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Breast Biopsy is Best Detection Method

September 26, 2006

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I have written here about the core breast biopsy I had a few years ago, and I just finished reading an interesting article that compares the different success rates for detection methods. The breast biopsy was judged to be the most accurate. In one study the "false negative" rate for

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July 11, 2006

DEXA T-Scores After Strontium Citrate

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Thought I would post the results of my latest DEXA bone density scan. Good and bad news. Here are my T-scores for 4 different scans over the last 5 years...... Spine: -2.7 (2001) -3.1 (2002) -3.1 with Advacal (2004) -2.8 with Advacal and strontium (2006) Femur: -3.2 (2001) -2.2 (2002)

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April 14, 2006

Fosamax Lawsuits

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This news story is very distressing. There are lawsuits by women claiming Fosamax causes osteonecrosis of the jawbone. "The osteoporosis drug Fosamax is under fire, with reports linking its long term use to a condition causing patients' jawbones to rot and die. That disease is called osteonecrosis (ONJ) and it

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April 3, 2006

Supplements to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Well, it sure has been awhile so I thought I would do some catching up and talk about an interesting product I heard about this morning. I was watching a news show and they had Dr. Christine Horne on talking about a new supplement for breast cancer prevention. Dr. Horne

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July 25, 2005

Testosterone and Libido

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Saw an interesting segment on the Today show this morning about the connection between low libido and testosterone in women. Dr. Judith Reichman was the guest and she basically said there is no direct connection. I did a search for an article and did find one. "The report in Wednesday's

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June 23, 2005


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I finally did the tests I have been putting off. One was the Pyrilinks-D test which tells you if you're loosing too much calcium, and the other was the hormone profile, both from Aeron Life Cycles. I have osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia of the hip. I've had some

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April 16, 2005

Needle Biopsy Safety

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I received an article in an email today. It talks about a June 2004 report from the John Wayne Cancer Institute in California. Here is the first paragraph: "Needle biopsies, widely used and accepted as a safe and reliable test for cancer, may not be safe after all. The concern

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April 12, 2005

Maca for Menopause and Libido

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I received a health email yesterday and it was talking about the benefits of Maca as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. I spent a couple of hours reading all the articles and have decided to try it for awhile. Maybe that will help the libido because nothing else is

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February 22, 2005

Hot Flash!

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News flash! A big hot flash!! LOL Guess you can't get rid of them completely and I had a doozy at an afternoon party. I had been standing near a fireplace with a sweater on for a while when I felt it coming from the top of head. I broke

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January 19, 2005

New Year Update

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No hot flashes and no sex drive! So that's the good and the bad news for the new year. It has been awhile since I posted but there really is not much new on the hormone front. I'm still using the Pro-Gest cream. Day 1-7 is 1/8 t. in the

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November 22, 2004

Emerita Pro-Gest Cream

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While waiting for the Progestgel to come back into stock I got some Pro-Gest Cream (Emerita). I have used it in the past and liked it. (Similar names but different companies.) The Progestgel arrived a few days ago and is going back today. Let's just say it has a delivery

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November 5, 2004


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I feel lousy! So here we go again. I think I'll try my own thing now for awhile. I got an article in the mail written by Jonathon Wright on natural hormones. I found the same article online and you can read it here. He has a new progesterone called

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October 23, 2004

Lower Tri-Est Dose

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I haven't even been able to go back to the original dose. Don't know why but I have had to cut that dose in I am doing half of .125 Tri-Est and 50 mg. progesterone twice a day. My doctor says to just stay there for awhile and see

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October 2, 2004

Hormone Replacement News

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I got so caught up in the biopsy etc., that I never posted about the test results I got back the day before. DHEA was fine so I'll stay on 5 mg. Testosterone was normal. Cortisol was a little high. That indicates stress so I guess I should stop watching

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August 23, 2004

Benign Fibroadenoma!

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Great was a benign evidence of cancer. What a relief! I didn't realize just how nervous I was until about 2:00 today and I knew I was about to find out. A couple of words on the other end of a phone that can change your life. I

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August 21, 2004

Core Biopsy

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Well, yesterday was certainly interesting! I went for my mammogram and got some bad news. Actually I was a year late this time. I usually schedule a mammogram every year because Mother had breast cancer. Two years ago I had a mammogram and an ultrasound because I have dense breasts

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August 8, 2004

Hormone Saliva Test

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I did the saliva test yesterday and got it in the mail. It is really pretty simple. First thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything---chew some gum for a few minutes and keep spitting in a little tube until it's about 3/4 full. Seal it up and mail.

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July 24, 2004

Hannity and Colmes and Suzanne

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I had my appointment yesterday due to a cancellation. We spent about an hour going over everything and discussing studies etc. It basically boiled down to the fact that doctors just don't know for sure yet what is best. For example, she said Dr. Schwarzbein could be correct that you

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July 11, 2004

Bioidentical Hormones

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I read the book pretty much cover to cover in two days. Hope!! It basically tells you there are doctors out there that will work with YOU and not just hand out a one size fits all remedy. It's hormone therapy, the natural bioidentical way. There are interviews with a

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July 8, 2004

No, It's a Hot Flash!

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IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT ME?? I guess that's a pretty common phrase now. I know I've said it a lot over the last four years. You're just standing there and all of the sudden you start dripping sweat, fanning yourself, running outside to the cool air.

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