonus of chocolate chip cookies. I did quiz the NP on whether the doctor had read all the radiology report and was aware of the growth on the colon suture line. Yes, he was aware of it and one of the reasons he wanted the Avastin started right away. No doubt that another chemo stretch is down the line sooner that later most likely. The second part of the afternoon was with my family doctor and we had a long talk about things. My biggest concern with him was the coronary artery calcification. Hopefully, he is right in that he down played the problem as cat scans are not a good way to detect this type of problem. If I had no pains or shortness of breath I shouldn't be concerned with that. What a relief. I am going to go back and have some blood work done that hasn't been done in two years. He could detect a little depression on my part, but we both agreed no medication. If it does get worse he feels he could help with one or the other drugs. Lets hope it doesn't come to that. I told him I and others wondered why when the Avastin was working would you stop for four months. Did the doctor make a mistake. Of course he wouldn't answer that direct. I think he may be right that it could be part of the experimental drug program to see what would happen. It's water over the dam now. The clinic nurses do agree that the doctor is brilliant, but not good with long explanations of things. I can buy that. So, my crisis isn't a crisis, but I definitely have problems to be addressed. Like I said from day one, the drug treatment is a lifetime project. I hope my body doesn't have a problem with the Avastin being re-introduced. It didn't before so I feel "safe" this time. Initially no problems. I'll continue to hope for the best and I wish you all good health.

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August 15, 2007

An Avastin Surprise

Yesterday was my "medical" day, treatment at the clinic and to the family doctor to remove a small cyst. Simple, what could go wrong? Well, you know something did or I wouldn't raise the question. As I was being "plugged up" I mentioned the cyst that is about 3 inches from my port and needing to get out of here close to 3:00 to have it removed and of course not looking forward to it. The response was "wait a minute, you need to talk to Cindi." It seems that Avastin slows the healing process and that "hole" that would be created could be a problem. Two years using Avastin and I just find out this kind of side effect. Wonderful. So, this was not an urgent thing and I had to cancel it. I did stop by the doctor's office and apologize and get the results from my blood tests. I was a little surprised that everything was fine. I'm not used to having something fine. By the way, the cost of my last Avastin increased some 150%. I couldn't believe $11,000???? for one dose. I keep thinking maybe they made a mistake, but probably not. Thank God for insurance. That's my update. Good health to all of you.

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