TITLE: Who Wants to See Photos? AUTHOR: Elizabeth M. DATE: 8/16/2004 05:21:30 PM ----- BODY: Yes, I have been taking photos of my incision since day four. They're not as gory as I thought they would be. And for those of you checking out this diary as you prepare for this sort of surgery or perhaps something similar, you might be comforted to see it. I was afraid of a row of staples with a big swollen area or something. It's really not like that. Just a little dark red line - rather like a happy face at the bottom of my belly. So, here they are (I'm not posting them directly here in case anyone is squeamish, so you'll have to do some clicking - I made them big enough, I think so that you can see some detail.) Day Four - august09a.jpg - there's a black bruise right above the center of the incision, which I imagine is where they had a clamp or retractor. And there are bruises up the to my hips, which I also guess are from retractors or something. The little lines on my legs are from where the tape on the dressing irritated my legs. Day Five - august10a.jpg - this photo isn't as good as the rest, I didn't quite get the light right. But you can see the bruises developing ahd black thing above the incision is still pretty visible. My belly was really big that day, probably causing lighting problems! Day Six - august11a.jpg - there's a huge bruise developing on my hip that shows up well here. But the incision is not as tender as before, simply numb for the most part. A tender spot has also developed halfway between my bellybutton and the incision about two or three inches across. It's like a bruise but there's nothing there. Day Seven - august12b.jpg - the black bruise at the top of the incision is fading now but the surgitape is also kind getting dog-eared and coming up at the edges. Day Eight - august13a.jpg - the bruises are almost all gone on my right side and the big one on my left hip isn't nearly as tender anymore. I think my waist is getting smaller and the swelling in my belly during the day isn't nearly as bad as week one. Day Nine - august14a.jpg - bruising is going away & my hair is growing back. The incision itself is a little lumpy to the touch, a half in ridge at the top of the incision along its entire length, but the bottom doesn't feel like that at all. Day Ten - august15a.jpg - the itching is bothersome but nothing seems red or swollen so I figure it's all part of the process Day Eleven - august16a.jpg - the black bruise at the top is almost completely disappeared and the itching is starting to subside. ----- --------