Information Overload, no Carolineine, and dinner with a new friend

I am going through information overload right now!!! It is always like this at the beginning of every school year, for the first few weeks. This year it is a little harder, for several reasons that I can't really go into because of confidentiality problems. But I feel like I'm losing my MIND. Not another piece of information can fit into my mind.
Carolineine doesn't seem to be helping me at ALL these days. She usually takes over for school. CarolineINE is the good teacher, the patient one, the perfect one. I am sure she is probably just trying to help me see that I can get through things on my own, even without her assistance, but I sure to miss her. I wish she would just take over, Carolineine and her uplifting positive attitude, and do everything for me. The positive side of having inside people: not having to go through hard things myself. Well right now, I'm not getting any help. And its difficult. But I must be having to learn to cope by myself, or Carolineine wouldn't leave me like this alone, I dont think.
I haven't been wanting to eat anything lately. My stomach just is in knots a lot. I haven't been feeling well. Stress I guess. I ended up not going to my support group tonight. I was too exhausted, then I forced myself to get out for a walk in hopes of raising my spirits. I tried to call a few different people for support, but my "friends" are just never available and are going through enough problems of their own. My sister (Cody) did call me later when she was able to which was great. I got to talk to my niece Sammy, which always cheers me up.
Tomorrow is Friday, and we're going out to dinner with a new friend. I'm a little nervous, but determined to do THIS friendship RIGHT this time, in a HEALTHY way. I am determined to not look crazy or weird. I have been making a few new friends at work this month and trying hard to seem as non-freakish as possible.
I can't wait til the weekend so I can just sleep some more.

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