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I truly hate mixing flour to get the right consistency for my gluten free recipes. I have been using chia flour that I purchased from and it works. I don't have to mix, and find a binder. This flour is certified gluten free and I can substitute it in most flour recipes, one to one.

I have made the most amazing chocolate chip pecan cookies and brownies with this chia flour. The stuff is amazing.

Posted by Ariadne on September 9, 2008 10:33 AM

EGGS are good substitutes in gluten-free recipes. For info, go to egg board website:

I receive their magazine and was interested in a recent article about eggs in gluten-free diets.

People should be aware that the yolks of eggs contain choline, vitamin A, and other heart-healthy critical nutrients. The yolks are delicious and nutritious and should not be discarded. Eggs are great sources of very low-fat complete protein, are easily digested, and come in cute natural single-serving packages. They are invaluable in maintaining a healthy diet. Considering the number of food choices that lead to nutrient deficiencies (unnatural processed foods), eggs are perfect food.

Chia may may be a good textural substitute for eggs and contain many excellent nutrients, but eggs provide valuable nutrients that may not be present in seeds.

Posted by hazeleyes on January 7, 2009 7:09 AM

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