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I am trying to make a list of things that I need to do every day so I don't forget. With so much switching going on and just zoning out... its hard to remember what I do every day, hard to keep track of what the others do, hard to remember what even needs to be done.
My list has a place to check off each thing as it gets done every day.

Here's what I have on my list so far: (and I never forget to go to work, BTW )

eat breakfast
eat lunch
eat dinner
take vitamins
take meds
take a break
take a shower
play with my pets
talk to an outside person
clean the house
do laundry
wash dishes
church/ do volunteer work there
brush my teeth

Can anyone think of other stuff that I might need to add to my list? What are things that need to get done every day? Including fun things?
What are things that people do on a daily basis when you're not wrapped up in eating disordered, self-injury, negative behaviors or in a fog becaues of dissociation?

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Hi Sweet Gal,
Well your list so far is self care items, which must be done every day, except for the church/volunteer work which I assume is Sundays.
How about, if the weahter is nice, take your dog(s) for a walk, or just play with them.
That can lifet your spirita and make you not feel so alone. Get comfortable and read a good book--I know you like to read, so take a decadent hour and cozy into a chair or couch and just read.
And you didn't list, but I know you pretty much daily contribute tere and at AMJ.
And, make your home cozy for you so that you don't feel 'cabin fever' when you don't have someone to get out with. Your home should be your sanctuary.
Love you, Judy

You have play with your pets on there, but do not forge to feed them all also.

Hey I forgot..since its christmas time maybe you could make some christmas cookie with mae!!!!

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