Mondays and relationships and Inside Kids feeling trapped

Wow, I am so glad that another Monday is over with! I like Mondays-- I really do. I love my job so much that I actually enjoy being at school. Right now though since its the beginning of the school year, everything is SOOO stressful! Everything is just going a mile a minute in 20 different directions, everyone needs something from me, and today I had a couple of kids in emotional crises during my planning period, so I never did get anything accomplished. Well, I did comfort some kids, so that is accomplishment on some level :)
My paperwork, however, continues to pile up. It seems there is never enough time in the day.
The inside kids still want time to come out an play on their own, and there just hasn't been time yet. They are very frustrated and feeling trapped; I understand. As soon as we can, they WILL get time to come out and play. The adults are under so much pressure right now. So much work has to get done. We're TRYING to make time for them. Before long, they'll come out on their own at inappropriate times, if we're not careful.
I'm having some people issues lately. There is a small handful of people in my life that I know, of whom I am acquainted with on various levels, that I'm thoroughly tired of hearing them whine and complain about their lives and yet do nothing to help themselves. I have been choosing to distance myself from these people, as they're not healthy or helpful to have around. I've moved past needing them as friends/family/acquaintances. Which is probably good, because all them are too involved in their own crises and busy lives to have any clue as to what's going on in mine. A few years ago, I would have taken their lack of interest as my fault. Now I am in a place where I can realize its more about them than me and don't take it personally. Besides, these particular people have plenty of others who are willing to give them the "Ohhh, poor you, I feel so sorry for you" responses that they seem to need to hear. Thankfully, although I am still very lonely most of the time, I've been working on developing healthier relationships with new people. Its hard. Most of the time I'd rather be alone because its easier. But I am realizing in recovery that I have a choice of who I hang around with--- people who bring me down or people who are uplifting. I used to not have a choice. Now I do.
Ahh, now it is almost time to go to bed, Thank goodness. Now to be ready to hit the ground running again tomorrow. At least tomorrow we have therapy. I hope it goes better than last week.

And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to JUDY for sending us a beautiful butterfly necklace in the mail today!! :) We love you!

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Hi there Sweet Gal,
Glad you got the necklace and like it. :)
I'm so proud of you for distancing yourself from negative people.
"It's better to be alone for the right reasons, that with people who bring you down for the wrong" I heard that somewhere and it certainly confirms your choice.
Love ya, Judy

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