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I am not even sure what to title this post. It feels so strange to be in the place we currently are.
For years my therapist has been trying to get us to work together inside. It has been 1 battle after another. Between different personalities who dont even like each other and some who downright hate each other, we've had little to agree on and no common thing to work together for. But somehow last night, things started to change. Our challenge from therapy this week was to write about the pros and cons of sticking with the old,"safe", non-healthy way of life versus working toward the challenging, new, recovered, healthy way of life. Sort of like "StuckLand" vs "Recoveryland". The path to Stuckland is one we know well-- it includes eating disorders, cutting, hopelessness, isolation, fears, old rules, and a lot of hiding. A path we've been down hundreds of times. The path to Recoveryland has things on it like challenges, people, friendship, self-esteem, eating, taking care of ourselves. Much harder. From this viewpoint, its also a lot scarier. But the rewards of getting there--- well, those would be much greater. Its a place we haven't been to before, but we hear that its a great place.
But as a group, we've spent years at a crossroads going back and forth over what to do, avoiding a commitment. Someone would want to move down one path, while the rest of the group was wanting to stay behind.
Well FINALLY last night, we were having an internal meeting, and we all came to an agreement (a miracle in itself!).... to all head the same direction and work together.
So... we still may not all like each other, and not always get along, but at least we're all united at last and have decided to all head the same direction-- towards a healthier life.

P.S. We had emailed my therapist last night to tell her we were all on board now for the trip to Recoveryland. Just got an email back from her that starts of with, "REALLY!?!?!?" Heh, she probably was so shocked she probably fell down. ha ha.

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Hi Sweet Gal,
I am so glad to read of this huge step in your progress.
It's not the easy path that was chosen but the right path for everyone. I' so glad.
Love Ya, Judy

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