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I had my appointment yesterday due to a cancellation. We spent about an hour going over everything and discussing studies etc. It basically boiled down to the fact that doctors just don't know for sure yet what is best. For example, she said Dr. Schwarzbein could be correct that you need to get your period, but we still don't know. But most of her patients don't request that! She usually uses saliva testing, and even sometimes uses that along with blood tests to compare. And she prescribes creams instead of pills so it doesn't go through the liver. I felt very comfortable with her explanations, and felt like I had finally found something I will be comfortable trying.

Because I already had a saliva report she could use, she went ahead and phoned a prescription into Women's International Pharmacy and I should get it in the mail in about 5 days. She prescribed tri-estrogen and progesterone together in a cream, 5 mg. of DHEA and some Siberian Ginseng to start. I will do that for 18 days and then do another saliva test to see how it's going. Back to see her in five or six weeks.
We'll see how it goes!

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It is amazing home many of us struggle for years with this very natural process. Everywhere we turn we learn something else. Unfortunately it usually contradicts what we learned the day before. In the past our mothers and grandmothers were sentenced to dealing with male doctors who could not have a clue. At least now it is possible to find a few women doctors who, in addition to having the training and experience to help us, also understand our bodies a little better.
TITLE: Consult
AUTHOR: Elizabeth
DATE: 7/14/2004 12:08:28 PM

Does someone know if Dr. Alan Terliski is the only doctor that can treat Bioidentical hormone replacement in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland metropolitan area?

Does anyone know of a BHRT doctor in Tucson, Arizona or Sierra Vista, Arizona?

Today is 11/2nd/06

My mother needs to locate a doctor in the MD-VA-DC area that isn't afraid about prescribing bio-identical hormones.

She's been off the relugar HRT and is worse than ever before.

Please, as a daughter, I have searched relentessly in helping my mom find a doctor.

Please call me at 805-447-2374 if you know of anybody in the greater washington dc area (DC/MD/VA).

Thank you, Eliane

from one daughter to another i have found the nationally recognized docter Dima Ali in Reston VA google her. they dont take insurance in formation so you have to pay up front and get your insurance to reimburse you. but she can help! her number is 1-703-787-9866 my hopes for you

I heard of a facility that is in the process of opening in Fairfield, NJ called High Crest Health. They will be performing Anti Aging and hormone therapy.

Dr. Goodnight in Passaic/Bergen areas has been doing BioIdental Hormone Therapy for years and has help me, along with a lot of other people, feel fantastic and look great. (he is also a facial cosmetic surgeon)

Dr. Goodnight is also at the new center in fairfield...

Does anyone know a Dr. who will prescribe Bio-identical hormones in the central valley California area.
Fresno, Modesto,


Does anyone know of a doctor in Long Island that works with bioidentical hormone replacement?

I am also looking for a Dr who will prescribe bio-identical hormones in the Central San Joaquin Valley - Fresno area.

I am also looking for a Dr. that will prescribe bioidentical hormones in central San Joaquine valley area thanks

Hi, I'm looking for a Dr in the Maryland area that works with & prescribes bio-identical hormones. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Womens International Pharmacy will send you a list of doctors in your area who prescribe BHRT. Go to their website (, click on RESOURCES, and then select "get a referral," and you'll get your list within a week.

looking for doctor in maryland, virginia, dc,newjersey who can do a bioidentical screening and prescribe bio identicals

Carla - Do you mind sharing the name of the Dr. in Fresno who is not accepting new patients at this time? I'd like to know who he is and possibly be put on his waiting list. I've also copied the Physician you listed and thank you for posting it! Cheryl

Just wondered if you found an endocrinologist in Metro Detroit to help you? I would be interested in knowing who that Doctor was so I can look into this myself.


Suggest try Dr. Satty Keswani, MD for Bioidentical Hormones in the New York area.

She was awarded the Gyn of the year award two years ago and is one of the best Gyn's I know that does Bioidentical Hormones in Manhattan.

She can be reached at 1-212-679-9667.


I'm looking for a Dr. in Fresno,ca that prescribes bioidentical hormones.


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