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September 2, 2004

medical problems specific to alters

Do any of the alters have specific medical problems to them alone?

I hope its ok that i answer this. its mostly me anyway who is the answer. I dont know if any of the others has written about this here already. If they have, I'm sorry. I dont really read what everyone writes here.

this is just me,nobody. i'm not an expert on whats going on with everyone else but here's what i've heard, that Caroline doesnt ever get sick. I know this does cause problems . Like once i had the flu and stayed home from school, and my abusive boyfriend was all mad because i told him he better not come over since i was really sick. And i was really,really sick, couldnt get off the couch without throwing up (sorry, too much info). But Caroline can come around and be just FINE. That day, she was sitting at the table doing homework or something (and not feeling sick, because she wasn't, it wouldn't surprise me if she didnt even have a fever, but i'm not sure.) And thats when K (boyfriend) came by and peeked in the window and saw "me" there and started screaming "Yah! I can see you are SO sick! You're FAKING! you just dont want to see ME!" (he was really jealous and posessive and weird. i had to be with him all the time or he would get mad). But the thing was I was around again a little bit later and I was SICK. throwing up sick again. it still happens now. i dont know how Caroline does it. she just doesnt get sick, ever.

but i get sick a lot. there is one thing(its private) that always happens when I am here. only me. and it doesnt ever fail. :( Pilgrim has this saying she smirks about, "oh Nobody must have been here, cuz I've got it again. *groan*." i dont know why its just me.

i think thats about it though as far as medical stuff goes. everyone pretty much has the same stuff at the same time except for Caroline. but she's always been like this super-girl person anyway.

:( Obviously i am not.

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September 5, 2004

Denial again.

This all can't possibly be my life. This can't all be real. I have to be making all this up or something.
This is Pilgrim. None of this is real, right? Its all in my head. Or I'm psychotic, or lying, or overly imaginative. I dont want any of this to be true, all these writings that are here, all the things I hear in my head, all the evidence I have. I want to get away from it all. I feel like such a crazy person. i must just be crazy. Maybe I'm just psycho. And just don't realize it. There cant REALLY be other people, named nobody and Caroline and Mae and claire and Tuck and the kids and Missy and...etc.... all in there, right? Maybe i have just been... too stressed out the past few months. ok, 25 years.
today i just want to pretend nothing ever happened.
pretend there was no abuse.
pretend there was no rape.
pretend there was no other stuff.
i just want to pretend, just for today.
i just want to get away from it all.

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September 7, 2004

Shutting down.

I've been a little shut down the past few days and quiet.
The anniversary of a friend's death is coming up.
Every year I start to shut down in September-October.
Here I am doing so, right on schedule.

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September 9, 2004

The similarities are eery to trichotillomania

I was just reading my sister's diary (no I am not poking through her things! She writes Life with Trich here on Health Diaries)--- and something she wrote last night caught my eye:

It's hard to describe the feeling that comes over me when I want to pull. It's almost like my heart pounds, my head is swimming, my eyes are open but not focusing on anything. I'm just there inside my head, wanting some relief from all the noise around me. I can get myself out of that place, it's just hard to do.

That is her experience--- and how she copes is by pulling her hair (although not for weeks and weeks now, hurray!! and she has this VERY cool new haircut!!)

Those words are exactly the same thing I would write, but here is how I would change it just a bit:

It's hard to describe the feeling that comes over me when I need to switch /(dissociate). It's almost like my heart pounds, my head is swimming, my eyes are open but not focusing on anything. I'm just there inside my head, wanting some relief from all the noise inside me. I can't get myself out of that place, it's just hard to do.

I wonder what determined which direction each of us would take? Why did my sister start pulling her hair, and I created 10 other people inside myself?

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September 11, 2004

Searching for answers

I have been, for the past week, searching through all my old journals. I started keeping them in 7th grade; unfortunately, the one from that year was given to my "best friend" when I moved away and I never saw it again. I'd do just about anything to have it back. So I have only some sketchy writings from 8th grade to begin with, then my journalling habits really took off when I was 16 and in my sophomore year of high school.
They fill boxes.
The journals, which mainly start with chronicling my journey through anorexia, are in my opinion, very twisted. By the time I was writing them, there was something REALLY WRONG. It makes me almost sad to read them, especially when I was 16. I was already filled with so much self-hate, loneliness, and loathing; what a way to be a teenager.
All through my teenage years I complained of headaches, voices inside. There are lines in my journal where I call myself different names, write things in the 3rd person, scream at myself.
But it wasn't until 1993 that things really started to go wrong, extremely wrong (and I was still 7 years away from even entertaining the thought of finding a therapist.)
In 1990, one of my best childhood friends died. In 1992, some more deaths occurred-- in my family and with friends. Other things happened, as well as the ongoing abuse from my boyfriend.
It just looked like, in my journals, that in 1993, I had had enough.
By 1993, you can see the handwriting changes. You can read about the spacing out, the missing chunks of time. I can remember more vividly finding evidence of dissociation. I remember that was about the time I started hearing "Mommy? Mommy?" and "Go away!" in my head all the time (man, I hated that.) The journals really started to get strange, then. The self-hate, isolation, and fears grew even more, until I was hiding out in my bedroom all the time, afraid of being found out. I was aching for someone to help me,but terrified to reach out.
It took another 7 years, and quite a few miracles later, to find my therapist, S. Worth the wait, but what a long journey to make it there.

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September 14, 2004

Dividing time.

its been a longggg day. Been gone since 7 a.m., and due to work, therapy, open house, and a PTA meeting, I didn't get home until 8:45. The nice thing was a nice thunderstorm on the way home and a beautiful lightning show to watch. It made me think that if I think its a long day, I wonder how other people handle it. Because at least we can divide the day up into sections, and have different insiders out front to handle it. Someone to do the teaching in the morning; someone to eat lunch; someone to go to therapy; someone to go to Open House at school; someone to drive home. It breaks the day into at least several parts. I dont know how normal people handle it, if they dont have different people to do different jobs. Everything gets divided around here.
i suppose that means i'm not strong enough to do things by myself.

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September 21, 2004

I went to Therapy today.

I went to Therapy today.I have missed S so much.. We had a semi-good talk. Of course, I was there as a screen, to give Nobody a break. I go in and talk about dumb stuff like how fat I am....we all know thats a big smokescreen to cover up what really needs to be talked about. ....no one could do it today... things were just too much.i mostly talked about how lonely i am...how I feel like my ex-best friend no longer exists since she hasn't spoken to me since January... my birthday coming up next week, how to handle Mae, who still thinks that people are going to show up for a birthday party (at this point it will only be Imaginary friends like her stuffed bears and the dogs .... i drew pictures of death and cutting the whole time. S said she let me get away with drawing those pictures this time, but not anymore, she wants me to use my words instead.... how do i explain to her that i wasn't even supposed to be the one to be there today, that Nobody chickened out at the last minute?But since I was there, I decided to talk a little bit, even though it was just surface level stuff.... ...its just so important for me to stay numb, how else am I going to function? Everyone else carries the emotions, its not my job....*sigh*
I dont want to FEEL. It isn't my JOB. My job is to keep on functioning. However I have to make that happen.
I'm starting to feel guilty for that though.
Maybe if I wasn't like this, then the others inside wouldn't be ....so much like...that.

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September 24, 2004

good day and a hard day at work

Today was both a hard day and a good day
.It was a good day because I got a new little boy in my class. He is 3 and doesn’t speak but does understand spanish. His mom had a hard time leaving him of course. And he did cry for a little bit. But I started reading him some books in spanish and he sat in my lap for a long time, then I got him to play with me. And I even got him to say a couple words for me. He is really, really sweet and had a good day, and his mama was so happy to hear that when she came to pick him up. I know lots of tricks for getting silent kids to talk so I am sure he will be talking soon and he’s a cute little boy. I love getting new kids.
It was a hard day too because I had to say goodbye to one of my kids too. I have had "A" for a year. She is a little spanish girl with Downs’ syndrome. She is a crazy little thing who is THE definition of “stubborn.” But we got so attached to her in the past year and she is such a happy and self-confident little baby. But her family is moving far away (another state) this weekend. I probably won’t see her again. It was really hard to say goodbye today. I was holding her and she was holding onto me tight with her head in my chest. Then when we were kissing goodbye I told her I loved her a lot and she didn’t want to leave me to go with her mom. She kept pretending she couldn’t stand up and couldn’t walk with her mom so I would keep holding her. Then she wouldn’t go out the door. By then I had tears coming out my eyes and her mom looked like she was about to cry too and she kept telling me “thank you for everything.” It hurt my heart to watch her leave.
Its just one thing when they leave my class because they don’t need me anymore or they’re too old for me, that’s always a good thing to see. But when kids move away, I hate that. I always hated moving around so much, having 2 or 3 teachers in 1 year sometimes and always having to go to a new school. I just didn’t like it much. And I really really don’t like saying goodbye to my kids.I am going to miss her so much.
Its so hard when anyone goes away.

well dammit. my husband just got home, and i told him about how hard it was to say goodbye to the little girl today....here's his reply:
"And unfortunately, all she knows is that she's been ABANDONED."
goddammit. like i didn't feel lousy and crappy enough about this. did he think i wasn't already feeling enormously guilty and horrible over that? i have enormous abandonment issues and he KNOWS it. i hate this. i already feel like any time i part with a child, they're going to think its because i dont like them anymore, just like i assume with anyone who ever parted with me. god. i can't take this. i dont want to be here. i dont care if i dissociate. i cant take these feelings. i cant. i felt bad enough already. i want to go away. disappear. just disappear. :(

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September 29, 2004

I need to get away from October

I felt so stupid at work today. I know i can sometimes forget things. But I am so dissociated all the time right now. October's coming, I'm a nervous panicky mess inside. Today at work i forgot how to use the photocopier. Keep in mind, i've been using it a couple times a day for the past 6 weeks of school. I can do all sorts of tricks on it like enlarge things, shrink things, copy 2 sides of stuff, etc. Normally i can do all kinds of things.Today i couldn't remember how to do ANYTHING on it. i couldn't even put my paper on the screen right. I couldn't push the right buttons. I couldn't remember how to enlarge anything. I kept trying over and over again. I was staring at the buttons, and none of them meant ANYTHING to me. I kept telling myself "I do this all the time. I KNOW how to do this!!" But dammit, i couldn't do a thing. I finally gave up trying to photocopy my students' work today.I have no idea why this happens. Stuff just disappears out of my head.

i am so afraid. october starts the day after tomorrow. October 1 is the anniversary of something yukky.the month starts off badly and goes downhill from there. i'm terrified. the bad people are going to come. i just know it. Mae is panicking at night so bad. i wish i still had a prescription for ativan. i'm so terrified. octobers are horrible every year. sharon wants me to get through october without sinking back into my e.d. or cutting. i just want to get out alive. its coming so fast. day after tomorrow. my heart pounds so hard. i need this to STOP!!!! i need to get AWAY from october!! i need it to GO AWAY!!

I just want to run away from everything.

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