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October 20, 2007

My Latest Cat Scan

Thought for the day. It is said that there are two certain things in life, death and taxes. But, there is a third. You never see your doctor at the appointment time. At least the wait was good news. My CEA (tumor marker) score had dropped from 118 to 78, a good sign to start the news. As for the scan there were no changes, no liver growth, no growth of the spot on the colon suture, no change in the kidney stone or the abdominal aneurysm. There was a new item in the scan, which I could not ask the doctor since I can't have a copy of the scan results until after I see the doctor. It said, "small periumbilical hernia containing only fat." Whatever the heck that is. Something to ask in the future. Also, "There is no significant retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy." I think I need a medical dictionary. So now it's the same routine, three months of Avastin and another Cat Scan. I'm having a little problem with the insurance company. After paying claims for nine months they say I haven't been a member since December of 2006. Strange they would send a new card for 2007 and benefits book and pay the claims all this time. As I have said in the past how important insurance is, the bill for one month is $23,000. Humana is supposed to be correcting their mistake. Not sure I would refer anyone to them. Good health to all of you until next time. .

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