I wish I Had a place to be myself(ves)

I have a forum that I made for people with dissociative disorders. I'm the administrator there so I feel like my role is to be the supporter of everyone else. Probably I could lean on others a little, because the people on the Message Board (A Mind's Journey) are wonderful, caring, loving people. But I still feel like that, as the Admin, its my job to keep things running smoothly there, to be there for all of them. I used to have a live journal to post in, but then someone found out I have it, and i dont want to know certain details of my life so I had to go erase everything out of it. Here, I need to remain anonymous and not give away too many details, because it is public and I need to retain some anonymity.
I feel like I have nowhere to go to REALLY be me. Even in therapy, we have to be so careful. Can't REALLY be too "out there", can't really be how we REALLY are, how crazy inside can't show on the outside.
I wish I had a place to really be me. Us. We. All of us.
to really be free. to talk, to express ourselves. to be known. our friends have online journals, have friends to talk to. we dont have that--- not really.
just feel so isolated.

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