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May 9, 2008

Chemo Treatment #2

My second treatment went well as expected. I told the nurse I had good news and bad news. The good news, I feel fine. The bad news, I feel fine. Still a little concerned the drugs are working. I was surprised yesterday. I was cutting frozen green peppers and they "bit" me. A good sign the cold sensitive drug is working. I had handled ice cubes with no "bite" so maybe just not as bad as before. I'm having some bad constipation cramps and that seems to be a drug reaction/side effect this time. I guess it could be worse than that, but it's pretty uncomfortable to say the least. I had an unexpected problem with the pump. It started beeping before I even got out of the clinic. We silenced it and I stopped to check a couple of work questions at the hospital and it went off again and indicated air in line. I made some calls and found out how to stop and re-start. The bad is, it kept going off every 10 minutes or so after pumping 2ml. At home I fed the animals, planted my tomatoes and cut grass with it still beeping every 10 minutes. I thought wrong that it would clear itself. Now, at 9:30 I start making calls again. One nurse(?) tried to talk me through purging it but I was too dumb to do it. So, they sent a nurse out at 11:00 and in 3 minutes she had it working. I was trying to re-install the cartridge upside down. Dumb me. Chalk it up to an educational experience. If it happens again I know what to do now. Made my 46 hour pump last 48 hours. I'm pretty sure I will not get sick and if I can find a remedy for the constipation problem I should look forward to normal times. I also found out that part of the anti-nausea medicine is steroids. Interesting. Not helping my weight. I lost another 2 pounds. Guess that's an update for now. Good health to all of you.

Posted by Robert at 7:54 PM