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Breast Biopsy is Best Detection Method

I have written here about the core breast biopsy I had a few years ago, and I just finished reading an interesting article that compares the different success rates for detection methods. The breast biopsy was judged to be the most accurate. In one study the "false negative" rate for the core biopsy was 6%. The other methods tested were MRI, ultrasound, PET scan, and scintimammography.

In the AHRQ report, the researchers found that the use of MRI missed 38 cancers for every 1,000 women; ultrasound missed 50 tumors for every 1,000 women; and PET scans missed 76 per 1,000 women. Scintimammography, a nuclear medicine test method that uses a small amount of dye and a scanner to detect cancer, missed 93 tumors for every 1,000 women.
Biopsy Best for Breast Cancer Detection

Good information to know if you ever need to make a choice.

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