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Core Biopsy

Well, yesterday was certainly interesting! I went for my mammogram and got some bad news.

Actually I was a year late this time. I usually schedule a mammogram every year because Mother had breast cancer. Two years ago I had a mammogram and an ultrasound because I have dense breasts and the doctor suggested we also check with the ultrasound. Everything was fine. So when I scheduled this year I decided to schedule both tests just to be on the safe side. And I had read in The Sexy Years that Suzanne Somers had found her cancer on an ultrasound after the mammogram results were fine. My mother found a large lump herself three months after her mammogram said she was O.K.

I went in for the mammogram. It was fine. On to the ultrasound. The technician didn't find anything. Then the doctor came in and checked. And there it was. I had almost made a clean getaway! I was laying there thinking if I had just scheduled only the mammogram I would be on my way home now!

So on to the options. She said it didn't look bad...she was pretty sure it was probably benign, but there was of course a chance that it was not...maybe 10% or less. Of course I didn't want to live with that 10% so I opted for a core biopsy which thankfully she said she could do right away.

The test was really not bad at all. They numb you up and go in and take about 6 samples to send to the lab. Hardly a mark is left. A compression bandage and ice off and on for four hours. Today I'm not even swollen or red and there was no after pain. Just take it easy and don't lift anything for 2 days.

The bad part of having it done on a Friday is that you have to wait until Monday for the results. I should know by Monday afternoon.

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I also had a mammogram and a core biopsy that showed I had benign fibrodeoma, although I have a large lump (about half the size of a tennis ball) under my right armpit, the tumors were also in my right breast. I am still worried about this large swelling under my armpit. Anyone have any suggestions?

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