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Please note that although there are strict regulations within the EU, the rules do not apply when oil is exported. Hence, many of the imported oils on the American retail shelf may be mislabeled and contain adulterated oil. The COOC filed a petition with the USDA in 2004 asking for standards to be set for the importation of olive oil into the USA. To date, there are no standards for imported oil. The petition remains under review. On the other hand, the COOC has a mandatory certification program for members which provides assurance to retailers and consumers that the olive oil has met the most stringent guidelines in the world. With over 100 varietals produced throughout the state, California provides extremely high quality olive oil. Look for the COOC seal and visit the COOC website at Support California producers who are doing an excellent job incorporating the highest standards. With the high euro, you can be pretty certain that your "European" import at $ 8 or $ 9 + is probably a refined oil without health benefits or quality oversight.

Posted by Patricia Darragh on April 29, 2008 10:21 AM

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