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May 12, 2009

What Do You Know About Hospice?

Hard to believe that this is the 66th entry I've made on this diary. But, the question of the day is about Hospice and as for me, I knew very little about them, just their basic mission. Well, I found out they are much more than I thought. They provide pain control, control of various symptoms, medication managemnet, personal care, counseling and spiritual care and bereavement services. After signing up with paperwork and more paperwork, the very next day a drug kit arrived from Fed Ex, which I don't need right now and is now stored in the bottom of the refrigerator for when I do need it. Then I had a nurse and a social worker call to set up a "get aquainted" meeting. That meeting also included a chaplain, all assigned to me for what ever the duration will be. I found the trio to be very professional with a desire to help me with my needs and maybe a bit frustrated that those needs are minimal right now. The nurse is pretty much all business, all the health stuff. The social worker is more into any problems other than health with questions like having a will and living will, choosing someone to give power of attorney to, is there someone to give the care you will need when things go bad and any "mental" type problems you might have. I can't imagine choosing this as a vocation, working closely with a person you are going to watch die. You's have to be pnetty dedicated and these ladies seem to be. I'd guess they may still be trying to figure me out, a little complicated. I too am still trying to pinpoint their personalities. Since it is a requirement to be seen every two weeks I think we're going to get to know each other very well. So far I look forward to these get togethers and enjoy talking and enjoy telling a few stories and sharing some of my writing. It is also comforting to know there is someone there if I am having any problems. So, that's the continuing story to date. I see them again tomorrow. Good health to all of you.

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just wanted u to know i am reading your blog. my mother just found out that she has stage iv colon cancer. thank-u for writing your journey down. i will be praying for u and your family. remember God has the finally say so.