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April 27, 2009

Beginning of the End

It has been some ten months since I had an entry in this diary. Things had gotten so routine I stopped writing. Since then the effectiveness of the anti-body Avastin stopped working, we tried the original chemotherapy again for two months and it disn't really work. We took a break and went through thirteen treatments of a new drug combination and had minimal results. We took a two month break, did another Cat Scan (number 16 or 17) and found slow growth. We're now at mid-March of this year and the doctor really surprised me. The verdict was anymore chemo could do as much harm to my body as good, so it's time to stop. So the end of this journey is coming, but nobody knows when. I am signed up with Hospice, although I don't need them right now. I've had no drugs since the first week of January and I still feel fine. Yes, the same old lack of energy and get tired pretty quickly, but that's been the case for 3 1/2 years. It is pretty hard to accept, but you knew the day would come sooner or later. It will be four years in July. Now that we have a new course to follow, I thought what happens in the upcoming months may be of interest to some. So, look for this diary in the future months. I wish you all good health.

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