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Bioidentical Hormones

I read the book pretty much cover to cover in two days. Hope!! It basically tells you there are doctors out there that will work with YOU and not just hand out a one size fits all remedy. It's hormone therapy, the natural bioidentical way. There are interviews with a variety of specialists, including Suzanne Somers personal doctor, Dr. Schwarzbein, an endocrinologist in Santa Barbara, California.

I tried to get in to Dr. Schwarzbein but she just recently is not taking any new patients. I guess she has been swamped with requests since the book came out. I do know that the wait used to be about five months and the cost for tests and visits very high. She believes in a lot of monitoring and testing, and I wondered how she would ever be able to follow up with you because of her patient load, traveling and teaching schedule. I'm sure Suzanne can get in whenever she wants, but don't know about other people. Add that to the fact that she believes you have to get your period back to do it right. Yep, you heard me right! Yikes! Would I really want to do that? I guess it wouldn't be so bad now but would I want to have it at 80 or 90?? On the other hand, if you felt good would it really matter? The interview with her does make it sound like that's the only way you should do it....really makes you wonder. No matter, can't get in.

So I was back to the same problem. No one to go to. Most people must read this book and realize that it sounds great but if you can't find someone who knows how to prescribe and follow up then you're back to square one and even more frustrated than before.

I started doing some more research online, mainly on doctors' opinions of the book. A lot of them agreed with the bioidentical hormones, but had differing opinions on the way to do it. For example, do you test with blood tests or saliva tests? Do you take pills or creams? Everyone says something different so how do you know?

I went for my annual Pap smear and talked to my gynecologist. She doesn't work with bioidentical hormones but was now able to recommend someone who does. She is an RN and CNP (Certified Nurse Practitioner) and has been working with hormones for years. I have made an appointment. Maybe I have finally found an answer! Will keep you posted.

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Help!! Where Can I find a bioidentical Dr in Nevada-or Wash DC area???
Thanks- Ina

BioHRT is an online health care organization that provides professional medical services to female patients who suffer hormone imbalances due to PMS and menopause. BioHRT's physicans specialize in custom Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and they can prescribe a treatment program designed to improve your Quality of Life and have it delivered right to your door.

After reading these entries I noticed that BioHRT must have posted a message above mine. I have been using their online BHRT doctor for about three months now and I have nothing but positive things to say. They are extremely efficient and way less expensive than my local physician. I had to get a saliva test which came from Aeron Labs and they forwarded the results directly to the physician prior to my consultation. Any of you who are looking for BioIdenticals should visit Their program is excellent!

I have been doing research on bioidentical hormones for a project and am a member of dr. erika's online community and she just sent an email out to her members with a doctor in the dc area that has been trained in the dr. erika method. Here is his info. I realize this is late but you never know Ina might check back.

Dr. Alan Terlinsky is located in Washington DC and covers patients from Maryland and Virginia and can be reached at the following:

At 44, I was experiencing a multitude of symptoms but thought I was too young for menopause. After my workup, I found I was actually pre-menoupausal and was completely off-balance hormonally. My estradiol, progesterone, and thyroid were low, my progesterone completely non-existent. My therapy was individualized for my deficiencies only, and I have had fabulous results. I feel great. I felt positive results within several days of therapy, but after 3 mos., I feel absolutely fantastic. My doctor monitors my blood work and "tweaks" as necessary. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Bioidentical horomone therapy was the right choice for me. I have only positive things to say.

Where can I find a bioidentical physician in northern New Jersey?

For northern New Jersey, try Dr. Karen Hoebich, in Westfield, gyn for bioidentical hormones. She's been specializing in it lately, and doesn't do Obstetrics anymore. She works closely with Belvidere Pharmacy in North Plainfield, a woman-owned compounding pharmacy.

Anyone know of a doctor or nurse practitioner in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area who is knowledgable in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Does anyone know of a doctor or NP in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia who is knowledgable in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

I've heard that the pellets are better than pills, creams or liquids. I know they treat the testosterone and estrogen deficiency. However, I would like to know if the pellets include progesterone deficiency treatments as well.
Thank you

I've heard GREAT things about pellet type BHRT called SottoPelle. It originated near the Phoenix area. There is a doctor in Nanuet NY also one near Chattanooga TN. Do a search, call them to find one in your area. I am scheduled to visit the one in NY.

I'm also looking for a doctor in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia that's working with bioidentical hormones. Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone know of an endocrinologist in northern New Jersey who specializes in anti-aging and is familiar with BHRT?

Looking for a BIO HRT Doctor in the Williamsburg VA or Hampton Roads area. Please help. Thanks

I am interested in BioHRT, cost; is one to be on it for the rest of ones life; and does it just keep you where you are at from the point of start of treatment; What happens if you go off? I have an issue with a fybroid tumor, my doctor says if poses no threat at this time and if i can cruise through menopause it will go away on its own. BioHRT will change that outcome won't it?

Looking for a Doctor in Central Jersey who does BioHRT?
Would appreciate any recommendations-
New Jersey?

I ordered progesterone - bioidential liquid to put 3 droppersful on my skin - over the internet. This site -and others- claim that the problems are caused by a lack of progesterone, not estrogen. They claim we have way too much estrogens in our diets and environment - like laundry soap. Is this something anyone else does? Do I have to spend the money for testing? My closest Dr. is 2 hours away. Thanks, as I am confused and starting to think looking stupid.

Does anyone have a good referral to a doctor specializing in BHRT on Long Island, NY??? I need to get started asap...

Maryland Virginia and washington DC doctor.
Dr. Alan Tirlensky in Arlington VA.
web site
Phone number 703-379-7110

Dr Anita Sadaty practice is called (Great Neck OBGYN) 925 Northern Blvd., Great Neck

Can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist who specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in Thousand Oaks, or Santa Barbara, Ca. area? Please don't recommend Dr. Maldonado in Westlake. She had my first appt. changed because she had to see the hairdresser and the follow up appt to address saliva test results was cancelled because her daughter was ill. I need someone to review my test results and advise. Thank you.

For the South Jersey/Philly area: Dr. Semple-Daly in Willlingboro is who I see fo BHRT Pellet therapy

I am looking for a physician that prescribes BHRT in the Boston area... Does anyone have a referral? Thank you in advance.

We are now offering comprehensive in home saliva hormone testing, physician consultations for both anti-aging and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Our staff would be happy to discuss a treatment program with you. Please call 800-828-0553 for more information. Take our free hormone profile at

Your success is guaranteed with BioHRT. Start Balancing Your Life Today!

There is a physician in Haddonfield,nj Dr Roberta Foss-Morgan. She does the bhrt. very good, but very expensive!! Does not take insurance and with $500. initially w/ $250. follow-up, am looking for someone caring but not as expensive. I am just a average worker looking to feel better w/o draining my pocket

is there any physician using the bhrt in perth, western australia?

I am looking for a doctor who does bioidenticals in Hunterdon County. Anybody know of anyone?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis and ended up with a complete hysterectomy. Bioidentical hormones saved my life! I went to Dr. Grant Williams who trained with Dr. Diana Schwarzbein,and sees all of her patients since she has retired from clinical practice. I have had tremendous results. He works on lifestyle changes as well, because of the strong connection between lifestyle and hormones. He is in Santa Barbara.

I am currently using bioidentical HRT and recently relocated to Tacoma, WA. Can anyone recommend an MD in or near the Tacoma area who specializes in Bio HRT? Thanks!

Please help us in South Jersey with insurance. We need A good Dr. that does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and we can't find one. Please help us find one that takes our insurance !!! thank you!!!!!

I'm with Kim from South Jersey. We desperately need a good physician in South or Central Jersey who can be of assistance to the women here. Someone who is knowledgeable in bioidentical hormone replacement and willing to take insurance too. I've been surffering with hormonal imbalances my whole adult female life. I have hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, menopausal at 43, and 30 pounds overweight. Help!!!

For the state of Washington/Oregon, there is a Debra MacDonald ARNP in Richland WA specializing in BHRT. Her office # 509-628-3840

Hi, I live on Long Island - Suffolk County, I noticed a posting listed for Great Neck - but if anyone knows of a bio Dr. closer to Suffolk that would be good, also my Dr. who delivered my first baby 13 years ago, does not believe in Bioidenticals and feels it's totally bogus -- she started me on an estrogen patch and then I will take progesterone 14 days every other month - after two weeks my flashes feel even worse and I am getting a crampy feeling - don't want to up the dose because of fear of cancers -- any thoughts??

CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND A GOOD DOCTOR THAT DOES BHRT IN THE MORRIS COUNTY, NEW JERSEY AREA. I would really appreciate the recommendation. Thanks very much!

Does anyone know of a bioHRT doctor in Arkansas or Missouri?
Thanks very much


This is for Donna who is looking for a bioHRT Doctor in Arkansas or Missouri. There is one in Sprindale AR, Dr. Jeffery Baker, his phone number is 479-756-3251.

Any recommendations for BioHRT physicians in the Central VA/Richmond/Chesterfield area??

I need someone in the Thousand Oaks area that does Bioidential Hormone Testing that knows what they are doing. ANyone have someone?

For all of those searching for help in NJ... I contacted Liberty Drug in Chatham who helped me find Dr. Sharda Sharma in Millburn. Liberty gave me an extensive list of physicians that they work with. They were a lot of help. Their number is 973-635-6200

Does anyone know of a doctor in the Boston, MA area that practices BHRT... someone you can go "see" not over the phone?

I am looking for someone in Boston, too.

If JK is still looking for a BHRT doctor in Missouri, Dr. Gregory Zolkowski is located in Bolivar, Missouri and is a great doctor! His number is 417-777-4749. (I know he does both male and female BHRT)

sorry, it was Donna looking in Missouri!

Try DR. Jonathan Wright's "Tahoma Clinic" for BHRT in the Seattle, WA area- he is the best!

For all of you out there who are on a quest for BHRT - good luck! I have been searching for years to find a doctor in New Jersey (especially one who accepts insurance because their fees are quite high). Not to mention the prescription costs, follow-up visits, initial & re-testing of saliva & blood. My regular ob/gyn that I have been with for over 30 years is not familiar with Bio so I had to look elsewhere or go on the regular HRT. I've traveled throughout the state for hours going to some natural doctors who just wound up giving me (what was later discovered) over the counter creams (did nothing). Not too many doctors out there that are practicing this type of Bio therapy as the major drug companies have the corner on the market. After many hours wasted & too much money spent I am at wits end. I just recently came across a site on the web which might be helpful to a lot of us.
Here is a link that I am going to try.
It is a list of compounding pharmacies in the U.S. that have prescribed compounded bio treatment. I'm going to give each one a call to find out the names of the doctors that they associate with. From there I'm hoping to find a good doctor match.

Can you give me the name of a physician who specialize in BHRT? I live in New Orleans, LA.

Does anyone know of a Dr. specializing in BHRT in/around San Antonio Texas?

I've been reading a great deal about the BHRT....I read I think on the Project Aware site about how the drug company who made Premarin (doesn't that cause cancer?) has tried to block the FDA from allowing access to BHRT in the past....? has anyone heard of this as well? I am astonished that there are so many (I think the majority) of women out there suffering with menopause and pre-menopause symptoms and Drs are out there prescribing anti-depressants to treat these symptoms! What is going on?

Can you tell me the name of a physician in the Lubbock or Amarillo Texas area?

I go to a physcian in cherry hill, n.j.Dr. alan magaziner for bioidentical therapy. I recommend him.

Are there any doctors for bioidentical therapy in Suffolk County, New York? Help! Feel like I'm having an out of body experience!

I will be starting my bio-identical HRT next month. Last week my doctor told me to read Suzanne Somer's book and now I'm really looking forward to some relief. Sure is going to beat other medications. I'm happy to know now that this alternative is available. Thanks Julia

Hi, I have just begun to research this alternative to hormones and am hoping that someone can refer me to a doctor in the Houston Texas area who I can trust and who is reasonable. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 40, and went into early menopause at the age of 42. I read Dr. Lee's book and tried natural progesterone cream for two years but my bone density did not improve, nor did it worsen. I did lots of testing and saw several different doctors both of the Naturalist type and the Mainstream. Then I started taking Actonel out of fear. There just didn't seem to be enough security regarding the BHRT. I took Actonel for 5 years and now at the age of 50 by bone density has gotten a little worse. (Z score = - 2.9).

I am now being told to try Forteo, but that drug has a black box warning regarding bone cancer. I am willing to try a BHRT regimine again but there is also cancer risk with that.

Any ideas out there? I am going to see a new doctor who prescribes BHRT in my area. However, I know from past experience that hormones are complicated anything in excess may cause a chain reaction of new or different hormones.

By the way, I have never had one hot flash. My periods just stopped and I never felt any different than before.

In the Chesterfield Virginia area I can recommend a couple of physicians that are very familiar with BHRT. Melissa Clayton, NP - with Ironbridge Family Practice and John Ciurash, MD - Centers for Family and Functional Medicine (I think that's the name!)
Rx3 Pharmacy ( is in Chesterfield and makes the BHRT. Both physicians and the pharmacy accept insurance. Hope that helps!

Help! Does anyone know of a bio HRT practitioner in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, or Agoura in California?

I am 58 yrs. old have always had female problems from the day I started my period. I had a hysterectomy 2 yrs. ago they talked me into letting my ovaries go because I might get ovarian cancer. I had a fibroid tumor. My life has been over ever since. I need something, I have heard about pellets implanted under the skin that help with HRT. Went on line on research on this from Dr. Gambrell, he passed away in 6/07 but lots of info. They have an office in Augusta GA.
PH> # {706} 724-8878. Heard about it on the radio too. Dr.Has me on depression Meds, sleep Meds, anxiety meds.a little estrace, and a little progestrin at night, pill form and I am still not dealing with life, and side affects with drugs. I live in Montana, and can't find help.
I believe all this medication is a bandaid for a hemorage. Any one out there with help let me

can someone recommend a doctor in the Richmond/Williamsburg, VA area that is familiar with and prescribes bioidentical hormones?

For those in VA. looking for physicians specializing in Bioidentical HRT, I've been given the name of Dr. Laura Stone in Alexandria, Va. at 703-370-7728. I have not yet met with her so can't endorse her but it's a start!

can anyone reccomend a bioidentical HRT physician on longisland i am going thru horrible menapause and afraid of losing my husband

I am looking for a physician who can prescribe bioidentical hormones in New York City - Manhattan, Long Island or Westchester.

I live in richmond virginia. I had a hysterectomy many years ago. In the last 5 years I have gained 25 lbs, been diagnosed with depression, fibromyalsia, GERD, anxiety, sleep problems, high cholesteral, and have been precribed many meds for all of these conditions plus synthetic hormones. I am very irritable, grouchy, sleepy, exhausted. I feel like I can not function. I had to quit a very well paying job because of all of the so called fibromyalgia pain. I found this site and I finally have hope. I went to see Melissa Clayton,NP with Iron Bridge Family Practice. They do accept insurance. I took my saliva test and I am now waiting for my results. I can not wait to get started. I hope it does what everyone is saying it does. I will keep you posted. If there is anyone in this area that would like to have a friend to chat with or have coffie with sometime, e-mail me. I live close to the colonial heights/chester area.

I forgot to post my e-mail, sorry

Looking for a Doctor who deals with Bio HRT.
I am in the Thousand Oaks/Simi Valley CA.

17 year Ovarian cancer survivor here, I need HELP finding a doc who uses BHRT in New Orleans. I have been suffering for 17 years! Just keep getting the same old HRT sermon from every doc I have gone to, and there have been many.
Thank you so much, Cara

For IRENE in NEW ORLEANS. I called Patio Drugs in Metiaire, someone there gave me names of 3 docs, 1 female in this area. I have an appointment. Best of Luck to you. Cara

I need help in finding a Dr. in DFW area or Houston...willing to travel to the best...

I am looking for a doctor in the central Massachusetts or Boston area who specializes in biHRT for hormone imbalances. I have read several books on the subject but where are the knowledgeable Drs.

Doctors who understand this are few and far between. Be very careful who you go to. I went to one of the doctors that contributed to Suzanne Somers' books and had a HORRIBLE experience! Figured if he was basically recommended by her he would be good. Very wrong....and spent a small fortune. Well known does not mean competent.

Looking for advice on a doctor that does bioidentical hormones in the Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Yorktown, Richmond, or DC area. Please share your experience- good or bad with physicians in this area. Thanks

For Pam July 07- you need to try pellets. Studies show an increase in BMD with both estradiol and testoserone pellets. Great doctor in Dayton Ohio Rebecca Glaser MD.

Would like to find a doc in the Philly center city or suburbs area.


does anyone know a dr on long island thanks

karen stein - did you find a dr on long island? please share it if you did! thank you

Anyone know of a physician in


For IRENE in New Orleans, there are two places across the lake that compound

Central Drugs - Hammond, LA
Muller Compounding Corner - Lacombe LA

We are a BioIdentical clinic located in Scottsdale Arizona. Our consultating physician, Dr. Roxie Strand, is a Naturopathic physician who specializes in natural hormone replacement therapy. 1-800-828-0553

Live in Mt. Laurel, NJ and am looking for a bhrt physician in Burlington Co. Earlier posts listed Dr. Semple-Daly in Willingboro and Dr. Alan Magaziner in Cherry Hill, but I have been unable to find a telephone #. HELP!!!!

There is a doctor in Lubbock that does bio identical hormones. He is a biochemist and an internal medicine doctor. Dr. Robinson. A friend sees him and says he is wonderful and he creates compounded hormones based on blood tests and other perameters.

Regarding finding doctors who do BHRT, if you google for the American Board of Anti-Aging Practitioners you can find a directory of certified doctors in your city (not sure they all are experienced at bhrt). Also, I found success in first locating a compounding pharmacy near you, and they know doctors. But, wow, these doctors could certainly do a better job of marketing themselves, huh? Maybe that will be my next job (I'm not an MD, but I love the way this field of medicine can truly help people!!)


I use the SottoPelle pellets and am wondering if this is the best BHRT for me. They are easy as you just need to have them put in and forget about them. I'm ready for a more and am just wondering if this is the right type for me so doing research.
For Michelle in Seattle there is a clinic in Portland that does the pellets. Search SottoPelle they will list Drs trained by Dr Tutera.

BioHRT has opened a new hormone replacement therapy clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are avaiable to patients both in state and out of state via telephonic physician consultations. Anyone who is looking to start on BHRT is urged to contact us toll-free at 1-800-828-0553 to schedule a FREE ten minute consultation with one of our physicians. Find out if natural hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Register today at

BioHRT Staff

Has anyone visited Dr.Sadaty in Great Neck? She is the only LI Dr. that I have been able to find.
Also does anyone know about PhysioAge in Manhattan?

I would like to know how to respond to one of the writers about a BHRT dr. in the Va. area. How do I go about this?

For those people asking for a BHR practitioner in Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Simi Valley, Westlake area...I recommend Christine Farrell FNPC. Very personal care and always available when you need to talk. I am feeling so much better on my hormones! Her number is 805-494-8520. Good luck!

Has anyone here have experience with the SottoPelle method of bio-identical hormone replacement? It is relatively new. Thanks

For people looking in the Boston Area - in West Boylston near Worcester, Francis Holistic Medical Center - Dr. Herman Lerner - he's terrific!

is there in the rochester ny area that specalizes in the bio identical hormone pellets?

I am 29, and my hormone levels are so low that my doctor wants to prescribe a topical cream to begin hormone replacement. With a grandmother who has had breast cancer twice, this concerns me. Does anyone know of doctors in NW Ohio (toledo area) who prescribe/administer bio identical hormone pellets?

I was diagnosed with Osteopenia in my late 30's and I started taking Evista.
Menopause was in full bloom by the time I was 45. My Osteopenia progressed into Osteoperosis and I gave in and tarted taking HRt but I took ACTIVELLA a plant hormone.. and calcium, And FOSAMAX. My bones started to heal and I regressed to osteopenia. I celebrated by Parachute jumping..something I NEVER would have considered before.
I want to tell everyone to seriously consider healing their bones instead of letting time go by. My sister has compression fractures and can't stand straight.

To Karen & Pat in NY - seems like a great place, has Sommers picture on it. On 42nd street in Manhattan. Dr. Dana Cohen. Too far for me. NJ-still looking...


CALL ME AT 804 560-4446

For those looking for Bio-identicals...check out Integrative Healthcare Glen Cove NY. They have a whole team offering cutting edge medical care. Dr. Lynch and her team are great!

I am looking for a physician in the St. Louis area. I am 59, through menopause and was on hormones for 7-8 years. Last May I weened off Cenestin and Promemtruim. I am experiencing many achy joints, swelling in joints, stiffness, heel soreness, numb hands the night etc. etc. Please help with advice.

Thank you so much for your input.

Kristine Holtgrieve

Does anyone know a good doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone treatment in Detroit Michigan? I would appreciate any help.

was wondering if anyone knows of a dr. in maryland that perscribes bioidentical hormones? thank you very much.

If you are looking for someone in the Southern California area, Christine Farrell FNPC has a practice in both Westlake Village and in Santa Barbara. She works with each person on an individulized basis and uses compounded hormones specific to each patient. I am perimenopausal and it has helped my weight, my mood and my energy level not to mention the night sweats I was starting to get. I recommend her practice highly. 805-494-8520

I have tried HRT while living in AZ. I began to drop weight by a pound a day, my moods became stablized and my thoughts clear. I was unable to continue on the program because it was expensive and not covered by insurance. I am desperate to get back on hormones. I feel very bad being off of them. Perhaps it is more noticable because I quit them suddenly after feeling so good for the first time in my life for almost a year. I highly recommend them, but make sure you see someone who knows how to prepare the right compounds for you individual needs. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel.

Help! can someone tell me where i may find someone in my area that can help with bio identical hormone replacement in Pasco Washington

I am looking for a good Endocrinolgist/BHRT in the Lynchburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, or Roanoke Area.

I am excited about the possibilities of this treatment but am unsure if I can afford it. I have been perscribed anti-depressants for my symptoms in the past but am not happy with the results. I think there is more to my story and depression isn't the true issue. Any recommendations for the Camarillo, California area?

Kelly~ In Camarillo, CA you might try Susan Van Vonderen on Carmen Drive.

Has anyone been to the clinic in Edison NJ,Menapause Clinics of America?
Ive been taking their BHRT for about 3 weeks now. But I traveled a few hours to get to them. Does anyone know of a doctor/clinic closer to DC/Maryland area?

I am currently suffering from all the effects of menopause. I have had a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries. To make a long story short I believe in the biohrt hormones because it all makes sense. I have tried all the natural stuff such as soy products & cohosh but it has not worked. I am making an appt. for my yearly checkup with my GYN who originally last year gave me the lowest dose of Premarin. The side affects were bad and I threw them away. I have been toughing it out for the last year with hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss you name it. Not to mention my insurance didn't cover the Premarin. I am hoping for a miracle when I get my yearly check up to find out if my doctor can refer me to a doctor or maybe a nurse practicioner in Maryland. At least I can get my levels checked and find out where I am as far as my hormonal needs. Up to this point I did not think the bioidentical hormone treatment existed. I read a book on it and I started feeling some hope. It is ashame women have to suffer for something so natural as these bioidentical hormones that cost really very little but are so hard to get because noone will make them available since they cannot make any money off of them.
Don't give up ladies. Lets demand these things and do not take no for an answer. Forge on for future women!

I am currently suffering from all the effects of menopause. I have had a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries. To make a long story short I believe in the biohrt hormones because it all makes sense. I have tried all the natural stuff such as soy products & cohosh but it has not worked. I am making an appt. for my yearly checkup with my GYN who originally last year gave me the lowest dose of Premarin. The side affects were bad and I threw them away. I have been toughing it out for the last year with hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss you name it. Not to mention my insurance didn't cover the Premarin. I am hoping for a miracle when I get my yearly check up to find out if my doctor can refer me to a doctor or maybe a nurse practicioner in Maryland. At least I can get my levels checked and find out where I am as far as my hormonal needs. Up to this point I did not think the bioidentical hormone treatment existed. I read a book on it and I started feeling some hope. It is ashame women have to suffer for something so natural as these bioidentical hormones that cost really very little but are so hard to get because noone will make them available since they cannot make any money off of them.
Don't give up ladies. Lets demand these things and do not take no for an answer. Forge on for future women!

I am looking for a Gynocologist in Northern NJ who works with HRT Bio-identical hormones. Does anyone know of a good Dr.?

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy 16 years ago. I have been on a long term emotional and physical roller coaster ride with hormone replacement.Pellets work the best. Sometimes the travel to get them, and most certainly the money is worth every penny paid. It is a crime to have to pay this much for a surgery that should not even be done. Let's pray for research. Keep searching the net. Call the hers foundation, or sign up for the sans-uteri website to get more information on doctors that do pellet therapy. You will not regret it.


I'm looking for a doctor in central new jersey - close to Princeton if possible - who uses bioidentical replacement hormone therapy. I just moved to Jersey from MA and don't want to have to go to MA for my checkups and monitoring.

I have witnessed the difference in patients who are on the bio-identical hormones. I work for a great gynecologist in NYC. Check out her website: Nancy Lebowitz, M.D.

Hi, I am looking for a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Montreal, Toronto would be fine as well. Thanks

Does anyone know of a doctor
near Mahwah, NJ (Bergen County) who does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Anyone know of a GOOD Doctor in New Orleans who believes in BHRT? I've tried Hotze and a NP and still have the same symptoms.

Where Can I find bioidentical Doctors in Tucson, Arizona???
Thanks- Marlene

Go to and try their program first for 3 months. It has shown remarkable results for many women.

I wanted to post that I had an unfortunature experience today with the Todd Mangum, MD Wellness Center in Salt Lake City. This is their webpage: Don't bother with these guys.


Still looking for a doctor near Mahwah, NJ 07430 (Bergen County) who specializes in
bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy.
Please help.

If you are looking for a great physician in the Chicago / Oak Park area, try Dr. Burnett at Rejuvenetics, LTD. She does a lot of patient education to make sure you understand hormone replacement therapy and what it can and cannot do for you. Best of all, she takes Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance.

Does anyone know of a doctor in Northeast Tennessee (I live in Johnson City)....I have tried David Marden and don't think he's working for me. Does anyone know of anyone else...preferably a woman. And I have had breast cancer so I need one that will work with that.

I am new to San Antonio and looking for a Thyroid Dr. that uses BHRT and haven't found one yet,however I did find the HOTZE HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER IN HOUSTON on the west side. I have talked to them and plan on going to see them. They have their own Compunding Pharmacy there too! I am still looking for a good Thryroid Dr. here in SA to to do a follow up I- 131 scan that would be willing to take me as a patient already using Bioidentical hormones.I have been on synthetics for 20 yrs and still do not feel normal so I know my only hope is BHRT! Most I have called do not use natural methods and would want to change me if I were on them. Does anyone know of a good Thyroid Dr. in SA that would be willing to be flexible and work with me? I might just have to use Hotze for my BHRT and use a regular Thyroid Dr. for the scan only. I hope my info helps someone!

For the ones who live in the Boston area I found a Dr. in the Danvers area. My doctor is Dr. McCullough, Julie.but if you call the pharmacy that makes the my BHRT they have other Doctors you can choose from <<Custom Medicine (978-534-4800) I hope this helps, I know how desperate I was. Now I feel great. Good Luck

Thats strange. I happened to call Dr. Julie McCullough just today, and they told me she wasn't doing bio-identical hormone consults anymore. I was so bummed! So I am back to searching in the boston area....

Bio-identical hormone replacement BHRT... any physicians in the Boston, Ma.
to Cape Cod areas ??

I would like to know if there are any in-network doctors that know about bio-identical hormones and some names of doctors who are in network here in Atlanta, GA. Does anyone here know of someone? Also, what might the monthly costs be? thanks in advance

Hello Ladies, I am looking for Dr. in Westchester County, New York who specializes in bioidentical hormones. The prices in NYC are ridiculous. Is there a good Dr. in Westchester or Connecticut even? thanks.

For Stephanie in Lexington Kentucky, if you ever sign back on, who is it that you are seeing locally? I am seeing a lady here, she is only available on her time, she takes her last patient at 3... I guess she has enough to support her needs, to heck with patients that can only come after 5:00p.m. She is not available on Saturdays either. Hope to hear something from you and that it is not the same individual.

I am also looking for a bioidentical hormone doctor in the Cape Cod or Boston Area.

I am also looking for a bioidentical hormone doctor in the Cape Cod or Boston Area.

Please email if you know of any! thanks in advance

Tucson AZ looking for a physician that prescribes bioidentical hormones? Any help would be appreciated.

Any one know of DR. Camille Semple-Daily D.O. in Willingboro, NJ
I think she works with Sotto Pelle.
Does any one has information about clinic.

Ladies I am a 60 year old woman who was working with a Nurse Practioner who is now turning away from BHRT. Back to the "drawing board" and SottoPelle Therapy is expensive but I may have to go with that if I cannot find another doctor for bioidentical hormones. I did find something to help me with my low energy, depressed mood, sleeping problems etc. and so I am 3/4 of the way to great health. It is a company that has created liquid vitamins that work on a cellular level and provide the nutrition you may be lacking. So many of the medical resolutions to problems seem to all have a nutritional component. Please check out this website and help yourself to better health while tyring to balance your hormones.

Where in Michigan can I find a doctor that does bioidentical pellet therapy and is knowledgable and experienced? I am 16 years post a TAH bso. I need help.

I'm about to go to my first visit to a doctor for BHRT.
Has anyone had any serious medical problems since being on BHRT? I live in Northeast Pa.

Hi, I am currently on a BHRT cream for my messed up hormones but it's not doing the trick. My doc is in TX and I am in TN so she wants me to find someone locally. Does anybody know of a good doctor with LOTS of experience using BHRT in the Nashville, Cookeville, or Crossville, TN area? I have doubts about DiagnosTechs so I would prefer a doctor who uses a different lab.

Thanks ~K

Does anyone know of physican who specializes in bioidentical hormones in Rochester New York?

Hello everyone.


If you follow this link there is a list of docs in US and a couple of other countries.

To Kathy looking for a Dr. in Michigan. Pamela Smith in Grosse Pointe is a good one.

Does anyone know if there is a certified physician close to the Atlanta Airport?

Looking for a certified doctor that treats with bioidetical hormones in Pennsylvania that is taking new patients.

This message is for Nancy Thompson, February 29, 2008 @ 4:58 PM and others in NJ.

Nancy, try Kate Thomsen, MD in Pennington, NJ. 609 818 9700. Also... locate natural pharmacies such as Hopewell Pharmacy 800 792 6670, for doctor recommendations.

I have noticed several request for a Doctor in Houston texas area but no replies. Am I to assume that Texas is useless in this area too. Please help us find a Bht in Houston area.

Dr. Elizabeth Gunther is awesome. She sees patients in Flagler Beach, Lake Mary and Kissimee (All FL based places). She has done so much for me. Her website is (I don't know the number off the top of my head!)

Does anyone know of a Doctor in the Lexington/Louisville KY area that specializes in BHRT. Please!

Does anyone know of a BHRT doctor in northeast Ohio? Thank you.

I know of two Doctors that treat patients with NHRT in Texas: My sister sees Dr. Steven Hotze in Houston.
I am going to a DO (Dr. Mary Ann Block) in Ft. Worth who specializes in kids/adults with learning differences but she is also treating me with bioidentical hormones. Neither doc takes insurance, however, they have some medical credit plan available.

Oh, also... High Crest Health charges $400 for Initial Consultation and $100 for follow up. I have BCBS insurance, High Crest provided me with a bill to submit to insurance company, I got back $240... not bad...

I have a relative who will be having a complete hystectomy.
Can you tell me who in the Tampa, Florida area prescribes Bioidentical hormones?

I have been on them for about 6 months and think they are wonderful! I was blood tested and use a cream in the
bend on the inside of my arm. I am now sleeping better, more energy and the hot flashes are gone. My body temperature is better-I use to freeze all the time. My doctor, Larry Hamner, has been doing this for 15 years in Albuquerque, NM.

I'm going through perimenopause and I am looking for a gynecologist or endocrinologist in the Rockville/Bethesda Maryland area.
I got a list of names from the Women's International Pharmacy. I called down the list and found only one
endocrinologist Dr. Michel Emmer. Does anyone have information on this doctor or anyone else in the area?

Dr. Bonnie Chen in Watchung was recommended by a compounding pharmacy in central NJ for (natural/bioidentical)Hormone & Weight Management
New website --

Dr. Bonnie Chen, Watchung, NJ'
"Most insurance accepted", but it looks like she uses her own lab, which might not be covered by ins.

Dr. Retzler specializes in hormone balance and neurotransmitter optimization. She also has been trained in sub cutaneous bio-identical hormone pellet therapy.

Bioidentical Hormones Portland ORegon.

I live in the southern Ohio area. Can you tell me of any bioidentical physicians in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana? I have been driving to Tennessee to see Dr. Morgan Williams.

Hi my name is Charmaine I live in Australia. I have just been told I have a hormone imbalance. Estrogen Dominance. I found it hard to agree with that because I am only 31. I am taking Bioidentical hormones Progestrone Cream. I have been on the cream for over 3 weeks now and have not had and good signs. I have been crying all the time. They started me on 30mg and then splitting the 30mg to morning and night. Yesterday rang the doctor and told them I am a mess so now they have put me on 60mg one day and 30mg the next day. Will I get better I feel very insecure and depressed. Any answers


My husband had known about bioHrt for years (former wife had a total hysterectomy at 30). Tha being said, he came across a doc that performed bioHrt pellets. He SWEARS by it. That being said, I am now in the same boat... Does anyone know of a doc in the Sacramento area that does this? Please HELP!

I would like to find a Bio-Identical doctor in Lee's Summit, Missouri or the surronding area of Kansas City, Missouri. Does anyone know of a good doc in this area?

Thank You,
Rhonda Crane

HELP!!!!!!!!!I am looking for a BIO HRT Doctor in the Buffalo New York area. Does anyone know of one? Thanks

HELP! Where can I find a good Doctor in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the Cincinati, Dayton or Columbus Ohio area.

Sharon Campbell N.P.
A New Creation Women's Clinic
She does the HRT. She does GYN and works with the compouding pharm. in Tucson AZ. She is VERY GOOD.
Takes most INS. sends you to a lab for all lab work.
Tell her Denise sent you!!!
Good Luck and feel better soon.

HELP! Looking for doctor who will prescribe bio identical replacement therapy in New Brunswick Canada Thanks for helping

Central New Jersey (Wall Township - exit 98 off the GSParkway) has a GYN working with the SOTTOPELLE method of hormone pellets. He takes care of men AND women hormone issues. Personally trained by Dr. Gino Tutera from Arizona.

Can you recommend a physician prescribing bioidentical hormone therapy in the Philadelphia area? Thanks!

I need help finding an endocrinologist in Tampa, Florida who specializes in adult acne and hormonal imbalance. I'm suffering from adult acne for 2 years now....I was prescribed with bio-identical progesterone but did not help clear my acne. I need HELP very badly...thanks...

Does anyone know of a biohrt Dr in the Nashville, TN or Huntsville,AL area. I live between these 2 cities and have come up empty handed in all my searches. Thank you in advance.

Dr. Robert Grafton at does pellet HRT at his Rochester Hills, Michigan office.

looking for doctor bio-identical hormon replacementthearpy. asp in PERTH WA AUSTRALIA THANKS.

I need to find a doctor in the Nashville, Tn area that #1 Cares about his/her patients and #2 can help with bioidentical hormones. Please send me any positive leads. Thanks so much.

For any one who needs a doctor in South Jersey, Dr Joseph Destefano, on the White Horse Pike, in Galloway Township does Bioidentical therapy. I have not seen him yet but I have an appointment and he takes insurance. I also called Dr Roberta Foss Morgan and she was too expensive and without taking insurance it was out of my price range. I hope this can help anyone out there. Good Luck and I hope everyone feels better soon.

Anyone know of a physician, either anti-aging or BHRT in the Lehigh Valley Area in PA?

My mom found an internal medicine/endocrinologist in Irvine, CA, who specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy (SottoPelle). Her name is Dr. Karen Sun and she cames highly recommended to us by one of my aunts who had the therapy as well. Prices are reasonable since it is every 4-6 months that she needs a new set of treatment.

Anyone know of a physician in the Philadelphia area familiar with Bio-HRT can't seem to find anyone who knows anything about them.
Please help!

I need a doctor in Arkansas?

Does anyone knows of a physician who has experience in Bio-Hrtin New York City. Thank You.

To rachael regarding pellets in sacto, I have seen Dr. Fredericks with Endocrine Associates in Reno,NV he helped me out of the hormone jungle contact # is 775-348-1811 X204 he is fabulous and its only a 2 hour drive.Also Nyna Nelson in folsom who only specializes in Bioidentical creams/gels but does not do the pellet is very wise also #916-294-0300.
Good luck and keep me posted!! This hormone balance is frustrating I know,

Hi, Does anybody know any information regarding INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, in Glen Cove N.Y. or Dr. Lynch??THANKS.

atlanta area and he was on my insurance.

Does anyone know of a doctor that will prescribe bioidentical hormones in Ohio, I live between Cleveland and Columbus? Thanks!

I am seeking a doctor that uses bioidential hormone replacement therapy in Massachusetts. I reside on Cape Cod and would prefer somebody from southeastern MA, but would drive to Boston if I had to go there for this treatment. Are there any Doctors in the area?

I am 60 yrs old and had a hysterectomy when I was 33.
Dr. said I would go through menopause naturally as they did not take my ovaries. At 47 I was put on Prozac then a few years later Effexor. I feel like I'm in a fog, but I go through my daily routine. My biggest concern is the weight gain and I would really like to find the person I used to be. Does anyone know a Dr. who deals with bio-identical hormones. I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Thank you!

Just happened upon this site tonight. i have been suffering with hot flashes and night sweats for years. Have not been able to find any dr. that can help. Will definitely try one of the drs. mentioned in the n. y. area. Had a hysterectomy when i wss 40. Took premarin for years, ended up with a pre-cancer in the breast, so no more premarin. Have been absolutely miserable for years . i am always hot and haven't been able to wear anything but cotton gauze clothing, even in winter. All of you out there suffering like this deserve a medal. I don't think anyone really understands how awful it is. I got to a point where I didn't want to go anywhere, because all i did was flash and sweat. I am now 71 and still at it. I hear the same comment over and over, "aren't you too old to still be going through this".? Guess not, because I am still going through it. I hope I can get some help from one of the drs. mentioned. I am desperate. Tried everything from black cohash to acupuncture so far. Thanks for the info. Will let you know if I have any success.


I"m looking for a pellet dr. in either Ventura or Santa Barbara county.

My name is Dr. Patricia Petitt and I am an Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine Physician in Northern Virginia. I definitely prescribe bioidentical hormones and have an entire wellness program called Longevity Wellness inside of my medical spa, Lite Touch Medical Spa. Please call for your free consultation: 703-263-1260! I look forward to meeting you!

Any doctors in NE Ohio that do NHPT?

I took advice and went to see Dr. Segal at High Crest in Fairfield, NJ... 2 months later I'm already feeling better. Hot flashes gone, and my family is no longer afraid of me. I've lost weight and have been feeling happier and more energetic. Staff is very helpful and professional, facility is beautiful. I highly recommend it, in fact my sister and 2 of my girlfriends go there now too. Wish you all the best in health.

On Long Island: Dr. Dreux Patton. Port Jefferson or Center Moriches for Naturan Hormone Replacement thereapy.

Does anyone know a Doctor who prescribes bio-identical hormones? I live in the Washington, DC area. Thank you!

Can anyone recommend a good GYN who does bioidentical hormone treatment in Northern NJ, near Montclair, NJ. Thank you!!!

Does anyone know of an MD who works with bio-identical hormones in the Portland, Oregon area or even the Seattle, Washington area?

Is it best to go to an MD versus anyone else who can prescribe therapy?

I have been feeling like crap for over 10 years, I have horrible thermostat problems, and 3 years ago (because of large fybroid tumors) had a hysterectomy. However, I have been fighting off cancer of the tongue since 1979 and just figured that all my symptoms were because of my cancer and the side effects of treatments. I have had 75+ small tonque surgeries, 3 major tonque and jaw surgeries and radiation treatment of the head/neck since 1979. As one of my jaw-related doctors told me once -- "You won't ever get any better, but you'll eventually get used to feeling bad!" My Doctor and I both doubled-up in laughter and when I'm feeling REALLY BAD, I think of what my Doctor said and it actually helps give me a little chuckle -- a good sense of humor, even if it is a little bit on thr sick side, is invaluable when dealing with chronic illness... What my Doctor said was rather doom and gloom, but sadly true in my case. However, after hearing all the symptoms of screwed up hormones and identifying with almost all of them I am SO excited to find out if some of my problems are actually related to hormone imbalance and actually may be treatable! Now to find someone to provide treatment...

Where can I find a clinic for bioidentical hormones treatment in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Does anyone know of a physician that prescribes bioidentical hormones in the Buffalo NY area. ANYONE? Needed desperately. Thank-You

Regarding someone's previous request about sotto pelle pellets.

"SottoPelle" is simply a marketing term for a subcutaneous pellet procedure that has been used extensively in Europe and Australia as well as the United States now for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Its not a new procedure, its been around since the 1930's.

There are Dr. all across the country using subcutaneous hormone pellets as a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

In the Portland Oregon area, Dr. Kathryn Retzler uses many forms of bioidentical hormones including subcutaneous pellets.

RejuvinAge is an exclusive Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Center in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Jennifer Krup is the medical director. She has been practicing BHRT for 7 years and has successfully treated more than 1500 patients.

Dr Franz Vanderpool prescribes bioidentical hormones in Lake Ozark, Missouri. He is an ER Doc at Lake Regional Hospital but has his own practice. I have appt with him this week. Cost is $500. Not sure about follow ups

Does anyone know of an alternative doctor that works with natural hormones? biodentical? in Northern Virginia.

I'm at my wits end....everything exactly like Suzan Summer's complaints (on Opra's show) when she hit 50 in addition to major hair loss. HELP! Need a doctor in Northern VA (Fairfax county?)

Can someone tell be how to answer questions posted on this site? or chat with postees?

where can i find a bhrt examiner/clinic in clarksville/nashville, tn, or hopkinsville, ky?

Can anyone recommend a BHRT md in Suffolk or eastern nassau?

Looking for a doctor that uses biohrt in South Bend, Indiana.

Does anyone know of a physician who works with bioidentical hormones in Reno, NV?

I am looking for a doctor that uses bio hrt in the south chicago land area. Does anyone know of such a doctor

I was wondering if anyone knows of a doctor in the nashville,tennessee area that deals with biodentical hormones? Thanks

I've read all comments for hormone replacment doc's in the Northern VA, DC area. So far, no positive feedback on the following: Dr. Laura Stone & Dr. M. Emmer. Does anyone have any postive feedback on Dr. Alan Terlinsky or Dr. Donna Hurlock? What about the visit to Dr. Sushma Hirani? I'm looking for a doctor who believes in helping women and using bioidential.

I've only had one visit with Dr. Hirani (an initial consultation) and, based on that, I found it to be a very positive experience. She took her time in answering my questions and in reviewing my answers to her questionnaire, was very personable, seemed genuinely interested in helping, and was quick to respond to my email. She came recommended to me by a local compounding pharmacy who had good things to say about her, and she seems to be well in demand in the area.

For anyone looking for a doctor, you can try calling the Professional Compounding Centers of America at 1-800-331-2498. Ask them if they can provide you with the names and phone numbers of compounding pharmacies in your area. Then, call the pharmacies and ask if they can give you the names of any doctors in the area that prescribe bioidentical hormones (these will be the name of doctors that the pharmacy does business with). The pharmacist may even be willing to make a personal recommendation if you ask him/her. Another source is Life Extension Foundation at 1-800-226-2370, as recommended by Suzanne Somers in her book. When I called them, they did not try to sell me anything, but I was asked to provide them with my name and address, which put me on their email list. The person I spoke with provided me with as many doctor names as I wanted, and he seemed genuinely interested in helping me any way he could (actually, it was he who gave me the idea of calling the Compounding Centers of America). Good luck!

Can anyone recommend a gyn who does bioidentical hormone treatment on Long Island

For women looking for BHRT doctor/gynecologist in Hampton Roads here's a great link. They are offering a free 2-hour seminar on BHRT on March 12; located in Chesapeake. I'm going!

Posted by: MFP at February 15, 2009 8:53 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows of a doctor in the nashville,tennessee area that deals with biodentical hormones? Thanks

For this person looking for Dr. In Nashville, Tennessee
Try........Dr. Dan Hale at 615-320-0900 or Dr. Morgan Williams 615- 771-8832 and Dr. Pearline Butcher at 615-690-4293

desperate in Dallas Fort Worth area for a Doc that pescibes bioidentical HRT, @ the end of my rope, have not been the same since my hysterectomy in 1993, i feel like a pathetic person since then. please help, help, HELP!

For those of you who are looking for a doctor to prescribe bioidentical hormones, look in the yellow pages under Compoound Pharmacy. Call the Compound Pharmacy and ask them to give you names of several doctors who prescribe bioidentical hormones. Personally, I would ask for M.D.s only. I've had bad experiences with D.O.s, therefore, I don't recommend them. You can even go one step further, and ask the pharmacist to recommend doctors who can prescribe bioidentical hormones without a pharmacist's help. Many doctors rely on the pharmacist to tell them what to prescribe. Good luck!

In the Portland Oregon and Seattle / Tacoma Washington area. Dr. Kathryn Retzler is a primary care physician and an authority on natural medicine and hormone balance. She draws on both conventional and alternative medicine and believes that clients benefit most from a blend of all available treatments, focused on their individual needs.

Dr. Retzler currently has an integrative practice with an emphasis on treating hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Retzler has served as a consultant and lecturer to other physicians and pharmacists about hormone testing, bio-identical hormone supplementation, and neurotransmitter optimization using targeted amino acid therapy. Her website is

Does anyone know any BHRT doctors in St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL area. I am looking to feel better but don't want to hurt my pocket book too much.

I'm looking for a medical doctor who can prescribe bio-identical hormone in New York City.

I need to find a dr experienced in bioidential hormone therapy in the Kansas City area.

For those that are willing to travel to CT, there is a Dr. Stanton that works out of Manchester, CT. My mom raves about her. She is listed on the following website:

Looking for a Bio HRT practitioner in Southeast Michigan.

It is really wonderful knowing I am not alone in trying to find someone who
practices with BHRT, I thank
all of you women for trying to help each other. That's what we do best, we communicate, we ask for directions when we are lost,
we are AWESOME!
Portland, OR

I am looking as all of you. Can anyone provide a name of a BHRT Physician in the Mandeville, Covington, Metairie, New Orleans area of Louisiana. I am desparate!

Portland, Oregon

This Naturopathic Doctor works with bioidentical hormones

Trying to find a doctor in Cottonwood or Sedona,Arizona that prescribes Bioindentical hormones. I had a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago,but have not felt like myself for several years. Severe headaches,fatigue,lifelessness,weight gain....

Looking for someone in Boston area who practices Natural/Bio-identical hormone therapy.

Dr. Retzler in Portland Oregeon is a physician trained in bioidentical hormones including subcutaneous hormone pellet implants. Some call this SottoPelle although SottoPelle is simply a marketing term for a procedure that has been around for a long time. I've received treatment from her as well as attended her HormoneSynergy and Optimal aging seminars in Portland Oregon. She treats patients from Oregon and Washington. Her website is Dr. Retzler is VERY knowledgable and comes hightly recommended.

Does anyone know of a doctor that prescribes bioidentical hormones in the Baltimore, Maryland area?? I would really appreciate all the help...

I live in Adelaide, South Australia and I'm looking for a doctor or naturpath that uses bioidentical hormone treatment.
Do you know of anyone?

The best doctor I found for bio-identicals in New York City is Dr. Rashmi Gulati, 1-212-679-9667. The web site is .

She discovered that the reason for my hot flashes was that my adrenals were very low, and is the only doctor who balanced my thyroid, adrenals glands and female hormones together. She prescribed bio-identicals plus compunded thyroid as the synthroid my other doctor prescribed was not working for me as I had problems coverting T4 to T3.

Net result is my hot flashes are gone and I feel 10 years younger. Thank god for healers like Dr. Rashmi Gulati.



i was wondering if anyone knows of a doctor in the Knoxville,Tennessee area that deals with biodentical hormones?

I am looking for good bioidentical hormone replacement center in Rockville/Bethesda/Potomac/Chevy chase areaa in Maryland. Can anyone recommend a good wellness center or doctor please?


I am looking for access to bhrt in tucson,arizona.
I can be contacted @


Looking for a doctor who practices BHRT in Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana area.


I contacted the compound Pharm., the Dr. they gave me was a family practice with no desire to take any samples of blood or saliva. The only other is a homopathic. Help. Is there any M.D. in Norther Ca.that does have the knowledge of bio. I.d. homones.

This is for Linda in the Kansas City Area that posted in February 2009. I use Dr. John Murphy he has an office in Western Shawnee, KS. His number is 913-441-4544.

The above post regarding a Dr. in Kansas City is for Donna that posted March 2, 2009.

For DFW area contact Dr Gary Donovitz in Arlington Texas 817-467-7474. I've been on the Bio Identical hormones for 6 months and I feel like me again.

I need to find a female OB GYN who treats women with bio-identical hormone therapy In the Lexington, Kentucky or Northern Kentucky area. No Male Dr's please.

Mrs. Scott

I need to find bio-identical physician on long island, preferably central north shore Long Island (Huntington, Port Jefferson areas) who takes the Empire Health Insurance Plan.

The post for Leslie looking for a dr. in the Nashville/Clarksville area may have been for Yvette.

Does anyone know of an MD in Rhode Island that uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Thanks in advance for any input.

There is no one physician better in the Kansas City and Overland Park area for bio-identical hormones than Dr. James Mirabile. Very busy but worth the wait! My life has changed after seeing several gyn's that treated me like I was just losing my mind. His practice is For Women Only.

I have an appointment to see a doctor in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY. They DO NOT accept any insurance, but from my reasearch most of the good ones don't. #516-759-4200-Dr. Linchitz. My appointment is on April 17. They told me first appt. is 2 hours long, hoping it will be well worth it. One month wait for me & $500 for the first visit.

does anyone know a Dr. in Montana that prescribe Bio identical hormones?

Laura, I am also in the Lees Summit, MO area. I am looking for a Doctor dealing with Bio-Identical Hormones for my Mom and myself. My Mom is in desperate need as she's tried everything else. Can you help and give a name and contact! number. Thank you! Jan

I am almost 60 years old, post menopausal and have been on the pellets for several months. I started getting facial hair and losing the hair on my head so she put me on saw palmetto for that. The problem is, I am having a period and I don't know if that is normal or not. I don't know is it is the saw palmetto or the hormones or something else. I feel great. does anyone know if this is normal?

I am looking for a doctor that prescribes and is educated using bio identical hormones in the Lubbock, Midland, Dallas, Austin area?
Can anyone help me with this?

Has anyone used Dr. Hiedi Archer in Potomac Falls - this was listed in the site for the DC metro area? I live in Maryland near Annapolis and need to find one asap!!

I'm looking for a DR bioHRT in southern Africa - Please help!!!

I would not use the "Women to Women Center" Maine(founded by Dr.Christine Northrup-she's written books appeared on Oprah ) They do not do testing they go by symptoms only unless you insist on being tested. They use the same approach to everyone even though they claim they individualize everything specially to you.I know this because I have since met up with 3 other women who tried going to "Women to Women's" and were prescribed the same exact treatment I was. They throw you on a low dose pre-made estradial patch (bio identical but a standard dose patch) which I could get from any pharmacy or through my regular PCP with no compounding it is a regular prescription strength. They tell you wait a few months for symptoms to change then go on some progestrerone- again at a dose not compounded to what you need, no tests done (they claim tests are a waste of time in person but their website says otherwise) the way they prescribe is by guessing (and I do mean that literally) by your symptoms only. I tried sticking this out with them this way for over 3 months and just continually got worse and worse. I watch my diet carefully ,am regular size for my height, etc. I was not getting worse because of not taking care of myself it was in direct response to what they were recommending. The staff was also rude or very flighty twice my chart was mixed up with someone else and I had to repeatedly point it out.-The nurse was acting like she was on something honestly!I could not believe I had to repeatedly insist I was not the person whose chart she had and showed her the name 4 times before she agreed! They were horrible at returning phone calls had to wait up to a week for any response.They do a lot of marketing and do not follow what they say on their website. It is hard to see the same practitioner they all work part time(all are Nurse Practitioners no doctors) Notes are left in charts from one practitioner to the next as the only means of knowing what is going on. The notes in one case were again mixed up from someone else chart mixed up in mine. (the spelling were not even close so I can't make an excuse for that)The place is also not very clean. The socks covering the examining table stirrups were matted and filthy and the side of the table looked as though it had not been cleaned in a very long time there was visible dirt marks all over it. This place does a lot of marketing but is all talk and does not deliver the services they claim at all. If anyone knows of a place in Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts in the the north shore or Boston area PLEASE POST Thank you

Is there a physician in the Cocoa FL area that prescribes and is educated using bio identical hormones and compounding

So. had my first appointment, women at desk, very nice, had 1:00 apt, was seen at 1:25, saw Dr. Dashiff, nice, he didnt read quesionaire I filled out, so make sure you TELL HIM WHATS GOING ON...EX. MEMORY LOSS, LACK OF SLEEP, even if you fill out the questionaire & list it on it, verbalize it!!!! I did research beforhand, so i understood most of what he talked about, have 4 at home tests to take + blood work before he will prescribe anything, good i guess, this week is my "testing week".. next appt. is on May 14, we will review results & I will update... Hang in there, D

Does anyone have a good doctor in Indianapolis, IN? Thanks Debbie

would like to find doctor specializing in bioidentical hormones in the kitchener, ontario, canada area

my office specializes in Bioidentical hormone replacement. our website is
we offer knowledge, understanding and guidance in the field of Women's health and hormonal issues all over the country.

Doeds anyone know a good Doctor for BIH in Denver?

Does anyone know of a doctor who specialize in bio-identical hormone treatment in Toronto/Brampton/Mississauga, area. Please let me know ASAP.

Where in the Dallas or Fort Worth Texas area can I find a Doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormones?

Does anyone have a referral doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy in the St. Louis, MO area?

Hi where in Montréal can I find a women doctor to prescrive and measure my hormones level? excuse my english but it's not my language thank you very much
( I'm talking about bioidentical hormone)

I am looking for a Bioidentical HRT Dr. in the Ohio area. Does anyone know if Cleveland Clinic has any?


looking for bhrt dr. in northern new jersey. preferably bergen county. thanks.

Hi - I am 43 and have been in menopause since I was 39. I've gotten the run around from my doctor! I am wondering how I can find a Doctor that handles bhrt. I am in the Pottstown, PA area, about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. Thanks for your help! I'm suffering!!!

hi- i'm 48 with a thyroid condition and also in primenapause, i live in south jersey, williamstown, anyone know of a doc who uses bhrt and take ins. too!? thanks

Does anyone have a referral doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy in the Portland, Or area?

does anyone know of a good dr. that specializes in bhrt in scottsdale az and can bhrt help with weightloss too.??

I visited Dr. Sanady in NY with a friend of mine and was not impressed. The office is madness. She is not a nice welcoming person-no bedside manner and borderline nasty. Will continue looking

Are there any doctors in the Boston/South Shore area that prescribe bioidenticals? Help...

Hi Donna,
I just saw your post and I live on the South Shore (South of Boston)as well. I am also looking for a doctor that will prescribe bioidenticals. I have just started my search and was shocked to hear my doctor's receptionist tell me that she "never heard of bioidentical hormone replacement" yikes!. This scares me and so I know with this search of finding a doctor/pharmacy I have my work cut out for me. If anyone knows any doctors south of Boston or in the Boston area please respond.

Do doctor on military installations (San Antonio, Texas) prescribe bioidentical

I am a board certified Ivy league Family Practice doctor who has been practicing Bio-identical hormone replacement and Anti-aging for 15 years. I am located in Columbia and Laurel in Maryland.
This is only 30 miuntes from Baltimore, DC and 40 mins from Northern Virginia.
You can find out more information on my website at
Also check out my blog for current issues regarding hormone replacement and Public Health.
Trust me you can feel so much better!

Dr Tuakli

Hi Mary,
There is a doctor in Mullica Hill,NJ who I saw last week and does BHRT,great bedside manners and very convincing.
She does accept insurances for follow up visits.Give it a shot.
Good Luck

I found a medical doctor who prescribes BHRT in Santa Barbara. His name is James L. Kwako, MD. He is very thorough, answered all my questions and gave me plenty of time. Best of all, he is covered by my insurance as are the labs he ordered. He is very conservative and doesn't push his opinion of the type of BHRT he thinks you should have, but rather lets you discuss with him what you think would work best for you.

Hi Maureen I read your post and I have to agree Womens to Womens center in Maine the one started by Christine Northrup is awful. The people have terrible attitudes and I noticed the place was not very clean either. I went there and a similar thing happened to me. I got worse to the point of feeling very scared.I kept calling trying to get to talk to someone and I didn't get a phone call back until 5 days later. I ended up very weak and shaky to the point I couldn't stand on my own.They claimed it shouldn't have reacted like that and that I was on the low dose patch and Emitra cream that is very low dose. They said I was just "sensitive" and to stick with it. I tried and stayed weak and then got more and more unusually irritated and crying intensely. My vision changed dramatically. I went off it and am left with intense hot flashes and night sweats that I was not having before. Before I would get hot flashes but they passed quick and were only annoying close to the time my periods were due my main problem were muscle and joint pain and insomnia. Now I am drenched in sweat 10 to 20 times a day and wake up several times at night from them. The Womens to Womens center did no tests claiming they had so much experience they didn't need to do them. I like a fool trusted them and have ended up in a worse mess. I am desperate to find a qualified doctor that does testing and knows how to read and use the tests. PLEASE if anyone knows anyone in the Massachusetts New Hampshire or lower Maine area Please let me know too I am feeling desperate and scared at this point. My Primary Care Physician is useless.

I have found a doctor in Newport News VA. I found her on the internet so not sure how she is. Her name is Dr Mimi Peak and her website is Her first office visit is $120 and for the Bioidentical Testing special they have it's $399. If anyone decides to go to her please post on here. Not sure if I will yet.

Looking for a good recommendation for a BHRT doctor in Maryland. Talked to my GYN about BHRT - she doesn't recommend it - and she more or less said there is nothing I can do about it. Please help if you know of one. thank you.

Dr. Kathryn Retzler in Portland Oregon specializes in hormone balance and optimal aging. She's a great doc and affordable. She doesn't bill insurance though most insurance companies will cover blood testing. Visit her website at .


I saw a post that Amy in Naples, FL was getting hormones costing her $100 per month. I can tell you from experience that's way too high! There's a wonderful compounder over here in Hialeah, FL - Universal Arts Lab - they are amazing and reasonable. They will mail them to you.

Hi Ladies, I too am looking into hormone therapy that addresses all of the hormones affected by menapause. Here's something I've found in San antonio, TX. Good Luck.

Hi Milna, Not sure where in SW Ohio you live but I just went to Dr Rebecca Glaser in Dayton. Her website has information you need to read and also the form you need to take to go get Lab work done before they will set up an appt. I got my first pellet on May 11 and there is a huge difference in my life. I no longer feel like Im slowly dying....Her website is

Does anyone know a doc in the Boston area who prescribes bio hormones?? Its soooo hard to find anyone! I am 53 with awful menopausal symptoms and really need to start those hormones but cannot find anyone who would prescribe them! A regular gyn knows nothing about it! Its really very frustrating! Please help!!!!

Don't go to Christine Northrup's Womens to Womens center in Yarmouth, Maine. I was terribly disappointed. I was more knowledgeable on a number of things then the nurse practitioner prescribing treatment. I felt very uneasy because of this. The place was not friendly or clean either. Expensive!

We offer a site that has a very comprehensive bioidentical doctor list for the United States. It's at
You will find many doctors listed here. Hope this helps out women and men searching for a doctor who prescribes bioidentical hormones.

I don't think my whole message got published but I just wanted to tell your readers that we have a site which offers a comprehensive listing of bioidentical doctors throughout the United States. It's at:
Sorry for writing this again, I don't think the message appeared when I first published this comment.

Thanks Bioidentical - it's a nice list. However, I live in NE Ohio and the closest doctor on the list is 2.5 hours away. I don't mind driving, but if I can find someone closer it would be better. Does anyone know of a good doctor in the NE Ohio area?

I see Dr. James Mirabile in Overland Park, KS which is a suburb of Kansas City. All I can say is he fullfilled every rave I had heard of him. Kind, understanding, thoughtful, and brilliant when it comes to the hormones and getting your life back on track! See him first, his wait is long but well worth it! Good Luck!

This message is for Kyle Riley:
Hi, I live in Lake of the Ozarks and am looking for a Dr. for hormone treatment. You posted that you had an appt. in Feb. with Dr. Vanderpool, and I was wondering how your appt. went and if you feel better. Does he accept insurance? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Bio-identical hormone doctor in or near Pensacola, FL? Have been using therapy for 2 years from a Dr. Lovell in Baton Rouge, LA, but need someone closer to home. Thanks

Hello out there; Could someone please tell me if they have gone to the clinic: Body Logic in Woodlands, Texas? I have been wanting to make an appointment there but I live pretty far away (near Corpus Christi, TX) - I need all hormone testing & treatment, badly ! Thank you to anyone who is willing to share their opinion with me.
God Bless

I Live on L.I., N.Y. & have been seeing Dr. Linchitz in Glen Cove, NY. He did a host of blood work and has made me feel so much better. He has a good bed side manner, office is very nice & I love the girls at the front desk (especially Antonella, she does a fantastic job) I went for BHRT but he also tested for alot more. He found out I was low in alot of vitamins, told me which ones and since I bagan taking them my energy levels jumped. Now were working on the BHRT, he has me calling him every 15 days or so because we are just starting them (I'm on day 6 of the creams), he listens & explains things well. I am very happy with him. His number is 516-759-4200 . I hope this helps.

Does anyone know of a doctor in Perth WA who will test and supply Biodentical Therapy?

Comment on Women to womens center in Yarmouth Maine from June 3... I had copied some of the above statements to fit on a on file and had not cleared the last one about the women's center before posting so the comment was posted under my name as well as the original posters as I copied my announcement from Microsoft word to post here. Sorry About the mix up The original poster was Mary. I do not know the Womens to Womens center in Yarmouth I was just copying peoples general responses to places. Sorry for the mix up.

Anyone looking in the Ontario, Canada market- come to London.

Dr. James Martin- a reproductive endocrinologist to be exact in London, Ontario.
A fabulous guy with a great reputation.

That is if you are looking for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Can you recommend a doctor in Atlanta area??? Thanks

I just found the easiest way to find out which doctors prescribe bio-identicals. I called my local compounding pharmacy and they gave me a complete list. I now have an appointment scheduled. Good Luck

For patients looking for bioidenticals in the New York area, we are available to help.

Founded in 1974, Patients Medical is the largest State-of-the-Art Hormonal Medical Practice in New York. The 9,000 sft Center has complete 3D and 4D Ultrasound equipment and a testing lab on site.

The eight doctors on staff include Harvard Board Certified Gynecologist Dr. Michael Abrahams with 15 years experience, and Yale MD, WBAI Radio Show host, Dr. Kokai with 20 years experience.

We use and recommend custom compouned natural Bio-identicals with no preservatives fo our patients.

The address is:

Patients Medical PC,
800 Second Avenue, Suite 900,
(Between 42nd and 43rd Street),
New York, NY 10017, , .

I am the new patient coordinator and can be reached any time to answer your questions and make an appointment.

We are currently accepting new patients.



To Rhonda who posted on June 10. Dr. Richard Lucey is located in Pensacola, FL. I get hormone pellets from him. There are some other posts on this site about him. Hope this helps. :)

Me again. The above post was not to Rhonda, sorry. It is to jmd. I looked at the wrong line. :)

Desparately seeking endocrinologist or someone who will adjust my bio identical levels after 4 weeks. OB GYN refuses to look at for 3 months, that won't work, I need energy to maintain a job in the afternoon. HELP, I live in Irving TX , looking for a provider that accepts AETNA and does work with bio identicals. Have been on phone all day, either they only do infertility work or won't accept my insurance and I don't wish to wait for reimbursment. THANKS!

I am now on Bioidentical Hormones. I want to find anothr doctor who really has the time for me as well monitor my levels more closely. I live in Midland Tx but willing to travel if I have too. I want a doctor who really knows about the bioidentical hormones and understands.

If you need a doctor in your area, go to and click on the map for your state, then county.

If you are looking for a doctor in the Houston, Spring, The Woodlands area, call Dr. Sakina Davis at the Woodlands Wellness and Cosmetic Center. She is the best! I have used her for five years with bio-identical hormones and have had incredible results. She is extremely knowledgeable and her staff is wonderful. They are located in Market Street.

I am looking for a bioidentical doctor in the North Central area of Kansas. Can anyone help?

I am a 56 yr old woman that had a total hysterectomy over 10 years ago and was on premarin.I chose to stop taking my premarin and start on bio identals. I love them. I take mine daily. I have read books about stopping for 5 days then returning. Is this just for women that have their ovaries?

Does anyone know which of the major insurers at the PPO level provide coverage for compounded bio-identical HRT?
Aetna used to, but stopped a year or so ago.

Try R and P Weight Loss in Slidell, Louisiana. This is a new office out of a fantastic bioidentical hormones and weight loss business headquartered in Austin, Texas!

Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and diagnositic testing in Chicago. Lakeshore Wellness Center, Dr. Susan Wojcik

High Crest Health in Fairfield, NJ is the BEST! Since I started going there I am a new person, I feel great! They are out of network, but they still sent my info to the insurance company, and I got reimbursed for most of the doctor visit. My insurance also covers my hormones, and they cover my blood tests. I would highly recommend Dr. Segal, and Ronit to everyone for bioidentical hormones. Here is their website:

Looking for a nurse practioner/dr who specializes in natural bio-identical replacement therapy in Ventura preferably or in Ventura County. Thanks

Looking for doctor in the Dallas Ft. Worth, Tx. area who will help me and not mess with me. I'm not a woman to mess with at this time in my life:) Any advise or help and Doctor's names will be most appreciated.

Thank you

Does anyone know of any Bio-HRT doctors in Maryland?
If so,please email me at

Hi looking for a BHrt doctor in the Montgomery County area of PA. would really appreciate any help. thanks.

Hi, Ditto, please email with Dr.'s in Maryland/Virginia/or DC.

(preferably Maryland/Montgomery County area)

Does anyone know of any doctors in AZ that could help me?

for anyone looking for a doctor that does bio-identical hormones in the Dallas area
I highly recommend Dr Reynaldo Sanchez He is very good he has trained with some of the best physicians in the world including Dr. Tutera in fact he is one of only two doctors who got to train one on one with him in his clinic his office # is 214-691-7546 his website is had lots of great success with him!!!!

To anyone wanting to find a good docotor in the DFW area who specializes in Bioidentical Hormones his name is Dr Donovitiz and he is located in Arlington TX.
I just started using the Sottopelle Pellets and I can tell a difference in just a few days.

I live in Aylmer, Quebec - after reading your note on finding someone in Ottawa who is well educated in Hormones, I was very interested in knowing the name of the person. Could you please email me her name (the rn, I would greatly appreciate it, because I am suffering from symptoms and my GP tells me it can take up to a year to see an endocrinologist in Ottawa - I can't wait that long. THANK YOU

Thank you to Patty who on June 11/09 posted the name of a Doctor in the London, Ontario Canada area. I live in London and did not think that there was anyone in this city who treated menopausal side effects with bio-idental hormone replacement therapy. It is Labour Day and his office is closed but I am thrilled to know there is someone in our city whom I can call tomorrow! How kind of you Patty to think of helping other wommen by posting Dr. Martin's name.

This is my 1st time on this sight searching also. Really I'm amazed after reading nearly everyone of the commements for women suffering with multiple female issues.I will be 53 next month, my life is unbearable. So I am willing to try the High Crest Health Clinic, they do take health insurance, and I live in Philadelphia. If I do not try someone what will become of my LIFE, because I do not have one. Hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, hypertension, and a breast cancer surviver,OhI forgot menopause.
Lifeless & Almost Hopeless in Philadelphia

Does anyone know of a doctor in Augusta, Ga area that works with BHT?


I am looking for a bio hrt dr in Montgomery or Bucks county, PA? Thanks so much! Blessings

I have NJ Horizon blue cross blue sheild health care
no doctors deals with Bio-Identical hormons accept this insurance, all doctors who deals with BHRT doctor in NJ they charge a fortune to see them any one knows an affordable doctor please
Thanks you

I am a firm believer in NHRT. I have had my blood work done and am within "normal" range according to modern medecine. but, the natural doctor has since put me on natural thyroid, progesterone cream and multi vitamins. WOW, what a difference that makes. Feeling much better....

I am looking for a Dr in CT who tests for and prescribes bio-identical hormones. I live in new haven, CT and have had no luck finding one !! If they take ins. it would be helpful.

I need to find a Doctor that works with bioidentical in the Sacramento area.

Does anyone know of a doctor in Central/Southern NJ that specializes in hormone pellets?? Please advise, thank you.

I need a Doctor in the Orlando, FL. area who works with BHRT. Does anyone know of one who they would reccomend?


I have problem sleeping, is this hormone related?

Did anyone end up finding a good Dr. for bioidentical hormone replacement in the Maryland area? I've been suffering with premature menapause for the last 7 yrs. have gone on hormones with some success, but still am suffering mood swings, low energy, foggy brain, poor memory, joint pain on & off, weight gain, enlarged & painful breasts, trouble focusing. Hot flashes have stopped, but need help with everything else!!

Does anyone know of any Dr. in the Fresno/Clovis CA are that do Pellet Therapy??

Response to Diane Bernard about a bio-identical practitioner in Ventura area...I go to Christine Farrell FNP-C in Westlake Village and I am very happy with her and my results. I prefer the pellets, which she does, but she also does creams and drops depending on the person. Good luck! Her office is 805-494-8520

Does any one know of a good BIO-HRT , MD in California in the San Gabriel Valley or near by surrounding areas???

Does anyone know of a great bio-hrt, md in or around the Boston area?

Also looking in the Va, Md, DC area for a good Dr for both gynocology and BHRT. Please email me with your recommendations at Looking to hear from patients who have had successful experiences. Thanks.

North Shore of Boston, Ma.
Would LOVE a referral. for doctor prescribing BHRT, Thanks

Looking for a BHRT MD in the Cary or Raleigh, NC who does not use pellets but custom compounds their own formulas. Please advise!

Dr. Carolyn Shaak in Needham, MA. is one of these doctors using bioidentical hormones. I have gone there for about 5 years, and they are very good. Not only do I use the hormonal cream, but if I had not gone there, I never would have known I also have a thyroid problem.

Telephone - 781-453-2927 or 781-453-2962

Where can I find a doctor in Baton Rouge, LA that uses bioidentical hormone therapy?

I am Board certified Ob-Gyn and I prescribe bio-identical hormones please call my office at 281 277 3300 or 832 489 0964.

I am looking for a doctor in the Mandeville, Louisiana area that tests and uses bio-identical hormone therapy. Current doctor sent me to a compounding pharmacist for test, etc and still not getting results.

Fabulous doctor in baltimore md. Dr Aygun at Mercy Hospital 410-332-9878
I've been on bh for a year and its amazing. After trying traditional medicine, this is so much better.

Looking for a PA of Dr in the Reno area that practices bio-identical hormone therapy. I have a dr here but am considering relocating

Need recommendation for bio identical hormone pellet therapy in london england.

Looking for a doctor in or near Roanoke, Va. who will
administer bioidentical hormone estro and testosterone
in pellet form
Wife has tried creams with no positive results

For those in the Augusta, GA area. Call Duramed! They dispense natural hormones and have a list of doctors in the area! The pharmacist, Eric Holgate, is so knowledgeable. 706-737-0500

ND from bozeman, mt. And I have been doing bio identical hormones for 10 years plus. visit my website for more info

At HormoneSynergy we know that aging isn't optional, but optimal aging is. We also know that health and longevity are not merely the absence of disease, but the presence of optimal physical, mental, and emotional well being. HormoneSynergy provides you the most advanced treatments for slowing the effects of aging while restoring health and vitality with the use of natural therapies, lifestyle recommendations, and bioidentical hormones. Please visit our website for additional information about bioidentical hormones:

Does anyone know a good Doc in the Portland Oregon area? I think I would prefer an endocrinologist to start, but an MD that understands BHRT and nutrition etc is what matters most. I did find a naturopathic Doc that appears to be on the right track for me. Unfortunately I found out that my insurance will not pay for any prescriptions written by a ND. Therefore, no hormones,,,it really sucks. Please help me ASAP so I can live again!

I am looking for a good doctor for female issues, menopause and also thyroid, that takes insurance and does a good job in the seattle, everett area or
near vicinity.

For anyone looking for Natural Hormone Therapy in San Antonio, Texas, Kim Diaz, PA-C, and Dr. Swanson provide this service at Dr. Rogers Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic.

Looking into bioHRT in Nashville, TN, area. I've seen a couple of posts from others looking for the same on this site, but have not seen any replies. Am I missing something?

Full blown menopause with painful side effects. Ins. will cover some cost but I need a Dr. around Lexington, Ky that will take BCBS

I'm 36 yr old that had a complete hysterectomy 10 yrs ago. I have been miserable until I found my current doctor. He and his staff are amazing. Not only that he actual took time to listen to me! Been on BioHRT for only 3 weeks but can already tell a difference. His office is in Evansville, IN. Hope this helps someone in their quest to feel human again. Sholar Center Dr Buddy 812-401-7910 tell them Janetta sent you!

For the person looking for a doc in Nashville, TN. I would highly recommend Dr. Mark Calarco. He was my doc in Scottsdale, AZ. He moved to Nashville and I am still seeing him. His experience is extensive. 19+ years I think..long before most docs even knew how to treat hormones. Take my word..I had many ob givng me synthetic junk and I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm greatful for him.

Does anyone know a good doctor for BHRT in the San Antonio area? Have found a clinic but want all money up front before you see a doctor. Plans and contracts to match must be signed, and could not get any paperwork to take home, all verbal. Help?

Hey everyone,

If anyone is looking for a doctor in Oregon who specializes in the use of bioidentical hormones in PELLET form, go to this website:


Looking for a doctor in northern ky area for bioidentical hormonal replacement at a normal price... or who takes health insurance.

Has anyone ever been to Dr. David Borenstein or Dr. Dashiff (Linchitz Wellness) for bhrt on Long Island? I have an appt w/ both, as I am desperate for some help.

I recently got my first testosterone pellet implanted by my naturopath, Dr. Teresa Ramsey in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her clinic is called The Center for Natural Healing. She is extremely knowledgeable and appears on "Your Life A to Z" weekly on Tuesday mornings on our local channel 3. Her phone number is (480) 970-0077 and her website is at:

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