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I believe my 8 month old infant may have an allergy to cinnamon. At a minimum, it is a skin irritant to her. She has had small amounts of cinnamon in pre-packaged baby food over the last couple of months with no adverse reactions. This morning I added 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon from my spice cabinet to her oatmeal. She is a messy eater, so she had oatmeal and cinnamon smeared all over her face within minutes. Before she finished eating, the lover half of her face became flushed, and her lips became red and puffy. There were no other obvious symptoms. I immediately called her pediatrician, who "reassured" me that cinnamon allergies are extremely rare, but had me give her Benedryl as a precaution. The redness had already started to dissipate on its own by the time I gave her the medication. Approximately 30 minutes later, there appeared to be no remaining symptoms. The doctor has recommended that I wait 2 weeks, and then give it to her again to determine if the cinnamon is actually the culprit.

Posted by Tushanna on July 25, 2006 8:58 AM

i have allergies to all nuts.this year for the first time i started to react to spiced wine, spice cake and pumpkin pie. after reacting to a cinnamon roll, i realized it was the cinnamon that was causing the reaction. my throat constricted and i had difficulty breathing.

Posted by elizabeth on September 24, 2006 6:12 PM

I am very interested to hear if anyone else has had a child with a reaction to cinnamon. My daughter has had cinnamon in things in the past (baked goods), but yesterday after having some cinnamon powder directly sprinkled in applesauce, she had the same reaction as Tushanna mentioned; swollen lips and red bumps where any applesauce touched on her face. It also disappeared within 15-30 minutes. My doctor was suprised to hear that she had such a quick reaction. I am concerned about giving it to her again for fear that the reaction would be worse next time such as difficulty breathing. I am not sure I would want to test it!

Posted by Tricia on September 27, 2006 9:47 AM

We just related my daughter's shortness of breath to her consumption of a single cinnamon Altoid although we haven't verified her allergy yet.

Posted by Jennifer on October 2, 2006 8:51 PM

I recently gave my 21 month old toddler applesauce and sprinkled cinnamon on it. She was shirtless in her highchair. She dipped her finger in the cinnamon and put it all over her stomach and arms. Within minutes she had about twenty incredibly red spots every single place she had dabbed the cinnamon on herself. Does this mean that consuming cinnamon could be harmful as well? Does a contact dermatitis remain a skin issue only, or could this develop into a serious issue?

Posted by Emily on October 6, 2006 8:46 AM

I just made snickerdoodles with my two-year-old. He focused on getting the cinnamon-sugar into his mouth, smearing lots across his cheeks. His cheeks are now very red, though not bumpy. He eats cinnamon all the time - almost every day in his oatmeal - and has very regular, firm stools, so it seems to just be contact dermatitis and not a gastrointestinal problem, although I'll probably cut it from his diet now.

Posted by Rose on October 8, 2006 2:03 PM

I am allergic to cinnamon by eating it and just by the smell of it. I will get a migraine that will last for a couple of days.

Posted by vikki on October 11, 2006 7:14 AM

I have a severe cinnamon allergy which causes me to have to carry an epi-pen. I get severe respiratory constriction, swollen tongue, and eyes just from the smell, especially if it is cooking or baking. It is really difficult around the holidays.

Posted by jessica on October 12, 2006 5:13 PM

My 23-month old also gets red anywhere cinnamon touches her face. Have made the final determination this morning after sprinkling it on her oatmeal and seeing red wherever it stayed on her face (my husband and I have suspected this for several months and have stopped giving it to her, then tried again). Will discontinue giving it to her and will ask the doctor about it at her 2-year appointment. Interesting to see that others have had the issue as well. Wondering if it has a topical "burning" affect, but also wondering (as previous writers mentioned) if there is any consequence from ingesting it. Also wondering if the other babies affected are more fair-skinned as our daughter is. She is a bit more sensitive to certain things because of this. Thanks all!

Posted by Tammy on October 16, 2006 9:25 AM

I have a 3 yr old daughter who was making cinnamon ornaments at preschool and ended up with red spots on her arms. My daughter is very fair-skinned. This was the first experience we've had with something like this.

Posted by Kari on October 20, 2006 10:02 AM

I have an allergy to cinnamon which causes me to carry an epi-pen at all times and constantly ask servers if food items have come in contact with or contain cinnamon. At the beginning stages of my allergy I would develop cold sores several days after eating food containing the spice. Recently, the allergy has grown to include a closing of the throat, abdominal pain, and a warm feeling in my face shortly after consumption. The cold sores still appear which is my proof that cinnamon was consumed. I have found that the longer the sympotms last the more sensitive I become. The smell of cinnamon used to not bother me, now I smell it cooking or used as a garnish and I get a tingling sensation in my mouth and my tounge feels like it is swelling.

Posted by Becky on October 22, 2006 4:01 PM

My 17 month old daughter is also fair skinned. She never has a problem eating foods with cinnamon in them, baby foods, yogurt, etc. But a few months ago she had cinnamon apples that were very cinnamonny, and then a week later, french toast with a lot of cinnamon. Both times she had a rash exactly where the cinnamon touched her face, (but not on her hands) with no other reaction. As soon as I wiped her face and hands, the rash began to disappear. I am also wondering if this is just a case of a skin sensitivity or the beginnings of a severe allergy. My 3 year old daughter has a peanut allergy, by her symptoms are the same, just a rash, and she also has fair skin.

Posted by Alexis on October 25, 2006 6:15 PM

I have been allergic to cinnamon all my life. But up until 3 weeks ago, it was just a minor irratant.
I know I can't have certain foods, or I break out with a rash or hives; depending on the dose of cinnamon I come in contact with. I avoid retail stores of any kind, after Halloween- because of the cinnamon candles, and poporri.
But now, the boss decided to sell cinnamon rolls. I was getting very high doses of cinnamon on the nights I worked! I not only got the hives, but I had a hard time breathing! I had blisters on my tongue, and my throat started to swell shut! I am now taking Benadryl to help me not break out. But it has been 3 weeks, and I am still breaking out!
I thought I was the only one allergic to cinnamon!

Posted by Cindy on October 28, 2006 5:20 PM

I found this by doing a search for "cinnamon allergy" on google. Recently, I was feeding my 14 month old son some cooked rice with milk, sugar, and cinnamon. Within five minutes of eating, he had a red, inflammed "moustache" where the milk had touched his face. I couldn't figure out what was going on, and even after wiping his face and rinsing it, the "rash" didn't go away for well over an hour.

I figured it was the cinnamon, since he's not allergic to milk, rice, or sugar. I told my husband about it, and he mentioned that after letting my son smell a bunch of candles the other day at the store, his face was getting red and swollen, and he didn't know why. Now, after reading all of these other anecdotes, I'm pretty certain it is in fact a cinnamon allergy. Now I just need to find out if it's just contact dermatitis or of ingesting it is harmful to him.

I hope he outgrows this allergy. :(

Posted by Jess on November 15, 2006 12:24 PM

Gloria, (comment 16) yes, I totally know what you're saying; it was like reading my own diary.

I first found out I was allergic to cinnamon when I was 14. I was in home economics with a friend whose lip gloss I borrowed - cinnamon flavored of course - and upon applying it my face immediately broke out and my throat constricted. My classmates reacted equally with haste and dumped water on me! Quite the spectacle, unforunately we weren't detectives enough to determine what had caused the reaction other than the "lip gloss"

That is, until the next semester when we switched from sewing to cooking class and it was "french toast day." The teacher merely removed the cinnamon from the cupboard and I had the exact same reaction.

At the time, my doctor was shocked. She couldn't beleive that someone was allergic to the smell of something so sereverly that I could collapse if it was across the room. And how could I not have known for 14 years?!

We deduced that I just hadn't been around cinnamon enough as a child and that hormonal changes had caused my allergy to go from mild irratant to severe and that I just hadn't noticed.

As far as my life goes now, it's been 10 years since that first reaction and they vary from day to day. Some days they are less severe - they seem worse if my immune system is down to begin with. When I had mono a few years back I couldn't even enter coffee shops or bakeries without passing out - an experience Starbucks on 5th Avenue will remember surely.

I had a boy kiss me once while chewing cinnamon gum - we now refer to that as the kiss of death - because I immediately collapsed and they had to take me to the hospital to stop my convulsions and vomiting. The body will do whatever it can to expulse the cinnamon from your system.

I totally understand why smelling it is worse than ingesting it - because the smell goes directly into your blood stream - whereas if I do eat it now - I'm okay if I have beneadryl on me. But if I smell it - I need as much air as possible for as long as possible and that's only if I'm smelling it for like 10 seconds. Any longer than that and i'm probably on the floor.

I hate the holidays the most. The worst invention was Wal*Mart's "let's put actual cinnamon sticks in the aisles!" won't that be fun for customers? Cinnamon is a flavor that a) makes you warm b) makes you think of warm/fond memories c) makes you buy more and d) makes you hungry - so it's a real big pusher for grocery stores and department stores - it's why people use it so often.

I do enjoy going into Coldstone now though, "would like to sample our cinnamon flavored ice cream?" "no, I would like to sample your death... thank you"

Posted by Maddie Weber on December 12, 2006 11:36 AM

I have a 10 month old and we just realised that he has a sensitivity/ allergy to cinnamon as well. I found this out through trial and error of coarse. We tried a baby food (in a jar) pears and oatmeal from beechnut and the heinz apple, oatmeal and cinnamon cereal. He broke out in a facial rash. Today not even thinking I boiled cinnamon on the stove (to make the house smell christmas like) and the poor thing got watery eyes, coughing, sneezing. I thought it was just a cold coming on but then realised about the food sensitivity and thought " stupid mommy!!!" Thank god for benadryl for kids!!! And it wasn't a sever allergy and a trip to the hospital

Posted by Chantel on December 21, 2006 12:30 AM

y son, now 5, is allergic to cinnamon. I first found out when he was just over a year old. In hindsight, he had been having digestive symptoms from small amounts in cereals and such, but when I put flax oil with cinnamon oil in his yogurt he got blisters on his face, all inside his mouth and on his tongue, screamed and cramped horribly for days, and the diarrhea caused him to blister anywhere it touched. There have been a couple of accidents since then, all with the same reaction. I have learned to be extremely cautions in restaurants, bakeries, other's cooking (especially around the holidays), candles and potpourri and read all labels for cinnamon, spices or natural flavoring. I was really hoping that around 8 I'd have him try a little, but after reading these postings am a bit worried that symptoms worsen over time/with age and could become much more severe, even life-threatening.

Posted by Lisa on December 27, 2006 10:10 AM

This is nice to find. The last few days I thought I was alone in my "newly acquired" cinnamon allergy. On Christmas Eve, I made a wonderful mulled apple cider, everyone was enjoying, literally going gaga over this, quite funny actually. I had had breathing problems all day( I thought due to my asthma) come to find out, it was the 2 cinn stix I had been boiling all day. Found this out after I drank ONE sip of this, and immediately my throat closed. It was my iodine allergy all over again. Had to go to ER, where they said do not drink any more cinn flavored things, could be a fluke, never know, maybe something you ate in the hors duerves. The next morning I baked cinn rolls for my family, same thing happened. For pete's sake, I am 28, and "new" allergies keep popping up. What's up with that!

Posted by Jenn on December 27, 2006 12:28 PM

Glad to see a site on this subject. I have always had a sensitivity to cinnamon in candy, gum,and toothpicks. It has become much worse in the last few months. I fell asleep near a candle (not burning) and breathed the aroma all night. It was very difficult to breathe the next day. My throat didn't close up, but my lungs and nostrils were very sore. The holidays were very difficult to get through. I have also had the same symptoms with a mint hot cocoa mix. I don't know if it may be the mint, or if the cocoa may have cinnamon in it.

Posted by Jeannine on December 28, 2006 5:15 PM

Nice to see I'm not alone in this cinnamon-free journey.
I recently ate a pastry with sprinkled cinnamon on top. Within minutes, I had itchy lips, itchy mouth, and a swollen tongue. Is there another good substitute for cinnamon?

Posted by Heidi on December 31, 2006 7:44 PM

Just last week I found out I was allergic to cinnamon gum. My mouth got all swollen, and I got that swollowing propblem in your mouth when you have a sort throat. Just today I forgot about the gum and had another piece of cinnamon gum and again my through swelled up.

Posted by Lila on January 9, 2007 11:52 AM

For many years, I've known I had what I thought was sensitivity to cinnamon gum, cinnamon-flavored toothpaste. My tongue and gums get very red and irritated. I didn't know you could have an allergy to it though. Once I went to the dentist for a checkup and he said I had gingivitis. I then told him about the cinnamon gum and toothpaste. He said that was what was causing it and to stay away from it.

Posted by Keri on January 10, 2007 9:20 AM

i have been giving my son cinammon altoids the last few days, and didn't make the connection till just now that right after he eats his "mints" he has been complaining about his lips hurting and this mouth (in general) hurting. finally tonite i took a good look at him and his top lip had a red swollen outline outside of his lip. :( I have suspected a possible reaction to "Cinnamon Krunchers" cereal in the past, but he was having it at the same time as another food i suspected, and i had forgotten all about that. We will have to be more careful from now on!!!

Just as a side note, my ds is also allergic to tomatoes, wheat, corn, dust, and miralax (medication).

Posted by Susie on January 24, 2007 10:46 PM

For years I made fun of my older sister's "cinammon allergy"... I thought she was just whining because she didn't like the smell of it. Besides... HOW could anyone be alergic to CINAMMON? Well at the age of 37, after years of enjoying cinammon, I ate a cinammon roll at work. Within a minute I was broke out in whelps, and I could feel my throat swelling. It took two hours and 100mg of benadryl to relieve me of my symptoms. Since then I have absentmindedly ingested the stuff with the same reaction. At this point I can't stand the smell, it gives me a terrible headache. Christmastime has become a nightmare. This is a very difficult allergy to have because reading labels does not always help, and it is often the "secret ingredient" of many cooks. You can not always smell or even taste it right away. I have been two bites into something before I realized the "evil poison" was in it. Oh and by the way, I did apoligize to my sister for never believing her, and she said she wished she could chew cinammon gum so she could blow it in my face...surely I never did that to her...well, who could possibly be allergic to cinamon...?

Posted by Sherryl on January 31, 2007 7:57 AM

I have found that I have an allergic reaction to things like Big Red, Hot Tamales, those little red hot cinnamon hearts they put out during February. My mouth swells up and I can barely physically open my mouth, and my tongue swells up. I eat other things with cinnamon in them all the time though, could it be just something in those "hot" cinnamon things? And if so, what in them would make it different?

Posted by J on February 5, 2007 9:40 PM

Quick note: Hot Tamales don't contain any cinnamon.

It's a good cinnamon type flavor for us anaphylactic types.

Posted by Elizabeth on February 8, 2007 8:42 AM

A year ago I thought I had an allergy to metals when I broke out in hives on my wrist where I wear my watch. It lasted several days. Last month I broke out again but on the outside of my right elbow and on the right side of my neck at the hairline. I've been adding cinnamon to my oatmeal every morning for several weeks and now wonder if all this is a reaction to that. I periodically have cravings for cinnamon and indulge myself. I will try eliminating it from my diet now and see if the hives stop showing up. I'm glad I sought information on this.

Posted by Carol on February 11, 2007 8:20 AM

I have been allergic to cinnamon since I was 12, and unfortunatley I found out the hard way. I was chewing a stick of Big Red when I noticed my gums started hurting, then swelling. They swelled so bad they were bumping up against my braces. My dad rushed me ER and they gave my some ice and benadryl and called it a day. Needless to say a couple months later I noticed my tongue was all itchy while eating a cin-a-bon I ignored it and went on my way. However when I 18 I had the worst reaction, I ate spice cake, that ended me up in the ER with a breathing mask. It sucks cause the older I get, I notice that even the smell makes me break in hives. During christmas I have to beware of stores that light cinnamon candles.

I wonder if this allergy is genetic ?

Posted by Claudia on February 22, 2007 9:46 AM

Take a look at this:

and this:

Posted by John on February 23, 2007 10:38 AM

My daughter 3, has a cinnamon allergy. If she eats it she gets red splotches all over, I can avoid her eating it. The problem is if she smells it, she becomes devil spawn(for lack of a better description). She gets hyper, and starts throwing tantrums, doesn't want to be touched, gets aggressive. As you can imagine this is difficult to deal with, esp when it generally happens at the store. So we have an audience, who all think my child is "spoiled". I have to drag her kicking and screaming out. She only gets spots when she eats it, could anyone think what might be happening to her when she smells it? I am a stay at home mom, literally, because I'm afraid to take her anywhere. She is only 3 so can't really tell me what she is feeling, I would like to find a solution, so we can stop being home bodies...
Any help or advice would be appreciated!!!!!!

Posted by Alicia on February 28, 2007 8:58 AM

two of my 3 children have had allergies to cinnamon. We noticed them at around 10 months when we gave applesauce with cinnamon in it. Any place the applesauce touched, there was an immediate rash that lasted about 20 minutes. No breathing symptoms. They were too young for to let us know about other symptoms but they seemed happy otherwise. In my dd, the allergy lasted until 2.5yrs. MY ds is now 3.5 and still has signs, though now that he's a neater eater it's more difficult to see. Funny enough - they both had the same reactions to high fructose corn syrup, if it was a main ingredient in a food. Both outgrew this around 3yrs. They also both hate potatoes and tomatoes, which I am told are night shades so they are related. IT likely means they have atleast a sensitivity to them, if not a true allergy. The pediatrician has never been concerned, just told us to stay away from those primary foods but not worry about reading labels since the reactions are so mild.

Not sure if it's related but I have recently realized that I have oral allergy syndrome for pineappe, walnuts, and pecans.(food allergy related to pollen allergies - mild and affects only the oral cavity). I've had the symptoms for a long time but always assumed it was a simple sensitivity, not a true allergy. Oh, I also am very sensitive to cinnamon flavoring in gums, mints, toothpastes. But I hear it's not real cinnamon.

Posted by alison on March 8, 2007 9:07 PM

two of my 3 children have had allergies to cinnamon. We noticed them at around 10 months when we gave applesauce with cinnamon in it. Any place the applesauce touched, there was an immediate rash that lasted about 20 minutes. No breathing symptoms. They were too young for to let us know about other symptoms but they seemed happy otherwise. In my dd, the allergy lasted until 2.5yrs. MY ds is now 3.5 and still has signs, though now that he's a neater eater it's more difficult to see. Funny enough - they both had the same reactions to high fructose corn syrup, if it was a main ingredient in a food. Both outgrew this around 3yrs. They also both hate potatoes and tomatoes, which I am told are night shades so they are related. IT likely means they have atleast a sensitivity to them, if not a true allergy. The pediatrician has never been concerned, just told us to stay away from those primary foods but not worry about reading labels since the reactions are so mild.

Not sure if it's related but I have recently realized that I have oral allergy syndrome for pineappe, walnuts, and pecans.(food allergy related to pollen allergies - mild and affects only the oral cavity). I've had the symptoms for a long time but always assumed it was a simple sensitivity, not a true allergy. Oh, I also am very sensitive to cinnamon flavoring in gums, mints, toothpastes. But I hear it's not real cinnamon.

Posted by alison on March 8, 2007 9:08 PM

i'm allergic to cinnamon, it brings me out in flu like symptoms.
i'm glad someone else mentioned the cinnabon outlets in airports. i flew to Las Vegas about 5 years ao and was ok on arrival, but when i came to leave, the departure lounge seemed to be full of cinnabon outlets all pumping out cinnamon into the air.
i found it hard to breathe and after a panic attack was helped from the airport by medical staff. after a handful of antihistamines they loaded me semi-concious onto a plane and sent me on my way. i was in chicago before i stated to feel any better!

i personally feel that the biggest problem with this allergy is the fact that food producers aren't required to label their products in any more detail than 'spices'...

thankfully my allergy is not as severe as others here and i can tolerate a small amount in food, just recieving a runny nose, blocked sinus and headache for my effort. a small ammount being one bite of something that has cinnamon or 'spices' near the end of the ingredient list...

Posted by Ash on April 24, 2007 6:08 AM

It has been difficult to live a normal life with this allergy. Cinnamon is everywhere. It started out or at least enough for me to notice when I was 27 years old. Since that time with repeated exposures even the smell will cause mouth numbness and tingling and swelling of my throat. I do not go anywhere anymore with repeated exposures it has gotten unmanagable. It is so isolating there are so many people that don't understand. I took my son for his eye exam and in the waiting area a person opened and started to chew cinnamon gum. Two epi-pins and a hospital visit later I could function again. My 15 year old son told me that I don't have to go crazy or do anything dangerous cause every time I walk out of our house could be my last so I an already living on the edge. It isn't always easy finding the humor in things but if I dwelled on it my outlook would be dismal. My father-in-law was at the hospital in the hospice and we knew he would not live much longer. My sons and I went up to see him after school that day. Every was sad but we said our goodbyes. When we were leaving the elevator doors opened by the employee break room where they were reheating cinnamon rolls. Thank goodness I was at the hospiital.
I have so many comments about how unusual it is. Well it isn't unusual for me. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one in the world that has reactions. I can't grocery shop, go to my kids conferences, even the hospital or doctors visit could be a problem. When I am in the ER, they always have a new person that hasn't seen me before an is an amazing experience for them. It does get ugly though. My lips turn blue and swell so much my skin cracks open and bleeds. I can feel the sides of my throat touch each other, I have a burning sensation inside my chest and feel like I am drowding. I would like to get in tough with others or is there a support group online or something.

Posted by Shannon Lynn Knudson on May 14, 2007 8:48 PM

Yesterday it happened to me again. I was in transit on my second flight of a long day of travel and the next flight was leaving OHare gate K18. As I approached it I first smelled, then saw the Cinnabon, and could not hold my breath until I reached the gate. When I got there, I was seeing spots, and could still smell the cinnamon. It was 40 minutes before boarding so I left, again passing the Cinnebon, feeling very light-headed.

I came by the 3rd time to board and they hadn't begun yet. I saw pilot and purser outside the gate and told them my problem. The purser, a Ms. Christian, standing right in front of me, turned to the pilot and said, just like I wasn't there, "Just call medical. If she's going to be sick, I don't want her on my flight!" I quickly said that I would be better if I could just stop breathing the cinnamon, and thankfully, the pilot took pity on me. After a couple of minutes, they let me pre-board.

But it was close. I would have been stuck at the mercy of medical without insurance and away from home where I know no one, and without any money to pay for it! I wonder if Cinnabon would pay my expenses?

Prior to my trip, I'd just recovered from 2 weeks off work due to pneumonia, just finished second variety of powerful antibiotics, and now have two thick streams of drainage from head to throat that I'm gagging on since yesterday.

I've filed a complaint this time with City of Chicago and with Cinnabon. They can't pump that poison gas out into the airplane gate areas. I can avoid stores with cinnamon and any food which might be risky.
But, I have as much a right to fly an airline as they do to sell their product. And airlines don't know months in advance (when I get a mileage redemption) what gate the planes will use!

Posted by Gloria on May 22, 2007 12:07 PM

My cinnamon allergy started several years ago, but it was minor. It now is life-threatening. It began with a headache when I smelled cinnamon, especially cinnamon gum. I also developed bad headaches when shopping(perfume counters as well as food courts), although I did not realize that the cinnamon allergy was the culprit at the time. One Sunday in church, a visitor sat down near our family. This person was chewing cinnamon gum. I had to leave church and use an epi-pen. This was the first time that the allergy had caused anaphalaxis from just smelling cinnamon. It's been 'down-hill' from there. I have trouble with my job. "I'm sorry. I forgot. I made oatmeal with cinnamon in the lunchroom." And how am I supposed to heat up my lunch? At the holidays it was even worse. People brought in cinnamon-flavored baked goods and would say. Stay out out this room; there is cinnamon in there. But if a person has been eating cinnamon, I can't get around them either and the aroma finds its way through the hallways as people take it back to their desks. Ugh! Sometimes the amount of cinnamon is so slight that my face and lips start tingling before I actually smell it. My allergy is just getting worse, not better. I have probably used 12-14 epi-pens in the last year, because it is impossible to avoid it! A bakery (factory sized) near my home now has the air polluted with cinnamon 3-5 days per week. This summer I am going to be contacting EPA about it.
My quality of life is diminishing and I seem to be powerless to stop it. The really bad thing is that people seem to resent the fact that I can't be around cinnamon at all. Does anyone else have that problem?

Posted by Kate on June 3, 2007 7:26 PM


Posted by TDC on June 13, 2007 9:06 AM

My husband LOVES the scent of cinnamon! So, I found some roll on cinnamon parfum. I have eaten cinnamon for 58 years and have never had a problem. 10 minutes after applying this parfum---just a drop on my neck---I got THE worst headache. No redness, no welts, no breathing problems but a wicked headache. So much for cinnamon smell on me. Bummer!

Posted by Verne on June 19, 2007 4:24 PM

For more than a year, my daughter was breaking out with a rash and welts on her face after eating certain foods. Ketchup was the worst and makes her look terrible. I found out after making snickerdoodles today that it was the cinnamon. For the most part, she's never complained about pain and she's never seemed to have a problem breathing from it. Has anyone here never had it get any worse than just skin sensitivity? Most stories I've seen here have mentioned it getting much worse over time ...

Posted by Julie on June 23, 2007 3:40 AM

this is for julie (#47 06/23/07)
I have two children with cinnamon allergies and they are only topical. My older one outgrew it at around 3. and my youngest still has it at 4. worst reaction is the rash. It has never progressed to anything worse. I would be very careful of tomatoes and corn syrup. Both of mine are allergic to them as well - same rash reaction. Those are more likely to have caused the problem with ketchup.


Posted by alison on July 1, 2007 7:11 PM

I have a fairly severe allergy to anything with Cinnamon in it or the smell of it. I have just avoided the foods and espcially around Christmas have avoided potpurri filled departments stores. I have difficulty breathing and wheezing as well as sneezing attacks, and watery eyes. Benedryl does help as a precurser in case I know I will be somewhere where there is a high concentrate of the smell in the air (and Pumpkin pies in the oven on Thanksgiving).

Posted by Heather on July 3, 2007 1:32 PM

This is for Alison,

Thanks for your reply. That's reassuring. We've had her tested for tomato allergy already and that was fine .. and why we were so confused as to what it could have been. Some brands of baked beans also causes the rash and welts. Having done more research, I've found that there are traces of cinnamon in both. Anyway, we're cutting down on those items now and the marking has decreased. I guess only time will tell which way this will go.


Posted by Julie on July 5, 2007 2:11 PM

OH MY GOSH! I'm SO glad I'm not alone! I feel as if I have been reading my life stories. Like I've been deserted on an island and just found a town!

I have had cinnamon allergies since a churro (mexican fried treat) when I was 11. My mother always thought I was just being picky when I would turn it down as a child.

I wonder if there is a place we could all log cinnamon contianing foods. I have found so many it's insane.

I've contacted Dr. Pepper (just to make sure). In and Out adds cinnamon to their famous sauce. And as someone said many Grahm Cracker crusts add cinnamon.

Does anyone else have any issues with nutmeg?

Posted by Bryana on July 25, 2007 1:55 PM

I think I may have an allergy to cinnamon gum. My tongue got little bumps on the tip (kind of like if you burn your tongue on hot pizza) and the sides felt like I had bit them. It was very raw and it was painful to eat anything hard or crunchy. Also, the symptoms were worse in the morning. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Posted by Patti on August 17, 2007 12:03 PM

Wow, I also found this after googling cinnamon allergy. Here is my story... My 4 yr old son ate oatmeal with cinnamon sprinkled on top of it at day care, a few minutes later he was having a severe allergy attack and barely breathing! I asked his babysitter if he ate anything different and she mentioned that she had sprinkled cinnamon on his oatmeal, but we didn't think much of it. This morning I gave hime a muffin I had made at home, with cinnamon in it, and he immediatly started complaining of his eyes itching and sneezing. He has a Dr. apt. this afternoon and I'll mention it.

Posted by Kathy on August 29, 2007 6:15 AM

OMG I can't believe I found this website, just reading the stories has helped me so much. I recently had a Danne Facial and ended up in emergency at the hospital. The quick peel's main ingredient was Cassia (Cinnamon) and when the beauty therapist applied it my heart started racing and it was burning like hell. The symptoms seemed to subside after a minute or two, so I decided not to say anything as she did warn me that it was meant to feel 'hot'. However, approximately 8 hours after the facial I realised I was having an allergic reaction because, again my heart started racing, I had chills up and down my spine, I was getting hot flushes and I wanted to vomit and go to the toilet all at the same time. Also, my face was bright red and felt like it was on fire.
After being taken to emergency by ambulance, I was later discharged with a dose of Claryntine, which didn't do anything!! Now, here I am 3 weeks later and I have flu like symptoms and am still really unwell. I'm am so devastated at what has occured and feel like suing the beauty salon. I've never heard of an allergy lasting this long - can anyone shed some light on when this will pass...I would really love to hear from you.

Posted by Jaimee on September 6, 2007 3:19 AM

hi folks!

just like everyone else here im intolerant to cinnamon and suffer all the same symtoms although not to a severe degree thankfully..

apart from all the usual complaints such as swelling gums etc ive recently noticed that my skin is now reacting to the cinnamon extracts that seem to be in almost all cosmetic items such as creams, make ups, shampoos, suncare etc..

im wondering if anyone else has this problem and if they have found any solutions???

i also react to benzoates, paprika and orange coloured foods..

for julie: my dietician tells me that almost all tomato based products will contain cinnamon to enhance the flavour including baked beans, tomato sauce, soup etc.

Posted by Mem on September 11, 2007 7:30 AM

For many years I was taking Cinnamon for Diabetes, mixed with oatmeal. Started with a small amount (maybe 1/8th teaspoon), gradually increasing as the diabetes progresses. Never had any symptoms of a problem, then I got to one teaspoon a day. Blood sugars were remaining good.
I broke out in a rash all over my body that was intensely itchy and painful, and in some places blistering like second degree burns. My husband and I both had the itchy rash so we thought we had both go into something. We used Benadryl lotion and tablets and in about a week the rash went away. We figured we must have eliminated the problem... but my rash came again, even more intense and painful. Followed the same remedy and it went away again. We had eliminated more questionable culprits, but it came back a third time, blisters were worse and the rash was over more of my body. I had not thought to eliminate the cinnamon because I had been using it for years. That is what it turned out to be! As soon as I eliminated the cinnamon it went away, with the help of Benadryl. Meanwhile I was loosing 3 lb. a week during the first 6 weeks and then it slowed down over the next months. For six months I lost weight easily (30 lb)then at the end of 6 months I suddenly noticed a change in my body and was back to my old weight problem. Presently I have no symptoms of diabetes, except a blood sugar that runs consistently slightly above the acceptable level,but is stable.

My life has been a progression of allergy problems, initially environmental, and for the last 25 years an increasing list of food allergies, and latex. I carry an epi-pen for avocado, but I am glad to hear that I will have it with me if the cinnamon would cause an anaphalactic reaction. I am now 65 y/o and have a very long list of allergies!!

Have others has a similar problem? Has the rash progressed to a respiratory problem, difficulty breathing etc?

I am glad to hear of other people who have allergy problems with cinnamon.

Posted by Barb on September 11, 2007 11:38 AM

I am 16 and I have a cinnamon allergy. I started noticing my reaction about 3 years ago with big red chewing gum but it wasn't so bad so I thought nothing of it after a few more reactions I narrowed it down to cinnamon. It can be bothersome because apple pie is my favorite. My symptoms aren't that bad but with every reaction they seem to be getting worse. My lips swell to a post botox injection look, my tounge swells and I get painful sores under my tounge that last about 3 to 5 days. So, now I carry my epi pen with me and my friends and teacher have instructions on how to use it. I am in the middle of a reaction right now and I resemble daffy duck who drank kool-aid. So, I went to the doctor and I got another wonderful steroid injection to the butt and some heavy duty benadryll that knocks me out. I don't think that I had any cinnamon recently so I think that I may have other unknown allergies. So once this reaction has past I will go in for allergy tests which I'm nervous about. I hope all goes well.

P.S. One of the oddest food that i have found to have cinnamon (extract) is sloppy joe's sauce so beware.

Posted by Rachel on September 13, 2007 9:38 PM

I am SO happy to find this article - for a long time, I thought I was either crazy or the only one.

I'm 26, and I first had a reaction to cinnamon when I was about 8. My classmates and I had a contest - "How many atomic fireballs can you eat in one bus ride?" - and I won by chomping down on 7. Yes, 7 - very stupid. For the next four days, my tongue was so swelled up I could barely talk and I had the worst stomach ache.

I thought it was a fluke until I had a cinnamon altoid and a piece of cinnamon gum in the same day at college, years later. The exact same thing happened, but didn't last as long.

But it wasn't until my throat started to close up while I was eating a bagel with cinnamon creamcheese about two years later that it hit me.

And even then, I wouldn't have known except that I worked at a summer camp and they taught us all the symptoms of anaphylaxis.

I now, mostly, stay away from anything that might have cinnamon in it. I have trouble breathing in Walmart and other stores during the holidays, but I find that cooking with cinnamon at times is not that bad. I usually bake the apple and pumpkin pies for family get togethers and can have a very small taste if there's not a lot in it - stuff like corned beef and cabbage, too (the pickling spices have cinnamon). But if I've already had a bit one day, I can't eat it the next day at all - which I found out when I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats two days in a row.

I also have a skin reaction to it - I'm a bartender and I once was asked to hand a shot of cinnamon schnapps to someone (without realizing what I was handing over - I hadn't been the one to pour it!) and a few moments later there were hives up and down my entire arm, to my neck and my face got very hot.

It's a really strange allergy - other than this and a mild lactose intolerance, I have no food allergies.

Posted by Kerry on September 21, 2007 2:35 PM

Thank you for this article. I've been dealing with this for 12 years now. I found out when I had a reaction from chewing Cinnaburst gum. And, I basically developed the allergy because I had all kinds of cinnamon containing things right up until that day with no problems. I had a red, itchy rash that showed up on and around my lips moments after chewing the gum that lasted for days. It was painful and felt like I had a bad sunburn. It even made my lips peel! I went to a dermatologist who took one look at me and told me I was allergic to cinnamon. He also gave me list of cinnamon containing toothpastes! It would seem like it was fake cinnamon flavorings but even baking cinnamon gives me the same reaction as well. I have to be very careful. I avoid anything that has the generic "spices" on the label and usually try to do a sniff test on any suspect food; that, or get my husband to take a bite first. Also, I just threw out my favorite Herbal Blistex on a cinnamon suspicion because I just had the same reaction. Luckily, none of my reactions have ever caused my throat or tongue to swell up. If I suspect that I have eaten some, I usually have some time to apply the hydrocortisone or pop a Benedryl. I thought I was part of a small minority. Glad to see I'm not the only one. If my type of reaction happens to you, too: I have found that a few days of layering a thin application of hydrocortisone and Aquaphor Healing Ointment on the rash helps to soothe and heal the irritation. For anyone who likes the taste of cinnamon, you can get a cinnamon-like taste in your cooking by mixing equal parts of ginger and nutmeg together. (provided you are NOT allergic to ginger!) :)

Posted by Shana on September 30, 2007 6:24 AM

is anyone noticing ALOT of females replying to this post. in my 12 years of dealing with this allergy, i only remember meeting one male (a friend's child) and mostly females who had the same allergy. is this a coincidence???

Posted by Shana on September 30, 2007 6:30 AM

Today I drunk a ready-made nesquick milkshake during my break at college... My reaction was almost immidiate, my skin came up in a huge rash, especially around my stomach, arms, neck, and chest. It was identified as an allergic reaction quickly, and upon checking the ingredients of the milkshake after going to the hospital, I found it had cinnamon in it...Who would have guessed that cinnamon would be in chocolate milkshake? I guess I now know that I'm allergic to either cinnamon or Cassia.

Posted by Demitri on October 8, 2007 10:34 AM

This is amazing, I thought I was the only one! When I was 4 I drank a bottle of cinnamon oil…I don’t really remember it, but I believe it involved a rush to the hospital.
Then when I was 9, last day of school we had a party, a kid was passing around a jar of toothpicks in cinnamon oil… next thing I know my face is red hot, my lips felt puffy and It was kind of hard to breath, talk about scary. The worst part actually, after feeling better, was that I had to leave early on the last day of school and didn’t get to say goodbye to friends I would not see again until next year!
I have never heard of any one else having an allergy to Cinnamon and always assumed I “acquired” the unusual allergy when I was an inquisitive preschooler. My older brothers always teased me that I was faking over the years, because I could eat cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie without getting sick, and of course no one had ever heard that a person could be allergic to cinnamon. But it progressively got worse, now at 36, I can’t even tolerate the smell of it without a massive headache. Maybe psychosomatic, but even the smell of the FAKE cinnamon candies will have me running for fresh air and some meds. I never eat any if I can help it, but they will sneak it into anything!! So the rule, is when in doubt, don’t eat it!!! My sister-in-law makes an awesome chocolate sheet cake, or so I hear…she puts cinnamon in it! Chocolate was supposed to be safe! Cause you certainly cant eat anything with pumpkin or apples! I can’t even stand to eat raw apples now due to the sigma of the “poison” associated with EVERY Apple dessert! Sigh… Anyway, glad I am not alone.

Posted by Stacy on October 16, 2007 7:13 PM

I have a reaction to cinnamon
for a few days after eating it
in any form. My reaction is different than anyones so far listed on this site.

I become very irritable , with little tolerance.
nobody likes to be around a grouch.

anyone out there with these symptoms?


Posted by tony C on October 18, 2007 3:37 PM

I never had any problems with cinnamon until recently. My doctor was concerned about my cholesterol levels and I had to go onto a special diet. My wife saw some news report on how cinnamon could help reduce cholesterol, so I started to chew on (small) cinnamon sticks. In retrospect this was not a good idea, I was fine for about a week and then the inside of my mouth expanded dramatically and was so sore that I could hardly eat. Needless to say, I stopped chewing the sticks and after about a week the inflammation had almost disappeared.
That was about 3 months ago, yesterday my wife bought us some toothpaste that contained cinnamon - bad idea. After one or two brushings, my mouth has now swelled up and I have about a dozen ulcers - aaaaaargh!
My point is that I think I had no apparent problems with cinnamon until I started chewing the sticks - I think I must have passed a threshold and now I've effectively created my allergy! Moral - don't overload on cinnamon, if you don't have a problem now, you can easily create one!

Posted by Andy on October 19, 2007 6:35 AM

I eat cinnamon fairly regularly with no problem. One time I ate a single cinnamon Altoid and immediately my stomach started seriously churning, I ran to the bathroom where I experienced violent diarrhea and vomiting. I can't believe after that experience I would ever have another cinnamon Altoid (I don't even care for them anyway!), but I really couldn't believe that that little thing could have been the cause of such a severe reaction. So one day a long while later someone offered me one and without thinking much about it I ate it and the same thing happened with the same amazing immediacy. You can bet I will never touch one again!! I wonder though- why just the cinnamon Altoids? What is the ingredient in there I am really allergic to? Maybe just the oil? Or the artificial cinnamon flavor? I don't remember ever having issue with other cinnamon flavored stuff (gum, candy, etc) over the years. Bizarre. I haven't seen any postings with this variety of cinnamon related allergy. I am grateful I can eat other cinnamon stuff though, because I do like cinnamon (aside from Altoids). Actually just today I had a sugar-free cinnamon latte at Starbucks! Hopefully the mention of cinnamon isn't like the smell of it for some of you! I kid. It does sound rough to identify what has it in there though, and the holidays must be awful- especially for those actually allergic to the smell! Who knew?

Posted by Maria on October 26, 2007 11:17 PM

I have suffered from migraines since I was in Jr. High school. My doctor said it was the preservatives in foods I was eating. I am highly allergic to MSG. Since I have taken cinnamon out of my diet, I havn't had any migraines. I Hope that this can help someone

Posted by Robyn on October 28, 2007 6:12 PM

I did some research after eacting to Big Red and SPF. And most recently, sprinkling cinnamon powderon my coffee at the cafe. I learned that chemical SPF come from a derivative of cinnamon (notice active ingredient is something like octyl-metho-oxy-CINNAMATE, now called oxinate). I now use titanium dioxide as an SPF (usually found in Origins or Clarins SPF). hope this helps others!

Posted by em on November 4, 2007 7:39 PM

My dd is allergic to cinnamon whenever she eats it she gets HUGE hives and welts all over her body. Tonight we had Papa Murphy pizza, she had a cheese and her face was coated in a huge rash and her lips swollen so the "spices" they put in the sauce must have some cinnamon. On a side not I myself have many allergies but never to cinnamon, but today I poured cinnamon coffee mate into my coffee and started having a severe asthma attack. I hadn't eaten at all so I KNOW it was the cinnamon liquid coffee creamer since I had never had that flavor before.

Posted by Shelli on November 4, 2007 8:41 PM

Thanks for the information on this. I've recently developed an issue with cinnamon (harvest) scented candles, sneezing mostly. Now I'm wondering if I might have a mild allergy to the cinnamon itself.

Posted by Janice on November 6, 2007 2:01 PM

I use to only be allergic to artificial cinnamon like in big red and cinnaburst gum, but now it has turned into anything that has cinnamon in it. I have anaphylaxis to cinnamon and spices. So anyone that is allergic to artificial cinnamon please be careful because my real cinnamon allergy developed 15 years later.

Posted by Courtenay on November 11, 2007 3:33 PM

I developed a recent allergy to cinnamon after bringing home a Yankee Candle and dining at Cracker Barrel on French Toast. For 4-5 days in a row I would break out in hives including some on my voicebox, my lips and my eyes. The first few times it happened I was quite scared as I wasn't sure how long it would last. I eventually put it together after flossing with cinnamon dental floss and getting welts on my lips. My husband took the candle outside and the symptoms subsided. I have since reacted to some unexpected sources including Starbucks coffee (twice), Arby's sauce and Lay's Kettle Cooked BBQ chips gave me a horrendous reaction! I am perplexed though, as I had my worst reaction yet the other night dining out with my husband. I ate O'Charley's spinach and artichoke dip and started sneezing alot. My nose started running furiously and by the time we were done I had to take several hits off my inhaler and taken a Zyrtec. I had a huge hive on my eye before we even got out of there. The manager said the only cinnamon in the restaurant is in little packets for their doughnuts and denied that there was any in the dip. I had hives after a spinach dip before but we attributed it to the steak seasionings used in that restaurant. I read that O'Charley's uses tabasco sauce in their spinach dip... does anyone know if this could be the culprit?

Oh, and like many others here, this was a later in life development. I am 35 and just started this mess. The only other thing to ever give me hives was latex, which I avoid like the plague.

Posted by Crissi on November 12, 2007 3:45 PM

Nobody ever believed that i was allergic to cinnamon. from an early age i got headaches from the smell. if i eat anything with cinnamon in it now i get horrible hives that break out on my legs, sometims with just a small amount in the recipe. the other comments are right, a lot of restaurants can't tell you if something on there menu has cinnamon in it or not and even if you can't exactly taste it, you will feel it later on. I am a restaurant manager and I always go out of my way to help people with special dietary needs because i know how it is. I am fortunate to have a great mother who always reads labels (even though i am 32!!)and a great staff at work that knows not to chew cinnamon gum or candies around me. this is the first site i have found about this allergy and i thank you for all the info i received today!!

Posted by jessica on November 18, 2007 5:25 PM

I was so happy to find this site. A family member of mine recently had a reaction of very bright red patches (no bumps) with a "hot" sensation and respiratory problems that came on out of the blue. The only thing that was out of the norm was the cinnamon in the breakfast we had that morning. I had no idea!

Posted by Wendy Hallsted on November 18, 2007 8:40 PM

Shelli, Papa Murphys has a sweet cinnamon pizza that they make there and your pizza most likely came into contact with it. I always make sure to ask that things be made with fresh gloves from there because of that. Also papa johns, pizza hut and dominos have cinnimon items and you should have your food cut with clean pizza rollers.

Posted by Christina on November 27, 2007 12:42 AM

A few years ago I took cinnamon as I had read that it would lower blood sugar. The article said nothing about how much to take. I started dosing myself with 2-3 teaspoons a day; counter indications to taking as much as I did did not occur to me. About a couple of weeks after starting this regimen I began having moderately bloody stools. At that time I didn't associate it with cinnamon. As a jogger I would take my heart rate, and that's when I really became alarmed. My heart rate became very erratic, skipping beats, pausing, speeding up momentarily and then slowing.
After discontinuing cinnamon everything returned to normal.

I still use cinnamon on occasion as a spice. I have no reaction to small amounts.

Posted by Fedor on November 30, 2007 10:07 PM

I'm concerned about octlymethoxycinimate or SPF in a previous post.

In and Out special sauce contains a pickle relish that is brined in cinnamon.

Dr. Pepper did not reply.

Posted by Bryana on December 2, 2007 4:24 PM

I'm concerned about octlymethoxycinimate or SPF in a previous post.

In and Out special sauce contains a pickle relish that is brined in cinnamon.

Dr. Pepper did not reply.

Posted by Bryana on December 2, 2007 4:24 PM

My daughter and I share, what I feel, is the same allergy. When she eats Grands Cinabon Cinnamon Rolls she breaks out with small red bumps on her face, when I eat them, I get a case of irritable bowel which within a week turns into an abdominal infection. The first time this happened to me, I thought it was a coincidence. I started taking liquid acidopholis and several months later, ran "the test" with cinnamon rolls again and had the same reaction. I have to take Flagyl to get rid of the infection. Really bizzare.

Posted by Laura on December 22, 2007 12:05 AM

In respone to Jaimee comments back in Sept, I too had a Danne facial just 2 days ago. New year's Eve and have broken out in a rash all over my face. It's very itchy and red and I'm frightened that my face will stay like this forever. Can anyone help!

Posted by Lindsay on January 2, 2008 5:13 PM

I am completely appauled that the FDA insists on slandering natural remedies but does nothing about hidden ingredients in so called approved foods. There should be a petition to require the 'spices' and 'natural flavors and colors' to be identified! I have no problem with cinnamon but have reactions to other hidden ingredients.

Posted by janise on January 4, 2008 8:40 PM

I first started to get headaches from the smell of cinnamon about 15 years ago. It also gave me headaches to eat it. Now, I carry 2 epi-pens and Zyrtec in case I encounter the smell. My face tingles, my throat, face, mouth and tongue swell (the rest of me swells too) and I have difficulty breathing. It takes at least a week to completely recover from one episode. Sometimes my face starts tingling and my tongue starts swelling before I consciously smell it. I quit a new teaching job this fall due to 5 exposures to cinnamon in one month. The HR director assured me that The Americans with Disabilities Act would be followed from that point on, but I was so sick and run down by that time that I did not have the energy to teach. How hard can it be to make sure a coffee cake doesn't have cinnamon or 'spice' for an ingredient? Or that custodians know not to leave cinnamon scented air freshener in restrooms? I'm actually afraid to go back to teaching.

Posted by Debbie on January 10, 2008 10:23 AM

Jan 2008.I am addicted to hot balls, hot tamales and cinnamon gum. The other day at work I ate my hot ball and must have had about 3 pieces of cinnamon gum in a row(once it loses its flavor I put in a new piece) and had some hot tamales, my lip swelled and took a good 24hrs to go down with about 4 benadryl in me throughout the night. Not sure if I just over did it with the cinnamon. I can put ground cinnamon in coffee or on food and it does not bother me. Hope it was just an isolated case

Posted by Jill on January 12, 2008 9:16 AM

I just wanted to post an alert. I always break out in a horrible rash everywhere I put sunscreen. I am glad that someone found out that cinnamon is an ingredient in some sunscreens. I wanted to let everyone know that cinnamon is also an ingredient in alot of hand lotions. Just look for any ingredient that has Cinnamate or just -cinna- in the name. Especially Johnson and Johnson products have cinnamon as ingredient.

Posted by Courtenay on January 21, 2008 9:36 PM

What is an organization doing putting STRONG powerfull spices in baby food(Heinz). Someone should lobby the government and get them to STOP. A doctor told an older man to restrict his taking of spices and so I know instinctly NOT to give those type of "foods" to such small human beings(babies) or toddlers!! Spices are NOT an Essential food for babies anyway.! I don't know but I would try giving a Tiny bit of Organic cinnamon to 5 or 6 y.o.'s and then if that didn't work maybe at 8 years old.

If only there was some resource somewhere, where Everyone could get Reliable Info. on different foods/spices etc. etc. - on second thought this could be the Web Site that people go to and see at what age children should be fed something and see the results. Also People should be told to use the Real cinnamon; organic!

No wonder some people break out. I bet the corporations (or maybe they) are manufacturing cereals and rolls/pastries and using cassia which is very toxic, which tastes like cinnamon but Isn't! Or the corporation(s) put artificial "cinnamon" in their products! The Best thing you can do is switch to Organic cereals/foods/cinnamon(for people who can tolerate it), etc., even if the Health Food manufacturers have cinnamon in their products, I'm sure they'd list it!

The commercial foods are grown with some Deadly chemicals which react to spices, etc. so that is a problem too, I believe. Another thing you can do is get together and lobby the government to get manufacturers to list All the ingredients(Why Shouldn't they??).

I dislike very much that with a lot of people or even a few people who are alergic to anything; that the gov. doesn't automatically get off their backsides and get manufacturers to list Everything in their ingredients, because one person getting ill with it, is Still one Too Many.

I shake my head in disbelief when something like this happens and people have to get the government to get them to change. If someone gets an allergy, it should be Enough to go to the corporation and ask them to make their products, with one with cinnamon in it and one without it, in it. You really shouldn't have to go to the government anyway and waste Time to get them to act to tell the corp.'s to stop putting cinnamon in their products.

I was wondering what Cinabon was. I'm from Canada and since we don't get them up here I didn't know what they were. Also I was wondering if a woman was walking in the Airport how can she smell Cinabon and I read a post who described what it was. Cinnamon buns. It would be nice if people would describe what it is they are talking about because in some Countries they don't have a/some manufacturer(s) like yours.

One more thing, one woman was saying: Quote: My dd - End Quote -- and described what she was eating. I didn't know what a dd was. Then I read another post and she described dd as her daughter. I Don't get it! There is only One d in daughter not 2, so how do you figure on referring to your daughter with 2 dd's?

Posted by Samatha on February 7, 2008 3:42 AM

I have added cinnamon to hot chocolate drinks in the last few weeks to add flavour and on every occasion a painful headache followed within an hour. When I have drunk hot chocolate by itself, this never occurred. Maybe an interaction is occurring but I will be avoiding
cinnamon from now on.

Posted by Paul on February 7, 2008 2:13 PM

I've had cinnamon all my life and for the past year I have started getting reactions when eating cinnamon. The only symptom I get is a burning / itchy sensation around my nose and skin turns red in that same area. Lasts about 30 minutes, then goes away.

Posted by Andre on February 19, 2008 10:50 AM

Has anyone had allergy testing for Cinnamon? Is it available or is it only through trial and error?

Posted by Gemma on February 23, 2008 1:24 AM

I've ingested small amounts of cinnamon over 40 years and had no problems. A year ago I ate a ciinamon bun from the grocery store that was just loaded with it, I'd never had so much cinnamon at one time and I experienced a tingly sensation, along with a little disorientedness and my ears felt burning hot. Just the other day I had a bowl of a cinnamon crunch cereal and by the time I was finished I felt an odd sensation at the back rightside of my head that frightened me- I thought I could feel a mushy sensation like blood was not flowing properly and pooled and I feared I was having a stroke -it was very real and very weird. I'm going to watch what I eat from now on, I'm afraid the manufacturers of these products go overboard with the amounts they are putting in. I must be somewhat allergic or sensitive to cinnamon.

Posted by peter on March 3, 2008 12:12 AM

for gemma! yes i was refered for skin patch testing on the n.h.s. and it came up with cinnamon and benzoates E210-E219. my understanding is that if you are allergic to one, you will be allergic to the other. this was then followed up by a referal to a dietician to help me avoid them in my diet so i now have a big fat diet sheet to follow!!!

Posted by mem on March 8, 2008 5:08 PM

So glad to know that we are many and hopefully we can get someone to listen.
I've been allergic to cinnamon for a lot of years and people won't believe it. Being I'm disabled I had to move into Senior Apt. building that had elavators for us. Some evenings we'd have a pot luck supper,everyone brings a dish to pass, and I'd make sure to ask if they but cinnamon in there dish. I recall this woman saying no, and then sat and watch as I ate her food just so she could see if I really had an allergy!!!! How very ignorant can people be.

I don't know if any of you have these allergen problems concerning people not believing you. We were not made alike and thank goodness otherwise we'd be creating sufferings just for their enterainment.
I also have allergies to MSG,nitrates,many other preservatives, tropical fruits and many more foods.Seems there are more each month and I make everything from scratch at home, this way I know what's in it.
My son also has the cinnamon allergy and has to read labels carefully.

Take care all and pray that companies will be held reliable for the things they sneek into your food supply. Nothing is wholesome anymore!!!

Posted by Carol on March 18, 2008 10:45 AM

So glad to know that we are many and hopefully we can get someone to listen.
I've been allergic to cinnamon for a lot of years and people won't believe it. Being I'm disabled I had to move into Senior Apt. building that had elavators for us. Some evenings we'd have a pot luck supper,everyone brings a dish to pass, and I'd make sure to ask if they but cinnamon in there dish. I recall this woman saying no, and then sat and watch as I ate her food just so she could see if I really had an allergy!!!! How very ignorant can people be.

I don't know if any of you have these allergen problems concerning people not believing you. We were not made alike and thank goodness otherwise we'd be creating sufferings just for their enterainment.
I also have allergies to MSG,nitrates,many other preservatives, tropical fruits and many more foods.Seems there are more each month and I make everything from scratch at home, this way I know what's in it.
My son also has the cinnamon allergy and has to read labels carefully.

Take care all and pray that companies will be held reliable for the things they sneek into your food supply. Nothing is wholesome anymore!!!

Posted by Carol on March 18, 2008 10:45 AM

Naturally my response was not very nice...if they refuse to give ME a 'yes' or 'no' answer, how would my doctor know what's in it? I let them know what I thought of their "proprietary issues"...

I've only recently developed an allergy to cinnamon and have known for about 3 weeks. It is so bad that I have an epi-pen to take wherever I go. Small amounts on my tongue causes stinging and burning on my tongue, after which I get blisters/ulcers in my mouth. If I smell it or touch it, I get bumps/blisters on my thighs and arms, and my face burns like it's on fire. When I eat it, my tongue swells, my throat hurts and closes up causing me to cough a LOT and not be able to breathe.

I've gotten the runarounds with emails to a lot of companies. It's frustrating since it's not a requirement to list cinnamon individually on an ingredient list. Just a note to those who don't know...mexican food contains cinnamon a lot because they use it as a "secret ingredient" to give the illusion of pepper/spice for those who can't handle the jalapenos and chile peppers.

Good luck!

Posted by Maggie on March 20, 2008 6:59 PM

Just an FYI - my doctor told me that people with cinnamon allergies can also have a capsicum (hot pepper) allergy, as they are in the same family (or something like that). I'm allergic to both, unfortunately.

Posted by S.S. on March 25, 2008 7:55 PM

When I was a kid, I loved Big Red Gum, even though it made my tongue tender and my throat irritable. I just never thought much of it- it was similar to my reaction to bananas, which cause the roof of my mouth to hurt, but I love them so much I eat them anyway.

Well, last week, I bought a pack of Big Reds and started chewing them. I noticed that my throat was irritable that week, and it slowly became clear that every time I put one in my mouth, the allergic reaction was stronger- but not until I had a severe reaction in which my tongue swelled up and my throat constricted and I began overproducing mucous, to the point where I couldn't even lie on my back. It was a miserable night. I happened to be going through a terrible breakup at the time, and was considering that perhaps the strain on my immune system caused my allergy to intensify. Immediately thereafter I began to identify allergic reactions to almost everything I put in my mouth, from fresh fruits and fruit juice to tuna fish to dairy products- just about everything but bread. It's quite ridiculous. I think, though, that I just can't process much because my reaction to the cinnamon is so intense that it's affecting basically any organic food I try to eat.

There was a bottle of cinnamon oil in my cabinet, and I wanted to test and see once and for all if it was the cinnamon that was the root of the problem. So I rubbed a small drop of it on my wrist. Immediately, just the fumes and the scent caused my tongue to start swelling, and my wrist began to itch. I washed it off ASAP, hacking on my own phlegm. I'm bona-fide allergic to cinnamon, and whether I'm allergic to anything else remains to be seen.

Posted by Kat on March 26, 2008 4:22 PM

Im not alone! About a week ago I began chewing alot of cinnamon gum and my tongue swelled up horribly, so did my gums and instantly my entire mouth was full of Kankor sores. Its terrible! I still have it now. I never had a problem with it before. I havent been able to talk and my doctor put me on some sort of antibiotic. I have a rinse that I use, that helps the most, and my dad gave me a couple pain pills that make life worth living, haha!

I have not eaten in about 3 full days now, and I can only drink water. I've had the swelling for about 6 days now, and I cannot wait for it to go away!

Posted by Steve on April 12, 2008 6:54 AM

my son is 9 months old fair skin and blue eyes I added cinnamon to his applesauce and oatmeal this morning and red spots everywhere it touched! He has had baby food that had it in there already and no red spots. Its clear to me that it is for sure something they put in our cinnamon in the store that cuases this. From reading the posts I feel this is something our doctors should have warned us about considering how many children this seems to effect!! I called the doctor and im watching him very closely to make sure there is nothing else going on. This is very scarey!!

Posted by Heather on April 19, 2008 7:55 AM

Most of my life I never had a problem with Cinnamon, until I worked in a bakery. I came in contact with baker's cinnamon most of my day and would have welts all over my arms at the end of the day if I didn't use latex gloves to bake with (awkward!) but in the years since I've worked there, I've begun to be able to eat it again as long as it's been baked... raw still bothers me.

Posted by Amanda on April 24, 2008 1:34 PM

About 2 weeks ago a gentleman at work started using a Glade Plug in air freshner. Ever since then, my eyes water, my nose feels like the mucous membranes are burning, my throat hurts, and I have had 4-5 days with wicked headaches and I see bright floaters. When I leave work I'm okay. Today I decided to stay home from work to see if it was pollen allergies. I was fine until lunch so I went to work. Within 45 minutes, the eyes, the nose, and now the throat ache and the headache. Could this be an allergy to Cinnamon? I think the scent is apple pie. I know at Christmas time I avoid stores with cinnamon scent for the same reason, and once a Physical therapist rubbed cinnamon oil on me to combat Hypersentistivity and I hated it I got angry with her immediately washed it off and canceled future appts. I don't notice it in foods, just on me and in the air and I hate it.

Posted by Suzanne on May 7, 2008 1:54 PM

I'm so glad to have read everyone's comments. My daughter had a skin reaction to cinnamon and I thought it had to be something else - cinnamon seems so benign. Everywhere the ground cinnamon from her applesauce touched her face, she broke out in hives and redness. She is also fair with blue eyes. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I read several posts that mentioned that. Her doctor recommended washing the area with baking soda and water to get rid of the oils and it worked beautifully.

Posted by Julie on May 12, 2008 3:54 PM

I went to see an allergist and received a blood test to identify food intolerances. The test came back positive for cinnamon. The allergist told me not to eat cinnamon. He also - told me to use products that are fragrance free. Because a compound of cinnamon - cinnamide - is used as a fragrance base. He now has me using Free and Clear Shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, body soap and facial soap and Vanicream lotion and sunscreen. He also said to use allergen free detergents. Please go see an allergist for definitive diagnosis. The blood test is called an ELISA test. Good luck!

Posted by Sarah on June 7, 2008 12:34 PM

I just saw an allergy doctor today who made me feel like I was crazy when I told him I thought I was allergic to cinnamon. However he did order the Elisa test for cinnamon. I will get my results in a week. I am almost positive that I have an allergy to it. I too have gotten the strange look from people when I tell them I am allergic to cinnamon, like they don't believe you. I am so happy to hear that I am not alone. My reaction is unnoticeable to things like apple pie, but to Big Red I get hot, welts, my throat swells and I have a persistent cough.

Posted by Leslie on June 20, 2008 3:04 PM

I'm 14 years old, and the other day a bunch of cinnomon got on my face, and i got red spots all over (my face). I don't know what i should do. It's still on me, and it's been a week. My doc said that it should be gone in a couple hours after the reaction. Does anyone know what to do in this case???

Posted by aziz on June 20, 2008 6:44 PM

I personally have a pretty bad allergy to cinnamon. It makes my throat swell, sometimes to the extent where its hard to breathe. Ive never actually spoke to anyone else like this, other than my mother, who is not as bad as me with it. Just smelling cinnamon makes me feel ill. Its not a common allergy and one people often dont consider. I love carrot cake but most shop bought carrot cakes contain cinnamon now.
I too have found mysel allergic to some 'natural' shampoo's and have come out in a rash, which i never put down to cinnamon until now.

Posted by Alice on July 6, 2008 3:37 PM

I have many strange allergies including cinnamon. I carry the single dose liquid Benadryl at all times. Whether I breathe it or consume it, it is the same. The moment I smell it, I fell the pinching in my chest. I start coughing and wheezing. My lips, tongue and roof of my mouth starts itching. I feel puffy in my throat and throughout my body. My eyes swell and itch me like crazy. I have been able to catch and control the symptoms by immediately quickly taking the Benadryl. Is there anyone else with allergies this severe? I also have severe pepper (all) allergies.

Posted by Cindi on July 23, 2008 8:26 PM

I am so glad I found this site. I have been putting a tiny bit of cinnamon in my son's oatmeal and didn't notice anything unusal. Tonight I put more cinnamon than usual in my 7 month son's oatmeal because it tastes bland and then added in his sweet potatoes (which I completely forgot I added cinnamon to when I made it) He took a couple bites and then he refused to eat it. After about 2 mins, the area around his mouth got all red.

After reading these posts, I did notice that my son has has a runny nose and sneezes every few days. It must have been the cinnamon that I've been putting in his oatmeal and cereal. I will be throwing out the batch of sweet potatoes with cinnamon that I made and keep him away from cinnamon from now on!

Posted by Shauna on August 16, 2008 6:24 PM

I'm 62 and have had asthma all my life and use Advair and Proair daily. The other night I ate 2 pieces of toast and sprinkled them with sugar & cinnamon. Then I went to bed in about 2 hours I woke coughing and wheezing and my throat burned really bad I could hardly breath. I actually thought about calling 911. I took a breathing treatment, which I have here at home and several puffs of the proair inhaler. It took a couple of hours before I felt better. Even today I'm still wheezing a little. Don't think I'll have any more cinnamon toast. Maybe if I had drank some
sort of liquid after I wouldn't have had that reaction????? I have eaten and baked with cinnamon ALL of my life!!!

Posted by shirley on October 9, 2008 1:56 AM

I'm 62 and have had asthma all my life and use Advair and Proair daily. The other night I ate 2 pieces of toast and sprinkled them with sugar & cinnamon. Then I went to bed in about 2 hours I woke coughing and wheezing and my throat burned really bad I could hardly breath. I actually thought about calling 911. I took a breathing treatment, which I have here at home and several puffs of the proair inhaler. It took a couple of hours before I felt better. Even today I'm still wheezing a little. Don't think I'll have any more cinnamon toast. Maybe if I had drank some
sort of liquid after I wouldn't have had that reaction????? I have eaten and baked with cinnamon ALL of my life!!!

Posted by shirley on October 9, 2008 1:57 AM

I'm 62 and have had asthma all my life and use Advair and Proair daily. The other night I ate 2 pieces of toast and sprinkled them with sugar & cinnamon. Then I went to bed in about 2 hours I woke coughing and wheezing and my throat burned really bad I could hardly breath. I actually thought about calling 911. I took a breathing treatment, which I have here at home and several puffs of the proair inhaler. It took a couple of hours before I felt better. Even today I'm still wheezing a little. Don't think I'll have any more cinnamon toast. Maybe if I had drank some
sort of liquid after I wouldn't have had that reaction????? I have eaten and baked with cinnamon ALL of my life!!!

Posted by shirley on October 9, 2008 1:57 AM

I had a slight allergy to cinnamon as a child but it gradually subsided (rash around the mouth). But about 2 years ago I had a severe reaction and quit breathing due to Cinnamon Febreeze that was used to freshen the upholstery of a car. Since then, I have had to be extremely diligent in not only inspecting foods containing cinnamon but also places that use it as an air freshener. Some of the food culprits that I have found are: pasta sauces, ketchup, BBQ sauces, applesauce (even if it doesn't list it), cole slaw, some pre-made Italian foods (such as Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Pannini), any make-up made to "reduce puffiness", some perfumes that claim to have "spicy" undertones, some lipsticks, baked beans (however, Bush's was kind enough to email me personally that none of their products contain cinnamon), Ranch Style Beans, the obvious apple/pumpkin products, most items with oatmeal listed, almost all granola products. I have found it extremely difficult to get a list of items that contain cinnamon and most food producers aren't very forthcoming with their "secret ingredients". I recently saw an article on the web where a new food wrapper has been perfected that keeps bread products fresher longer and that wrapper is coated with a thin coating of cinnamon oil. God help us all if it gets approved.

Posted by Jana Schallau on October 16, 2008 8:28 AM

I just made homemade applesauce with apples, water, lots of cinnamon and a bit of sugar. My 9 month old ate some and now has red splotches everywhere where it hit, even a little circle where a drop fell on her leg. She doesn't seem bothered at all, but I am. She had eaten the apples while we were at the orchard with no problems, so I think its the topical contact with the cinnamon!

Posted by Clea on October 21, 2008 3:40 PM

I too am happy to read this blog. Recently I have had major issues with extremely chapped lips (feeling of no skin covering them, sunburn, burning, cracked and bleeding corners). This had happened before with cinnamon toothpaste. I stopped using the toothpaste and symptoms continued. I also experience migraines that last several days. Come to find out that the brand of lip gloss I was using had cinnamon oil in it. I was using this everyday! Since I have stopped, my symptoms stopped. Check the products that you use as well as food.

Also, I believe my son carries the same cinnamon allergy. When he was small he would get the red rash surrounding his mouth an on his cheeks. He often got this when eating certain syrups! Check your bottles. Thanks.

Posted by Kelly on October 22, 2008 8:19 AM

I believe my son (14 months) has a cinnamon allergy. He gets blotches on his stomache and back and hives on his arm when he eats it. Does anyone know if a cinnamon allergy is commonly outgrown? I have to wait to see the allergist for another 2 months!

BTW he reacted to an organic hotdog that listed "natural spcies". So, beware that this is another food that it is "hidden" in.

Posted by Jaime on November 6, 2008 7:56 PM

I cannot believe I found this site! I have had a cinnamon allergy for almost 10 years now. It was a hard thing to pinpoint at first. On a road trip to Flordia when I was about 14 years old I put some lotion on my arms and was chewing a piece of Big Red gum. After a few minutes I developed hives all over my arms. Because of where I developed the hives I figured I was just having a reaction to the cocoa butter in the lotion I had used. After a few more experices that got progressivly worse I realized it was in fact cinnamon I was allergic to. The reactions seemed to get worse and worse everytime I was exposed. Now I am to the point where I cannot have it come in contact with my skin because I quickly develop hives and extreme skin irritation. If I injest cinnamon my tongue starts to itch and it becomes hard to swallow/breathe. It has been so severe that I was required to carry an Epi-Pen for a period of time. It is an allergy that affects everyone around me. My mom did not have cinnamon in her house for 10 years until I moved out. She still specially labels things in her fridge in case I come over and raid her food. My boyfriend routinely checks all groceries for cinnamon before they come into the house. It has been something I have learned to live with and have learned to live without all those delicious goods that contain cinnamon. I have also learned how to dectect a reaction before it becomes severe and I can mostly keep the reactions under control with Benedryl if I catch them early enough. But the most important thing I would like people to remember is this isn't always something you are born with and this like most allergies can be develope at any time. Sometimes I wish I would have been born with it so that I really wouldn't know what I was missing when walking by CinaBon at the mall.

Posted by Ashleigh on November 13, 2008 5:43 PM

My 18 month old daughter developed redness around her mouth after eating fruit compote made with lots of cinnamon and apple/cinnamon instant oatmeal. She has developed hives around her mouth after eating cheese products colored with Yellow #5. She refuses to eat bananas, canteloupe and other foods despite being a great eater otherwise. I wonder if she has other food allergies? I find it interesting that 99% of the posts here are from women. I have learned that food allergies are on the rise in women and researchers don't know why. Hormones are always blamed. My plan is to avoid obvious sources of cinnamon and hope my daughter's allergy is mild and stays that way. Any more reactions and we're headed for allergy testing.

I worry that vaccines may be the cause of many hypersensitive reactions in kids, even adults. They are made with adjuvants designed to activate your immune system in response to a weak or dead virus. Instead, your turned-on immune system may react to a normal substance or process in your body, thereby causing asthma, diabetes, food allergies, autism, MS, you name it. I am vaccinating my daughter but have opted out of Hep B and delayed a few.

Question, are any of you healthcare workers? Have you received the Hepatitis B shot series or annual flu shots? I wonder if adult vaccines precipitated adult-onset food allergies.

Posted by Vera on November 18, 2008 9:14 AM

I was bother with my nose bleeding for years. Then I found out it was from the cinnamon red hots and the Jolly Rancher Fire candy I was eating. Since I gave them up , my nose has stopped bleeding.

Posted by Larry Schaughnessy on November 18, 2008 3:21 PM

note for vera..

i was indeed immunised against hep b many years ago (long before my allergy to cinnamon)and my levels of immunity were high enough, over a period of several years, to mean that i have lifetime immunity now. i used to also have the annual flu jabs until a few years ago but stopped as the last immunisation i had gave me the flu for weeks! see my previous entries for my allergy symptoms, i hope that this has been usefull for you x

Posted by Mem on November 21, 2008 1:25 PM

I hadn't even read up until 18 - (i'll read all of these) before i realized i am definently not alone. My allergy started as a minor headache, but has escalated to severe. I'm yet to go to an allergist but my symptoms include shortness of breath, tightening of throat, feeling faint/dizzy, and pressure in the sinuses. this holiday (thanksgiving) i realized how bad it was. two houses i went to had cinnamon candles burning, i nearly fainted. my poor boyfriend was running around each house blowing out the "apple spice" and "apple cinnamon" candles. it was amazing how i was able to sense what was burning before anyone else had. one bit of warning for anyone with severe allergies though - be very careful eatting vegan/vegiterian foods. i went to a resturant with my family, and even though i made sure that there was no cinnamon used in my soup, sure enough i had a reaction, a minor one but one was there. when i asked later on i was told that it was used in the other soup that was prepared next to the soup i had. NO ONE TASTED IT, yet there was the reaction. (its joked that i'm a cinnamon alarm, but seriously, at what price) if used in a powder form it will stay in the air when used. be careful. until i get my epi-pen (like i said, i'm still yet to go to the doctor) i carry antihistimines everywhere.
i miss my altoids :( i used to put up with the headaches for dentine, big red and altoids.

Posted by jennifer d on December 1, 2008 8:29 AM

I have had an allergy to certain concentrations of cinnamon for as long as I can recall. I have no noticeable reactions to foods that contain it, but gums and candies spell disaster. For many years I thought my reactions to: Big Red, Cin-Dentyne, Red Hots, Red Hot Dollars, etc. was the same for everyone else. It's weird to read about how others have experienced: swollen gums and tongue, constricted airway, watery eyes, sneezing, over- productive saliva, etc.

It was a mere fluke in discovering this allergy. As I mentioned, I was under the impression that every one was reacting the same and thus this was normal. Silly me. I could have killed myself.

Posted by SparkApCider on December 2, 2008 7:08 AM

I amn 16 years old, i discoovered my cinnamon allergy, my freshmen year, i was drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled on top of wipped cream, when i realized sever burning to my noes... where the whipped cream has touched my nose with the cinnamon on it. after about 5 mins. i realized i was breaking out into hives, and i had restrictions on my breathing, i am also Lachtos Intalerent, meaing i cant eat dairy, along with that i hate bannanas, and am a Vegitarrian.
So i get no source aof protien, i did some research on it and the cause of that could be low source of pottasium, protien, and vitemins.
I am concerened on what to do about this issue.. because being me with all these problems kinda suck so im curious if i should notify my doctor? also if my kids will have these problems growing up as well?
e-mail me if you know anymore of what i should know or be aware of..

Posted by Brittany Jenkins on December 13, 2008 7:26 AM

An additional word of warning to those of us with cinnamon allergies - Holiday Inn's new bathroom products Simply Smart (soap, shampoo) have a proprietary scent - fresh baked cinnamon. Thank goodness my husband recognized and realized this before I lathered up on a recent trip. He had to rinse the tub, walls, shower curtain, etc thoroughly before I was able to get in. I guess I will be traveling with my own shampoo and soap from now on.

Posted by Jana Schallau on January 3, 2009 8:37 PM

Yet another "just learned" i have a cinnamon/cassia allergy. Similar symptoms as others, my tongue will swell or i get ulcers in my mouth and an excruciating sore throat... also severe headaches & dizziness....all depends on the degree i receive. *sigh*.

I just learned, after corresponding with Nestle-- that "Nesquik" powder has cinnamon in it. Beware those with allergies! I had a severe sore throat for 4 weeks before it dawned on me my chocolate milk was doing it!!!!! (my doctors were stumped, they tested me for strep, etc...everything kept coming back fine...)

Posted by Vicki on March 23, 2009 11:24 AM

I thought my daughter might have a problem with cinnamon, but had never heard of an allergy. My daughter is 19 months old and seems only to get a rash anywhere the cinnamon food touches. It really worries me- she is already lactose intolerant and I know she will have sensitive skin- I managed to avoid food allergies(at least so far), but my mother had horrible food allergies and asthma. She died from an asthma attack at 49. I don't like to think about the possibility of my daughter being allergic to anything. Luckily her doctor is very receptive, so maybe we won't have the problems with her doctor believing there may have a problem. Has anyone who just had contact problems with cinnamon every had it progress to something more serious?

Posted by June on March 26, 2009 2:17 PM

I experienced what I now believe is a cinnamon allergy. I was eating "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" cereal dry last night for a snack, quite a bit of it, in fact. After going to bed I noticed at around 11PM I was starting to get welts all over my body. Shortly after this my face and hands began to swell. At around 2AM I began feeling dizzy and feared I would pass out. I told my wife, who called 911. I was brought to the local hospital emergency room where I was given Benadryl intravenously, which immediately started reversing the symptoms. I have also been given steroid pills to take for the next 6 days. I have noticed over the past few years that ingesting cinnamon (chewing Big Red gum, notably) will make the gum area around my teeth swollen and painful, but up until today I had never experienced such a strong allergic reaction to any food substance before. I certainly won't be eating any more Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, anyways!

Posted by Bill Auclair on April 8, 2009 7:33 PM

I also have a severe cinnamon allergy. I developed mine while I was a pastry chef. It took them quite awhile to figure it out. I get skin dermatitis on hands and sore throat and breathing.

I have found cinnamon in quite a few items that never thought it before and of course it doesn't state that it is in their- Nesquik,hot chocolate, BBQ sauce, cookie mixes, pre-made pumpkin/apple pie.It is also in some insect repellents, over the counter medicines. I have also had a reaction to Benadryl. I have also recently become allergic to pine which the doctors say it is possible with the cinnamon allergy.

Posted by Derina on May 3, 2009 6:57 AM

I was wondering if there is cassia or cinnamon in cinnamon Altoids or cinnamon gum? I have been putting cinnamon in things I make for years and never noticed anything out of the ordinary happen to me. While after a single cinnamon Altoid yesterday, the inside of my entire mouth became covered in welts, my tongue swelled and my throat constricted and is still sore a day later.

Posted by isabel on May 9, 2009 2:30 PM

As a kid growing up I always loved hot cinnamon candies and spices such as Big Red, Hot Tomales, and Fireballs. But as I got to be around 14 years old I started having a weird reaction in my mouth that was quite painful. I get bumps on the bottom and sides of my tongue, and the top of my tongue would form a white coat that could have been a layer of skin. I remember I could literally peel it off. I can't taste any food I eat for the next couple of days and it is very annoying. I always thought I was a cinnamon freak but now I'm glad that there are more people than I thought out there that are allergic to hot cinnamon.

Your's Truly,

Posted by Spike on June 21, 2009 11:50 PM

Wooh..I had been trying to find out for the past few days what was causing this tingling irritating sensation in my tongue..! Well i got the culprit.. it was that new trident cinnamon gum i bought a week ago.. i had my doubts on the gum after a few days and did a search on the net and bingo.. i see my symptoms match.. hmm..hopefully it will go away soon... interestingly i seem to only have the problem with the gum!

Posted by George on August 13, 2009 10:29 PM

I can eat cinnamon, but I cannot use cinnamon flavored toothpaste or chew on toothpicks soaked in cinnamon oil. I develop a bright red rash sometimes with little bumps around my mouth. My cousin had some homemade suntan lotion that I used to tan in a bed with. Within minutes of getting out, my entire body turned bright red and my body started shaking uncontrollably. The paramedics and the hosipital staff all just thought I was burnt. It finally occured to me to ask my cousin if there was cinnamon in the lotion...AND THERE WAS cinnamon oil in it. There was a male nurse who actually mocked me and said no one is allergic to cinnamon and it is put in lotions for antiseptic purposes!! I'm glad I found this site and I know that I am not crazy after all!!

Posted by Christina on August 27, 2009 11:30 AM

WOW I AM NOT The ONLY ONE WHO IS AFFECTED BY THIS!!!!!! I can understand how a bunch of you feel. Being afraid to fly because someone may have cinnamon with/on them, or eating it by accident. Having your tongue swell, throat closing, face swelling, & having a hard time breathing.

Let me see, my now LIFE-THREATENING allergy started about 8 or 9 years ago. I was in my mid 30's. I am now 46. My grandma had made one of her wonderful apple pies. I ate a piece, within a few minutes my tongue felt weird. Seemed to me everytime I would eat things with cinnamon or chew Denteyne gum my tongue would swell up and my mouth would feel weird. Started coughing and having my throat feel real tight. Figured out I was allergic to cinnamon. So I stayed away from eating it. I was able to be around the smell of it though.

Move forward to late September 2007, someone I worked with was making oatmeal that had cinnamon in it. I smelled it and told her it smelled wonderful. (I have had candles with cinnamon in them burning in my house, & baking with it over the past 44 years.) I started coughing and having trouble breathing. Didn't think much of it. I am just allergic to eating cinnamon not the smell of it. So I thought. A friend of mine noticed everytime I was around the smell of cinnamon I would start coughing, have problems breathing, and my throat would be REALLY tight.

On Christmas morning that year my daughter got some new perfume from a friend, she put it on before we left to go to my parents house. Well 12 miles later I quit breathing. Yep cinnamon is a HUGE ingredient (fragrance) in perfumes, colognes, and lotions. My mom and my friend talked me into going to see an allergy doctor.

January 2008 I was diagnosed with an allergy to cinnamon. Eating it and the smell of it. Not only that but now I have allergy-induced asthma. I was given not 1 but 2 Epi-pens to carry on me at all times. Along with quite a few other medicines that I have to take daily and when I have an attack. I have attacks a few times a day. A good day is no attacks, same with a week. Which is very rare. Going for a month is really pushing it!!!!!!!

My attacks can range from minor where I loose my voice, have problems breathing to going into anaphlactic shock. Which is really horrible. I have had to go to the ER 5 or 6 times for anaphlactic shock, just from someones cologne, it being in peoples food, being in a resturant. You name it it is there, and can cause me to go into anaphlac

I can go into so many places and have an attack. Who knows what is in there. Some one wearing perfume, cologne, lotion, someone's hair products, makeup, someone eating gum, having a coffee or tea, eating some kind of food that contains it, open a package that has cinnamon in it, a candle just sitting there, room scents, cinnamon pinecones. I didn't really know how this was going to effect my life. This last year has been very hard for me. I have a hard time going to stores starting mid-September to mid to late January. Because of this (my allergy to cinnamon) my life has changed drastically.
I am no longer able to go to a lot of places, due to the smell of cinnamon. I am getting to be house bound, because of all the cinnamon that is out there. Which is really a pain in the butt. Which is also very hard, for a scent that I used to love now I can't stand to smell or be around.

They are able to label cinnamon as: spices, natural flavoring, fragrance, & tree bark extract. These are just a few of the labels for it. I have tried to find out the perfume and cologne that have cinnamon in it but NO one will contact me back.

Posted by Tracy on September 17, 2009 11:01 PM

I have a rashy 18 month old after making french toast. just red spots all over his skin where he spread it all around. I gave him a bath and it went away in 20 minutes or so. we did eat the french toast with a bit less cinnamon and he's fine.

Posted by Demon on September 22, 2009 11:35 AM

how do you know if its real cinnamon or artificial the you are alergic too, and how come it only happens sometimes when you know there its around

Posted by tom on October 9, 2009 9:33 AM

it is like reading my life story. started 20years ago, with a cinammon broom. i had a severe headache. now i avoid any type of cinammon at all. it seems most of my symptoms come from the oil part. air freshers might as well be guns. throat swells up, tongue swells up, sinus burns like they have been blistered, sinus infection follows, and usually a severe migraine lasting 2-3 days. and my tongue feels like i at soup that was way to hot. Big red gum causes actual blisters.. i am so glad to know that i am not alone in this. bless you all for sharing your horror stories. I will be going to my doctor to let her know i am going to need something for this.

Posted by margaret walker on November 6, 2009 5:52 PM

I thought that I was the only one on the planet that is allergic to the scent of cinnamon. I am relieved to find out that I am not alone. For the past couple of years, I have had to avoid such stores as Big Lots, certain areas in Wal-Mart and basically all grocery stores near the holidays. When I get near cinnamon, I start coughing and from there I feel like I am choking. If it is very strong, added to these symptoms is the fact that my fingers and sometimes my lungs start tingling. I can eat trace amounts of cinnamon such as pecan twirls, and such, but I don't over do it. I recently read that by eating only whole grains and certain vegetables (also known as the traditional macrobiotic diet) that all allergies will be eliminated. I will continue to do research on this and then in January I plan to ease into this way of eating.

Posted by MsPinki on November 8, 2009 7:13 PM

Update: Wal-Mart is now officially on my list of places that I cannot shop at due to cinnamon. The cinnamon brooms, pine cones and candles are now spread throughtout the entire store. It has come down to the time of year that there is only three stores that I can shop at in my area: K-Mart, Fred's and SuperDollar. I feel like a freak everytime I go shopping. Now it is almost impossible to go shopping at all until January or February.

Posted by MsPinki on November 12, 2009 1:18 PM

The experiences with cinnamon on this blog site have been so confirming. On this past Sunday after church, our 7 year old found an Atomic Fireball candy in his dad's coat-pocket. We rarely give him candy, but decided to let him enjoy a treat this time. He slurrped and sucked on it as we drove away. By the time we got to our next destination he had finished it, but his lips on one side of his mouth was slightly distorted and swollen. His behavior went from normally quietly subdued to out of control, off-the-chain wild! Monday morning odd shaped whelps appeared on chin and neck. There was no fever or coughing or runny nose. By the end of the night hot, red, rashy whelps were all over his body. We have barely slept, wrestling this itchy burn until today, Thursday. He had been screaming in anguish from the aweful itch and burn. We just knew he had come down with something like mumps, measles,
ruebella etc. Doctor ruled those out. Medicine made it worse. He wanted to scratch constantly. Which as expected, made the irritation worse even more whelps appeared. Two things seemed to help; gently rubbing him all over with a Natural bristle brush and Otameal baths. We poured a cup of oatmeal into a sock, through it into a full tub of very warm water. Rubbing him down with the sock. This brought soothing relief. His skin was extra senitive to anything cold. Excruciating pain would be the result. We had him drink very warm oatmeal water and eat some of the oats before bed. He woke up with greatly decreased itchy whelps and he's right now playing his Wii. He is not quite out of the woods yet. As he plays, I see him every once and a while, rub his arm or leg.

Remembering the color of that piece of candy, I did a search on Food Dye Allergies and it led me to discover that most cinnamon products are colored with a chemical (FAKE)natural cinnamon flavoring & (FAKE)natural cinnamon coloring that several top food manufacturing companies are using to make their products more appealing to the eye, smell and taste of the consumer. So, it may be a natural cinnamon stick, yet it has been drenched in FAKE coloring, fragrence and flavoring. An organic cinnamon stick looks like a twig and has not, in anyway been enhanced in it's flavor, smell or color.
Chemically formulated dye is known as Red#40. It does not only appear in foods colored red. I was surprised to find out that this dye can be found in some "white cake frosting"! A few other red#40 products on the list include, candy, gum, ice cream, yogurt, frozen waffles, pancake/cake mixes,chocolate, tomatoe ketchup, barbecue sauce etc. The list is long.
I also noted, that Red Dye from "all-natural" sources are not commonlly harmful. Still, to be safe, read the labels. Likewise organic, pure-all natural cinnamon is not usually harmful. From now on we'll have to read all labels, cook more from scrath and call companies, inquiring directly as to what chemicals are being used in the processing of their products. was very helpful.

Posted by Deborah on November 19, 2009 8:23 AM

To clarify my previous comment, the type of oatmeal we used in the sock was 1 cup, dry rolled oats. Tying off the end, we placed the sock of oats into the hot water and let steep. Did not put our son the bath until he could tolerate the temp. We rubbed the oatmeal-sock over his body. Later we boiled 1 cup more rolled oats for about 2 1/2 min. in 4 cups of water. He drank the water. Likewise we fed him the oats before lying down.

We narrowed the cause of his symptoms down to the red dye#40 in the Atomic Fireball candy. This is the cinnamon flavored product, that led to his nasty reaction.
Many parents are expressing their symptoms and frustrations with the use of chemical dyes, flavorings etc. However the FDA has not listened yet. Doctors do not readily believe a "food coloring" could bring on such symptoms. The symptoms vary. Yet, hives seems to be at the top of the list. This could be a tough uphill climb. Though, my children and their health are well worth the effort. I will make sure to file a complaint on the website. Eventually someone will see to it that chemical dyes and such are banned from use.

Posted by Deborah on November 19, 2009 9:39 AM

Glad to see that i am not the only one who thinks they r having an allergic reaction to cinnamon. Two months ago, i bought a huge pack of Big Red gum or cinnamon gum. I usually am able to eat it and actually enjoy it. But recently, after i tried to eat it again (after the first time when my tongue swelled up) the reaction is a lot worse i am now experiencing it and cannot eat or use spicy toothpaste (i have been using fruity) my tongue is swelled up and it is very painful idk what to do.... go to the doctor? ER? i can breathe but i have had lots of headaches since….. now my tongue hurts and the only thing i can have with out it hurting is water i think i might just throw out the rest of the gum until i can eat it again. But does anyone one what might help the swelling go down??

Posted by Michelle on December 10, 2009 6:28 PM

I recently found out that I have the same problem. Around Thanksgiving I got little white bumps all over my tongue that I am guessing they are canker sores. I also got them all on the inside of my lip and the insides of my cheeks. My mouth and tongue were very swollen. It lasted about five days. I was going crazy and couldn't eat hardly anything. I went to the pharmacy and they told me to try this medicated mouthwash. I used it for day about ten times a day. I would feel relief, but it was only temporary. Yesterday I chewed a couple of pieces if cinnamon stride, and today I have the same problem. I remember that I had also been chewing cinnamon gum the last time. I had no idea that the gum was the problem. I now realize that it is the cinnamon in the gum. My tongue is swollen and I have bumps all over my mouth and tongue! I am going crazy. I hope it doesn't last as long as last time. I won't chew that anymore, but I am wondering if I am going to be allergic to anything with cinnamon in it?

Posted by Kris on December 18, 2009 12:11 PM

Fed my 2 yr old some cinnamon toast earlier. It just was toast, butter, cinnamon, sugar. Her skin became red and inflammed around the mouth and areas where it had set while she was eating the whole piece of toast. She is ok. Called Dr and they said give Benedryl every 6 hours. I am doing now. She didn't choke, cough, or stop breathing and seemed to have no trouble at all. But I am still watching her. Probably just a skin reaction allergy. Hoping so cuz she loved that cinnamon toast. I did too. Cinnamon is a strong spice so its gotta be a skin reaction. Otherwise she would've gotten worst. God Bless.

Posted by Ms Kim Thomason on January 3, 2010 1:05 AM

I have a cinnamon allergy and whenever I eat something with cinnamon or use a product with cinnamon I break out in hives. Yesterday I didn't consume any cinnamon however I had a few marinated vegtables (artichoke hearts, hot pepper, roased red peper and olives) on my salad. By the following morning I had a minor outbreak of hives. I've read that Benzoates E210-E219 which is found in pickled items is something someone with a cinnamon allergy should avoid. Does anybody know anything about this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.....

Posted by Lydia on January 19, 2010 10:30 AM

I have a cinnamon allergy and whenever I eat something with cinnamon or use a product with cinnamon I break out in hives. Yesterday I didn't consume any cinnamon however I had a few marinated vegtables (artichoke hearts, hot pepper, roased red peper and olives) on my salad. By the following morning I had a minor outbreak of hives. I've read that Benzoates E210-E219 which is found in pickled items is something someone with a cinnamon allergy should avoid. Does anybody know anything about this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.....

Posted by Anonymous on January 19, 2010 10:37 AM

I have a cinnamon allergy and whenever I eat something with cinnamon or use a product with cinnamon I break out in hives. Yesterday I didn't consume any cinnamon however I had a few marinated vegtables (artichoke hearts, hot pepper, roased red peper and olives) on my salad. By the following morning I had a minor outbreak of hives. I've read that Benzoates E210-E219 which is found in pickled items is something someone with a cinnamon allergy should avoid. Does anybody know anything about this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.....

Posted by Anonymous on January 19, 2010 10:37 AM

I've always been fine with cinnamon, until recently my friend turned me on to cinnamon toothpicks. I noticed that they burned a few taste buds and stopped chewing them for a couple days. When I had a few cinnamon toothpicks a few days later, I woke up the next morning with my lips swelled to the point that my speech was slurred, there were also blisters covering my lips, tongue and inside of my mouth. I'm taking antihistamines, which help with the swelling. There needs to be a law forcing companies to disclose what has cinnamon in it. These companies need to do what's right for people.

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2010 7:05 PM

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