HealthDiaries.com is about delving into those places where other health sites never go. It is about the things that happen between doctor’s visits. It is about the things that patients think about as they lie in bed at night. From a pregnant mother’s daydreams about what her child will be like to a cancer survivor’s newfound plans for life. We hope to see all of this and more in the months and years to come.

Because many of the stories and articles are anonymous, sometimes brutal honesty will ensue. For newly diagnosed patients reading these unflinching stories about the pain and other challenges of a particular illness, it may be difficult. However, our goal is to be real and tell all, from the grittiest moments to the tiniest joys. Within these posts are things that doctors don’t tell us because they are trying to protect us, like how painful a certain medical test will be or how strangers will react to a newly received scar or a shaved head. And of course, there will also be the joys that doctors never tell you about because they have no idea.

Doctors know the facts (usually) but more often than not, they have no idea how we feel. The only people who know how we feel are others in the same situation. That’s why we’ve created this site. For those who have been newly diagnosed, it will be a place of refuge where one can read about the day to day life of somebody in their situation. For patients, it will be a place to get things off their chests and share their experience with others. For many of us, it will be a chance to learn about what others are going through. There will also be posts about health choices that we make, from low carb dieting to vegetarianism. For readers contemplating these lifestyle choices, choices that can and do affect our health, these posts will help them to decide if these lifestyles are for them. Often, the most interesting posts will be those in which people with medical conditions are using certain diets to improve their health and well-being.

Because Words Heal

Nobody becomes ill in isolation. Our lives touch each other’s in more ways than we realize. The beauty of the Internet is that it can bring together a community of people from all over the world to share in each others’ sorrows and joys. No matter what is happening in the world, from political escapades to terrorism to war, it all comes back to the fact that we are all human, we all hurt, and we are all fighters when the need arises. We hope you’ll join us in the journey we have started here at Health Diaries, whether you are here to read others’ stories or to write your own.