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December 18, 2007

Avastin #50

Treatment today and I was guessing this should be about 50 Avastin treatments and I was informed that I was exactly right. Sounds like some kind of landmark. One more treatment and it's Cat Scan time again. Everyone assumes that the drug is still working. I was told, with some relief on my part, that if and when the Avastin stops working there are a number of other anti-body drugs now that would keep me from a full blown chemotherapy go around. My blood work is great and as a side effect, the Avastin helps with other problems that anti-bodies help with. I finally got some sort of answer to why the cost has gone up so dramically and the answer is supply and demand. Sounds like the oil industry. Avastin is now approved and used for metastatic breast and lung cancer along with colon cancer. You'd think they would just make more, right?
I'd like to pass along a little story. An attorney in Louisville was broadsided by a city bus and had serious injuries, including brain damage. After months of rehab. he tried to go back to work and couldn't function. He was said to have been brilliant and with a future with no limit. Now he is confined to home and has to hire help to get him through the day. The point of this is to say that "things could be worse" for all of us. This is his quote at the end of the article. "Since the wreck, my life has become an unfinished painting sitting over discarded in a dark corner, stacked against the wall. And that is unacceptable to me. To me, a life without purpose is pointless." What more can you say.
I wish all reading this a Joyfull Holiday Season and hopefully one of good health.

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