We saw Fall & Halloween decorations today

For some reason, October is a huge trigger for us. I know of a few "bad things" that happened in Octobers of the past, but I dont know, they just dont seem to explain the wild downfall that happens every fall.
Today we went into a craft store to look for some clay. However, some aisles were displayed with pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, skeletons, and the like. Immediately we felt like we got punched in the stomach. Mae popped out front and panicked, and we ran out of the store.
Here is what she wrote:
NO WAY this is not righht NOT FAER ether they got halowen and october stuff in the store we saw it after sfchool in the craft storee
but her saw it and disapered and we did have to leve fast rigth away
it hurts so bad in my stomake like im gone to throw u p
NO SOUP for supper now NO NO i will just throw up aneway
i want to cut so bad
Carolineine says the bad pepol dint get me last year
even in october
i no that
but klook the decoratshins are out agaain. they come back.THEY COME BACK
car oline says its a long way a away
but they got there pumkins and witchis out and skeltons and bad fases alredy
my st omake hrts so bad. it h er ts in my chest. i dont want them to get me. i just want t o run away
thare try makeing me not cut
im t ying makeing me not throw up
jo she nose wh y this is bad ask her
i dont want it to come
fro,m stupidmae

We are so tired of the October downfall. But our therapist can count on us, like clockwork, to have a relapse every October. However, last year it wasn't as bad. Hopefully this year we can avoid it all together somehow. Its going to take a lot more cooperation and inside meetings.
right now we are too tired to think about it. first we need to balance out our busy day with a bit of a break, then we'll come back to work on tackling this inside stuff. right now we desperately need a little down time.

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Hi there my friends,
I know it's so hard to go to any store these days and see Fall decorations. The leaves and pumpkins seem ok, but ehe scary stuff, costumes, etc. are freaky. Can you go in the store and just keep your eyes down except for getting the clay??

Sweet May,
Halloween is far away and I'm so sorry the store's displays of scary stuff upset you all so. much.
The stores just dont have anything better to display between the 4th of July and Thxgiving....so they put that stuff up. The deocorations, even scary looking stuff can NOT hurt you. It's just stuff. I know it brings back some kind of memories, so just try to look down away from the stuff, k?
Love ya, Judy

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