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I have owned a Champion (masticating) Juicer for 10 years. It is by far the best. However, this year when the motor quit, I was in the market for a new one. Instead of immediately going out and getting another Champion, I decided to try a few “prettier” juicers on the market. The Champion is heavy(although now I think that’s good) and takes up a lot of horizontal counter space.

Needless to say, most of the juicers out there have spinning baskets where you lose a lot of the juice. In many of the brands I tested, the pulp was is some cases dripping wet. After testing 4 different models, I gladly came back to the Champion. Besides, at least I know it will stand up to 10 years of daily juicing before quitting. I don’t know many companies that can make that claim

Posted by Raven Rice on February 25, 2006 2:18 AM

It is a mistake to tell someone with cancer to get a twin gear machine unless they are feeling pretty good at present. I have owned and used many juicers and the twin-gear green magic juicer that I paid $800 for was the hardest of all to use and clean and cracked apart. If someone has cancer they might not have the strength and resiliency to use that machine (it does take strength to push the produce down through it) or the energy to go through the acrobatics it takes to clean the thing. I never felt like I could get it completely cleaned and wondered about bacteria. I ended up giving mine away because it just wasn't worth keeping the monster - they are also very big and heavy. Perfection of the juice is less important than being able to get juice made and drank in a way that makes it easy enough to want to do it again. If the juice is drank right away, there really isn't enough difference in the nutrition to warrant that kind of trouble and expense. Also, the twin-blades aren't very good at juicing fruits. Why not take all that money and get an Omega 8003 for greens, wheatgrass, nutbutters etc which is still easy to clean and a centrifugal like the Breville for all the other juicing? That's what I would do today if I didn't already have my line-up of juicers. I have a an acme centrifugal for orange juice (that I plan on trading in for a pull down manual juicer because the acme is messy), a wheatgrass juicer (rarely used, I'd rather just chew on the leaves of grass and spit them out), a champion that I make all my live-food delicacies in (much better than the twin-gear), a food processor (indepspensable) and then last but not least, the appliance that I use the most of all - my beloved Vitamix Blender - which is better than any juicer. I use it every day. I keep all that great fiber and drink it. I am now about to buy a Breville Juice Fountain for my pure juicing needs. (The vitamix isn't going to make smooth carrot juice which I like sometimes). The Champion doesn't cut it for the fruits and the Omega Centrifugal keeps the pulp inside, gets unbalanced, is a pain to keep opening and cleaning out and is messy and not easy enough to clean. The Breville should make the set complete. In summary, two juicers are better than one - even for people with health concerns.

Posted by Dorothy on January 13, 2007 5:21 PM

My twingear juicer is just awesome. It's called the Hippocrates Greenpower Juicer. My friend just gave it to me a few months ago and I'm so into making juices now.

Posted by Anthony on June 4, 2009 4:08 PM

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