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I feel lousy! So here we go again. I think I'll try my own thing now for awhile. I got an article in the mail written by Jonathon Wright on natural hormones. I found the same article online and you can read it here. He has a new progesterone called Progestgel and he talks in the article about not using more than 25-30 mg. of progesterone a day. Even at my half dose I'm doing 50 mg. I was doing 100 mg. and I think most women do that or more. The gel is available at the same site as the article. Wright has a website but I couldn't find the gel there. Maybe it hasn't been listed yet. It's new, but may only be made by Life Enhancement now. (I have osteoporosis and buy strontium from the Tahoma Clinc....his site.)

He also thinks some doctors are prescribing overdoses, and says Suzanne Somers is using 1 mg. or more of estradiol daily, even though studies show this level is putting her ar unnecessary risk. Plus he says research so far shows that having your period each month is not necessary for a woman to be perfectly healthy as she ages.

I have read more than one article to that effect lately. Actually I haven't heard anyone say that Dr. Schwarzbein's regimen is necessary. I really am glad I wasn't able to start that. I would be into it by now for a small fortune, not to mention the time. And can you imagine if I can't even handle this little amount what would have happened on that huge dose?

So I'm going to stop what I'm doing, (the combination tri-est and progesterone cream) and try his progesterone for a month. I'll see how that goes and then if I want to add the tri-est back (Wright does recommend that), I can get a separate prescription for it. It's too hard to adjust the two if you only have the combination cream.

Once again I'm pretty much flying blind but what else is new? And I think Dr. Wright is pretty good. The new addition of his book is supposed to be coming out in '05. And he says it's the progesterone and testosterone that affects sex drive. doctor said it's the estradiol. Ten people will get you ten different opinions!!

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