Following a meal plan.... multiple style

As it turns out, I might not have to go into the hospital after all. My heart is still bad, but there may be a way out of this.
Keep in mind, I am getting this information through a 5 year old, who is telling me what my therapist said to her. So its a bit like playing a game of "Telephone" with a classroom full of kindergarteners... you know, where you whisper to the 1st child "Tomorrow is the 1st day of spring" and by the time the message gets back to you it has morphed into "Birds only have 1 wing", which doesn't even make any sense.

As I understand it at this point, if we make some changes, and stick to them (like for FOREVER and beginning YESTERDAY), if communication goes better inside, if we all work together, then we don't have to go. The main thing though is to keep track of what we eat and do all day every day, and NO ONE exercises and EVERYONE sticks to the meal plan.

Yuck. Double yuck.

Let me try to explain the problem with a meal plan. For some people it might be simple... your dietician gives you a list: eat this, this, this. "OK," you say. "But I dont like that, so I'm not going to eat it." "All right---eat this instead, which you like." Agreed.

Here's MY problem.
I hate meat. I think its disgusting to eat things that were once alive, had a mother, and were once babies. Vegetarian all the way.
The boys, however, love meat. Give them a steak anyday. The thicker the better. Hamburgers-- yum. Hotdogs, yum. (I am retching over here!)
I dont like vegetables. Caroline likes vegetables. She'll eat all kinds of vegetables. Nobody can be talked into eating peas. However, she's also anorexic and bulimic. The less food the better. Caroline used to be, but is recovering. I'm teetering on the edge of both sides. Missy's never had an eating disorder, always been a normal eater, which is probably why my body never got to an extremely low weight, since when she is around she will eat.
My poor dietician. She has had to face this issue time and time again. Every time I go to visit her, she gets a different story.
Visit 1: "I hate eggs. I will NEVER eat aggs. Ever!"
Visit 2: "Yah, I can try eggs if you want me to. I like eggs."
Visit 3: "I hate eggs. I would never even try them. NO I DID NOT SAY I WOULD TRY THEM!"
Visit 4: "Huh? What do you mean I said I dont like eggs? I eat eggs all the time! Yah put eggs on my meal plan, I like them."
Visit 5: "I hate eggs. I would never eat eggs."

(And my poor nutritionist is such a lovely, sweet, kind woman, and I feel so very sorry for her that she has to put up with us like this!)

Well now the deal is... EVERYONE has to stick to a meal plan... no matter what. And make my heart better, no matter what. And write down what you eat, no matter what. And don't exercise, no matter what. And get better, no matter what. And everyone needs to communicate better inside, nno matter what.

i have to do this... i know i do. its going to be hard.
but if it will keep me out of inpatient, I'll do it.

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I'm proud of you for doing this...It sounds like it will be really hard, but you can do it!!


what do you eat for three days

What do I eat for 3 days?

I'm sorry but I'm not going to discuss what I eat in my journal. Its just between me and my dietician.

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