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Maca for Menopause and Libido

I received a health email yesterday and it was talking about the benefits of Maca as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. I spent a couple of hours reading all the articles and have decided to try it for awhile. Maybe that will help the libido because nothing else is working.

So I'm still on a quest for answers and I'm still putting off doing the saliva tests. I do need to do that soon.

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I found unbelievable results from a product called MACA750 from It not only helped my menopause symptoms, so that I not longer have those dreadful power surges, but I have much more energy! It's higher potency than what many places sell.

I have been using maca to treat my menopause symptoms with this maca root powder in tablets and it has been good so far. However, I haven’t found a thorough scientific study on how maca is positively affecting menopausal symptoms. I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing and not just playing with placebo and marketing hype.

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Gina Nunez

I've used MACA750 and it definitely works. It not only helps with low libido and all the hormonal issues but it also gives me a lot more energy. I'm no longer dragging through the day.

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