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Fosamax Lawsuits

This news story is very distressing. There are lawsuits by women claiming Fosamax causes osteonecrosis of the jawbone.

"The osteoporosis drug Fosamax is under fire, with reports linking its long term use to a condition causing patients' jawbones to rot and die. That disease is called osteonecrosis (ONJ) and it caused Gwendolyn Wolfe to develop ONJ." (

Oh great! A rotting jawbone?!!! I sure am glad I continued to resist doctors who wanted me to take this. As I stated before, my mother took it and ended up with problems swallowing. Just what she needed when she was dying from breast cancer!

Check out a copy of Overdosed America by John Abramson, M.D., (or just go in a bookstore and read). The chapters on hormones, osteoporosis and Fosamax are very eye opening. His website has an excerpt from the book on Fosamax… click on Chapter 13.

I'm finally going back on Wednesday for a follow-up bone density to see if the strontium is working. (I take strontium citrate.) I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Note: I'm contributing to the new bone health blog if you want more information about Fosamax.

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