Do alters age?

Do alters age?
Someone asked me this (thank you for your very kind e-mail)-- this is just true for us.... i dont know how it is for other people. but as for us it seems like no, no one does. I have heard from other people that those inside them do get older. I've heard that their therapists somehow help them through hypnosis, but i have no idea what that entails. But inside of here, everyone's been the same age forever. It just occurred to me... i wonder if its because...especially those of us who are younger... its like, we've stayed stuck at the age we were made at...maybe because we havent gotten over what happened yet. It seems like Caroline got some older... maybe its because she got over some least, she acts older... but these are things are are just my opinion. i've been 17 for...almost 15 years now. i know that doesnt make any sense. people probably think "well, that'd make you 32 years old then." But it isn't true. I'm 17. I still look 17. I still see myself having my braces on. I can still feel my braces on, even though they're technically not there on my teeth anymore. Mae still can feel the gap in her teeth where her front teeth are missing. Claire's canine (??) teeth are missing because she is 8 and she can feel the gap where the teeth are gone. Tuck... well...lets just say he "knows" he is a boy because he feels like one... um........ yeah/. everyone "feels" their age and seems to stay there. well i have gotten quite off topic haven't i...i'm sorry. i just wanted to explain things from an insider's point of view since i was around again tonight. nobody

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Hi Nobody,I read your post on whether alters age, and I thought that you explained it very well. Thank you, Judy

Thank you for answering that for me. I want to understand what things are like for all of you. I have been remiss in reading your blog for a while, so I hope things are better than they were. I'll read on, in hopes.Hugs,Heather

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