I just have too many things to do. I need some peace and quiet.

AND, OH MY GOSH, Carolineine has us signed up for ANOTHER committee!! This time it’s the campus improvement committee, like this nature thing, where we’re going to be planting trees and flowers and putting in new equipment and doing our nature center and stuff. As soon as we heard about this new committee at school, Tuck and Mae were all jumpy and excited because the advisor said it will involve digging and lots of dirt and rocks and plants. So now we’re on THAT committee because the kids think its going to be fun. We did tell the advisor though that sometimes we won’t be able to make the meetings but will help out when we can and she said that’s totally ok.
Now we are on 3 or 4 committees at least. AGH!
But the thing is, I can understand. One, we’ve got yearbook. I always wanted to work on yearbook just because its artsy and never got to in high school . Missy likes to be yearbook advisor because she’s 1) BOSSY and 2) wanted to be an editor and live in New York and be a college English professor and I guess being the yearbook advisor somehow appeases her somehow, because she loves doing yearbook. Then we’ve got the Webpage committee, which I like because it involves NOT working with people, just with a computer, and Jo likes for the same reason, but it also involves lots of measuring and math and web pages and computer which appeases me, Jo, and Tuck. Then you’ve got the teacher committee stuff, which Carolineine THRIVES on. Then now we’ve got the Campus committee, which will have dirt and trees and outside stuff for the kids.
Then we have the volunteer stuff at church.( I don’t know why the hell we’re doing that, actually). I guess that was my husband's idea?? and Carolineine took up on it. I’d rather stay home and sleep on Sundays. Mae goofs off in church, Jo falls asleep, and I have a hard time paying attention, the only one who listens is Carolineine if we go to the service. We’re helping out a little boy with disabilities in his Sunday School classes. He’s sweet. And Mae gets to be in Sunday School which is good for her. But boy would I like a day off from work.
All of this is just part of having too many people inside I guess. Got to share time and be busy doing what bunches of people want to do including sit in on their favorite committees. I know Mae doesn’t like sitting through my silly staff meetings (I sort of like staff meetings, but don’t tell. I LIKE being a teacher. And staff meetings are part of the package.) There is stuff all the time that I have to say no to or delegate to other people. But then Carolineine or Missy will say yes. And I might not even find out till a day or 2 later that “I” agreed to do something. Sometimes I go back and tell people, “I’ve thought it over and changed my mind”, but I don’t want to do that very often because I feel like it makes me sound real flakey. And I already seem air headed enough at school as it is (ALWAYS losing stuff, always misplacing things, FOREVER forgetting things, and then when I do take notes I am losing the notes--- my aide jokes about it all the time, that she is there to be my memory and to keep track of things for me). She always jokes about how I am always changing things. She doesn’t realize (thankfully) that its always me, Missy, and Carolineine always having differences of opinion in how the class should be run and how the room should look and stuff. My aide’s always telling me “Sit down and sit STILL for a minute!” because I CANT. My mind is always racing and I’m always hearing everyone’s voices inside.
Man, I want some peace and quiet. Maybe this weekend. I am GOING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY to get some peace and quiet. The secret has got to be out there. I just haven’t found it yet.

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