still having nightmares every night and still constantly terrified and on edge. feeling hopeless and unwanted and very much alone and unliked. like if i stood in the middle of a room and started to scream, no one would bother looking up. its just nobody. i feel hopeless. buried under tons of memories and guilt and pain and shame. suffocating. one of the inside kids got a package in the mail today from a kind friend. that just made her day to have her own name on a package. wish everyone we dealt with understood how important that is. how important it is to be seen as individuals and treated as such. instead of lumped together under the body named "Pilgrim" and treated the same.... wish everyone would realize that some of us are nothing alike...and dont share the same memories, past, family, or life.... today it just seems like...going to be hopeless forever and alone. not feeling worth anything. off on another planet. i'm always going to be alone. nobody

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Dear Nobody,I'm sorry you're having nightmares and feeling scared. Also my heart breaks to read you think you will always be alone. You aren't. You have friends, like me, who care about you. And Pilgrim cares too, and she wants to talk with you and care for you. You can trust her.Remember you have my email address and can write me.hugs and blessings, Judy

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