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There is even a raw vegan version of lasagna! Thin sliced zucchini in stead of noodles and nut cheese. Actually quite good.

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James Reno (editor)

Posted by James Reno on December 29, 2009 4:07 PM

I didn't know most of these facts and I love Lasagna. There's more info about food at

Posted by Kent on January 2, 2010 12:52 PM

It was ver shit and I do not understand the crap you have put here, I want to know where it comes from and whatthe fuck it is made from you twats.

Posted by tess co-schepher on March 8, 2013 4:12 AM

I hope you see this comment and please reply fast because I need to know all facts about lasagne because I'm going to get a plastic surgery to make me look like my beautiful lasagne, its my baby. You fuckin twats put up better information.

Posted by tess co-schepher on March 8, 2013 4:15 AM

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