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DEXA T-Scores After Strontium Citrate

Thought I would post the results of my latest DEXA bone density scan. Good and bad news. Here are my T-scores for 4 different scans over the last 5 years......


-2.7 (2001)

-3.1 (2002)

-3.1 with Advacal (2004)

-2.8 with Advacal and strontium (2006)


-3.2 (2001)

-2.2 (2002)

-1.9 with Advacal (2004)

-2.3 with Advacal and strontium (2006)

So the spine got better and the femur got a worse since the last scan (third). But overall since the first scan I’m pretty much holding my own from where I started with the spine, and the femur has gone from osteoporosis to osteopenia.

I do have to say that I have only been taking the strontium correctly for a few months. I knew not to take it with calcium, but thought you were supposed to take it with meals. Not correct. I was taking it away from calcium supplements but with meals, and probably was not getting all the benefits. I only corrected it in the last few months and have been doing it in the morning an hour before breakfast. Dr.Hoffman (below) says take it at night so I may switch to that. (Always take more calcium than strontium.)

I really hoped for and expected better results, but am going to continue to take it. (If I had gotten these results after knowing that I had taken it correctly the whole time, I might have decided to quit.) Also there is no acceptable alternative for me now that the Fosamax and related drug stories are out about the jaw necrosis problem.

Dr. Ronald Hoffman: "Strontium is available as strontium carbonate, strontium chloride, strontium sulfate, strontium gluconate and strontium citrate. In clinical research strontium gluconate was absorbed better than strontium carbonate. It is my clinical opinion that strontium citrate is absorbed better than the other forms of this mineral. Remember that strontium is very closely related to calcium. They both utilize the same carrier protein for transport. Calcium will win this tug of war effortlessly. The take home message is to take strontium 4 hours away from calcium (preferably other minerals as well) before bed. Currently, I dose strontium at 681mg in one dose prior to bed (each strontium citrate capsule contains 227mg of pure strontium citrate = 3 capsules) on an empty stomach (defined as 2 hours after a meal)." (

Note: I'm contributing to the new Got Bones blog if you want more information about bone health.

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I had low scan scores several years ago. A year of nasal spray did not help much. Five years of Fosamax brought me to normal readings.(along with more exercise, other vitamins)for four years. Reduced Fosamax to 35mg and had normal readings. Quit Fosamax several months ago and just now found out about strontium citrate. Really excited to learn that perhaps I can protect my bones with a much less dangerous drug. Just starting on it now. Will anxiously await next bone scan.

just started taking strontium this month, the citrate. Looking forward to good results

i'm taking strontium citrate (doctor's best). could you set my mind at rest and assure me that there are no traces of metal in this product? i've read that what i'm taking each day is a stable mineral -- not to be confused with the radioactive form. is there a connection between strontium citrate and the radioactive form?

many thanks.

Can you really have faith that Stronium alone will get your BMD back to a normal state?

MY BMD's are about the same as yours. I find it very hard to know what to do. I've tried Actonel for the last 5 years but my BMD just dropped a little this year. The scare about the jawbone thing has to do with people getting teeth extracted and the bones not healing up properly. I think it's when they also have other conditions going on. Regardless I've always questioned whether Actonel or Fosamax are really healthy, or if they simply make a person retain old unhealthy bone that is brittle.

Can one continue taking the weekly dose of Fosamax (70mg) as well as Strontium Citrate? Or is it one or the other only?

I would check out the Got Bones blog and Fosamax side effects to see if you really want to continue to take Fosamax.

I have taken 1 cycle of Dodrocal, and want to know if I should renew it, or start taking Strontium citrate. Does anyone know why the Canadian and American Food and Drug administrations will not approve Protelos (Strontim Ranelate) which European women use?

Where can I purchase the SR citrate caps? I tried my local 'nautral" food store and they did not have it. Would Whole Foods carry them? I live in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks and Happy New Year.

You can purchase strontium citrate at It's called Strontium Support.

I, too, am trying the strontium citrate (Strontium Boost) I also take AlgaeCal. I have tried Evista, Actonel and Fosamax & I keep losing bone. While on the Fosamax, I experienced heartburn and hot flashes, so the doctor wanted me to take more pills to counter-act these side effects. I am also looking for a new doctor! Good luck to everyone taking the strontium citrate!

I would be cautious of strontium because it's side effects to do with blood clots (of which i'm prone and also can result in DEATH!!!) is around the same rate as getting ONJ with fosamax-just check the side effects of strontium with any search site. Also if you read the strontium PI it makes it looks like you increase bone but mostly that's just the heavy metal absorbing the DXA rays (bone mineral density)that are used - it doesn't have enough evidence for me to be comfortable in taking it, plus i've heard its not great to take - a bit gritty. I'm sticking with my fosamax because i know its been on the market for so long-and only in the last few years had found that its a risk factor for ONJ- who knows when strontium will discover this?? They already have worse side effects, i'm worried that it will also have ONJ as its side effect! Only a matter of time...i wouldn't risk it...

strontium citrata has side effects and incrising blood presure?

Just learned that my gastro symptoms (GERD) could be related to my practice of taking calcium at bedtime. New practice will be taking it with dinner and strontium citrate at bedtime. Looking forward to better bones and tummy. Crossing fingers.

A lot of people don't get on with Aspartame.
Also - the manufacturers of Protelos have a mathematical formula to work out what your 'true' bone density is - as once you take it, the structure of your bones changes and you can get a false reading (your true bone density will be lower than you think). Apparently if you email Servier they will tell the formula to use.

My health authority (england) is in dispute with Servier as to how to measure bone density - I have been on Protelous for 3 years. they still haven't decided on the correct formula!

Ihave been taking Doctor's Best Strontium Citrate Bone maker, for about 3 months.

I have side effects,which are:
A swollen left ankle mainly, and Awful burning heart burn through the middle of my chest.

The pain in my chest was so bad, I went to my Cardio Dr. I just had full cardio tests done (must cost a fortune!) and allot of blood test from my regular Dr. which those have turned out good, as my heart testing did also.

When I started to have a swollen ankle, (I have skinny Ankles) I stop Strontium, it went down, then I started again, and the same problem.
The longer I took it, then the pain in my chest started. Now that I have stopped taking Strontium, I do NOT have any chest pain/burning heart burn.
Zantic didn't help it,and something else I bought at the health food store, didn't help either.

I did call Doctors Best, and she acted like she was SO surprised, as she said there is NOT any side effects from Drs. Bests, its a natural mineral.But if you have renal failer do not take it. I don't have that problem.
I'm wondering if it has sodium in it?
Also I my blood pressure is about 107 over 73ish..Taking Strontium it went up!!!
I also take allot of D3,two different Calciums,Mag, and other vitimins, before taking Strontium. took strontium 3 hours before eating anything.

Strontium Citrate is going to be tested at UCDavis in California, (I live in Cal.) but only for 3 months. I do not think that is long enough, but I feel in 3 months, it can show some side effects like what I had!
Also its going to be tested at USD, in S.D.Cal.

Before Stontium, I took a one monthly Boniva and was sick with Joint pain, felt like I had the flu for two weeks.
So I won't be taking those types of drugs again.
And I will not be taking anymore Strontium.

Strontium citrate is a natural mineral. Strontium relate (sp?) is a not natural and that is why it is a perscription in Europe.

Just because something is natural, does not make it healthy.
Haroin is natural, and we know that is not healthy.

I have ulcerative colitis
which was in remission at the time I started taking Strotiunm citrate. After taking it for about 3 weeks I started haveing a flare up of the colitis. Has anyone else had this problem or any intestinal upset with it? I went off it for about 2 weeks and have just stared tryng it again to see if it was the strontium or just a coincidence.

Does anyone know the formula to adjust the BMD readings on a Dexa scan when using strontium? Someone wrote that emailing Servier would get an answer, but I've had no luck. Servier's web site even says they do not recommend making adjustments. I have hunted everywhere a formula, and I come up articles that say that strontium will cause the Dexa scan to overestimate BMD by 10%. So if I showed a 6.7% increase in BMD since using strontium, does that mean I actuallyhave a 3.3% net loss? If I subtract 10% from the BMD, that's what I get - a loss instead of an increase. Does anyone know if it is that simple or is there a formula?

hey dorothy, could you ask the researchers at UCD if strontium, in any form, can cause a mild elevation in blood pressure? thanks linda

hey dorothy, could you ask the researchers at UCD if strontium, in any form, can cause a mild elevation in blood pressure? thanks linda

Hi Dorothy,

Could you please ask if strontium citrate causes extreme itchiness or hives?
Thank you,

Dorothy, would you please be so kind to ask if complications or side effects may occur by taking strontium citrate nightly and the IV Boniva - injection every three months? Thank you.

I would be very interested in your progress during this study and hoping for great improvement in your bone health. Smiles, CJ

I am 41 and run my own design firm. this year has been the toughest in my life. I moved my business on my own to a new country. The financiall crises have taken their toll but also my health. I am single and now my period has become irregular, my facial skin is showing hormone blotches and today I found out that I have osteoporosis in my hip reading with fracture risk:high and osteopenia in my spine reading
with fracture risk: increased.

I know that i work under high stress and do not exercise yet I dont drink, or smoke.
with so much info on the websites...I dont know what to do. please help. can this be reversed somehow.. I still hope to marry and have kids...

I also have severe Osteoporosis...taking bioidentical hormones, calcium and Vit D3. Have read much abt Strontium citrate but have never heard of it raising your blood pressure and blood clots, is this true?? Now I am scared to take this mineral. Are there reliable sites where it says this. Please help me.

same--where can one in the US get strontium citrate or renelate, or malonate or gluconate?

Allison was going to be in the UCD study. Has anyone heard anything about the UCD study? I live near Davis, too--what a school!!

After much research, I am taking strontium citrate to help a hyperparathyroid problem to correct the parathyroid casr regulater, also lower my serum calcium.
Anyone else doing this????

Doug you have a parathyroid tumor . ............Go to Parathyroid. com.Read up on the Norman Parathyroid Center educate yourself. I just found out about this awesome place. I have lost too much bone density with this mess of a problem. Just check it out.These people can correct it.

Judy and others looking for Strontium Citrate - I bought mine (Doctors Best) at a local Henrys market and I believe I found it on Amazon as well. The instructions say to take it "with or without food" but not with Calcium. There seems to be some confusion about this instruction as I read in an earlier post that it should NOT be taken with food.

I've been using Protelos 2g- strodium ranelate since a year riscing thrombosis, cos I am only on bed and I haven't felt any better, could even say that the condition of my bones got worse. Is there anybody else using it for at least a year without any improvement? Anybody else who noticed improvement? I live in Greece and we don't have a forum for these things. I would feel grateful for any reply.

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