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January 10, 2008

Disappointing Doctor Visit

Once again, the doctor wanted to give his short analysis and split. Not when I had to sit almost an hour to see him. The visit got off to a bad start as I have lost 5 pounds tis past week. It disturbs me, but no one else. The main topic was the results of my latest Cat Scan. The doctor indicated there was some small growth on my main liver spot. Just a couple of mm and a couple of new very small nodules, an indication that the Avastin is not being as effective. Of course, one of the options is to start chemotherapy again. I declined, so we'll go anoter 3 months and scan again. He almost promised that chemo would be necessary before the end of 2008. When asked what, he said probably the same combination of drugs we used before, without the experimental drug. That doesn't make sense to me as we stopped because they had stopped being effective. Since we are not in any critical state, we will continue the Avastin. I wish I had been more confrontational, but that just makes him mad. I got what I wanted so maybe next time. The scan results showed something new. Degenerative changes in the thoracolumbar spine. Sounds like old age and maybe why I have so many back aches. Nothing else scanned have any changes. So, even though the doctor was negative, the results were mainly positive. I do have to remind myself that you cannot take anything for granted. Things can change rather quickly. I'm thinking of Barbara Carter, for all you family members. I wish good health to all of you.

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