It all comes down to money

Well, I'm planning to go into a treatment hospital to a trauma unit on Wednesday (THAT IS SIX FREAKEN DAYS AWAY).
That is, if there is a way to pay for it.
I talked to my husband last night, to the people at the hospital, and to my insurance.
The insurance people say they will pay for for a portion (and its not much). The hospital people say they are in network and should be covered. My husband says unless insurance pays like 90%, we can't afford it at all. The hospital charges $1000 a day.

I can AFFORD about $50 a day. Seriously. $100 a day if we REALLY tap ourselves out.

What the hell is wrong with mental health insurance?

It all comes down to money.

The hospital is supposed to contact my insurance company this morning and find out how much they can get...then they will call me and let me know.

I am so stressed out.

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