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April 30, 2008

Chemo Update

I promised an update after one week of resuming my chemotherapy. First, I should mention that I neglected to include Avastin in the drug "recipe". Since it had stopped working, I thought we would substitute something else, but they said it had something to do with my blood and had to be in the mix. I am happy to say that I have had no, almost, side effects so far. I did have 3 days of constipation, but I'm not sure if the drugs were the cause since it's opposite of what should have happened. Being a "worry wart" of sorts, now I have to wonder if the drugs are really working. For one, it seems the cold sensitive drug is not making me cold sensitive. I made what could have been a mistake when I reached in the freezer and grabbed the ice cube tray not thinking, but I had no sensation. I was eating ice cream by Thursday night. Is that meaningful? I got along pretty good with the 46 hour bag. It wasn't until 10 minutes before getting it disconnected that I forgot it was on the floor and I got up and walked away. The sudden jerk on your chest is a quick reminder. I feel really good and will start working weekends again this week. I'll have questions next week for treatment #2, but not sure I'll get any answers. I did take an anti-nausea pill Thursday and Friday nights just in case, but don't believe they were ever needed. They do work great on clearing sinus problems. That's it. Nice to write something positive and I hope that trend will continue. Until next time, good health to all of you and don't bet too much on the Kentucky Derby.

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